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Matthew's Bible 1537



32:1Heare O heauen, what I shal speake, and heare O earth, the wordes of my mouth.
32:2My doctrine droppe as doth the raine and my speache flowe as doth the dewe, as the miselyng vpon the herbes, and as the droppes vpon the grasse.
32:3For I wyl cal on the name of the Lord: Magnifye the myght of our God.
32:4He is a rocke and perfect are his dedes for al hys wayes are with descrecion. God is faythful, & without wyckednes, both ryghtuouse and iust is he.
32:5The frowarde and ouerthwart generacion hath marred them selfes to himward, & are not his sonnes for their deformities sak
32:6Doest thou so rewarde the Lord? O foleish nation and vnwise, Is not he thy father and thyne owner? hath he not made the & ordeyned the?
32:7Remembre the dayes that are past: consider the yeres from tyme to tyme. Aske thy father, and he wyl shewe the, thy elders and they wyl tel the.
32:8When the most hyghest gaue the nations an enheritaunce, & deuided the sonnes of Adam, he put the borders of the nations, fast by the multitude of the children of Israell.
32:9For the Lordes part is hys folke, & Iacob is the portion of hys enheritaunce.
32:10He found hym in a desert land, in a voide ground, and a roring wildernes. He led him about, & gaue hym vnderstandynge, & kepte hym as the aple of hys eye.
32:11As an Egle that steareth vp hir nest & flotereth ouer the yonge, he streatched out hys wynges & toke him vp, & bare him on his shoulders.
32:12The Lorde alone was hys guide and there was no straunge God with hym.
32:13He sett hym vp vpon an hye land, and he ate the encrease of the feyldes. And he gaue hym honye to sucke oute of the rocke, & oyle out of the hard stone.
32:14With butter of kyne & mylcke of the shepe, with fatt of the lambes and fat rammes and he gotes wyth fat kidneies with wheate. And of the bloud of grapes thou dronkest wyne.
32:15And Israel waxed fat and kycked. Thou wast fat, thycke and smothe. And he let God goo that made him & despised the rocke that saued him.
32:16They angred him with straunge Goddes, and with abhominations prouoked him,
32:17They offered vnto felde deuils and not to God, & to Gods whych they knewe not, & to newe Gods that came newly vp which theyr fathers feared not.
32:18Of the rocke that begate the, thou arte vnmyndfull & hast forgote God that made the.
32:19And when the Lord sawe it, he was angry bicause of the prouokyng of hys sonnes and daughters.
32:20And he sayd: I wyl hyde my face frome them & wyll se what their ende shall be. For they are a frowarde generation & chyldren in whom is no faith.
32:21They haue angred me wt that which is no God, & prouoked me wyth theyr vanities. And I agayne wyll anger them wyth them whiche are no people, and wyl prouoke them wyth a folysh nation.
32:22For fyre is kindeled in my wrath, and shal burne vnto the bottome of hell. And shall consume the earth wyth hyr encrease, & set a fyre the bottomes of the mountaines.
32:23I wyll heape mischeues vpon them & wyl spend al myne arrowes at them.
32:24Burnt with hongre & consumed with heat and wt bytter pestelence. I wyll also sende the teeth of beastes vppon them and poyson serpentes.
32:25Withoute forthe, the swerde shal robbe them of theyr chyldren: and wythin in the chamber, feare: both younge menne and yong womenne & the suckelynges wyth the men of gray heades.
32:26I haue determined to skatter them thorowoute the worlde, and to make awaye the remembraunce of theym from amonge men.
32:27Were it not that I feared the raylynge of theyr enemies, lest theyr aduersaries woulde be proude and saye: our hye hande hathe done all these worckes and not the Lorde.
32:28For it is a nation that hath an vnhappye forcast, and hath no vnderstanding in them:
32:29I would they were wyse and vnderstode thys & woulde consider their later ende.
32:30How it cometh that one shal chace a thousande, and two putt ten thousande of theym to flyght, excepte theyr rocke had solde them, and bicause the Lord had deliuered them.
32:31For oure rocke is not as theyr rocke, no thoughe oure enemies be iudge.
32:32But theyr vynes are of the vynes of Sodome, & of the feldes of Gomorra. Theyr grapes are grapes of gall, and theyr clusters be bitter.
32:33Theyr wyne is the poyson of dragons, and the cruel gall of aspes.
32:34Are not such thynges layed in store wyth me, and sealed vp among my treasures?
32:35Vengeaunce is mine, and I wyll reward: theyr fete shall slyde, when the tyme cometh. For the tyme of theyr destruccion is at hand, & the tyme that shal come vpon them maketh hast.
32:36For the Lorde wyll do iustice vnto hys people, & haue compassion on hys seruauntes For it shalbe sene that theyr power shall fayle, & at the last they shalbe prisoned & forsaken.
32:37And it shal be sayd, wher are their Gods and theyr rocke wherin they trusted?
32:38The fatt of whose sacrifices they ate and dranke the wyne of theyr drynkeofferinges, let them ryse vp and helpe you and be youre protection.
32:39Se nowe howe that I, I am he, and that there is no God but I. I can kyll and make a lyue, and what I haue smytten that I can heale: neyther is there that can deliuer anye man out of my hande.
32:40For I wyll lyfte vp myne hand to heauen, and wyl say: I lyue euer.
32:41If I whett the edge of my swerd, & mine hand take in hand to do iustice, I wil shewe vengeaunce on myne enemyes & wyl reward them that hate me.
32:42I wyl make myne arowes dronken with bloud, and my swerde shal eate fleshe of the bloude of the slayne & of the captyue and of the bare head of the enemy.
32:43Prayse ye heathen hys people, for he wil auenge the bloude of hys seruauntes, & wyl auenge hym of his aduersaries, and wyll be merciful vnto the land of hys people.
32:44And Moses went & spake al these wordes of thys songe in the eares of the people, both he and Iosua the sonne of Nun.
32:45And when Moses had spoken al these wordes vnto the ende to al Israel,
32:46then he sayd vnto them. Set your hertes vnto all the wordes whych I testify vnto you thys daye: that ye commaund them vnto your chyldren, to obserue and do all the wordes of thys lawe.
32:47For it is not a vayne worde vnto you: but it is youre lyfe, & thorow thys worde ye shall prolonge youre dayes in the lande whither ye go ouer Iordan to conquere it.
32:48And the Lord spake vnto Moses the selfe same day, saying:
32:49get the vp into thys mountayne Abarim vnto mount Nebo, whych is in the lande of Moab ouer against Iericho. And beholde the land of Canaan whyche I gyue vnto the children of Israel to possesse.
32:50And dye in the mount which thou goest vpon and be gathered vnto thy people: As Aaron thy brother dyed in mount Hor & was gathered to his people.
32:51For ye trespaced againste me amonge the children of Israel at the waters of strife, at Cades in the wildernesse of Zin, bicause ye sanctified me not among the children of Israel.
32:52Thou shalte se the lande before the, but shalt not go thyther vnto the land which I giue the children of Israel.
Matthew's Bible 1537

Matthew's Bible 1537

The Matthew Bible, also known as Matthew's Version, was first published in 1537 by John Rogers, under the pseudonym "Thomas Matthew". It combined the New Testament of William Tyndale, and as much of the Old Testament as he had been able to translate before being captured and put to death, with the translations of Myles Coverdale as to the balance of the Old Testament and the Apocrypha, except the Apocryphal Prayer of Manasses. It is thus a vital link in the main sequence of English Bible translations.