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Matthew's Bible 1537



2:1Then we tourned & toke oure iourney into the wyldernesse, euen the waye to the read sea as the Lorde commaunded me. And we compassed the mountayns of Seir a longe tyme.
2:2Then the Lord spake vnto me saying:
2:3Ye haue compassed these mountayns longe ynough, tourne you northward.
2:4And warne the people saying Ye shall go thorow the costes of youre brethren the chyldren of Esau whyche dwell in Seir, and they shalbe afrayed of you: But take good heade vnto youre selues
2:5that ye prouoke them not, for I wyl not geue you of their lande, no not so moch as a fote breade: because I haue geuen mount Seir vnto Esau to possesse.
2:6Ye shal bye meate of them for money to eate, and ye shall bye water of them for money to drinke.
2:7For the Lord thy God hath blessed the in al the workes of thyne hand & knewe the as thou wentest thorowe thys great wyldernesse. Moreouer the Lorde thy God hath bene wt the this .xl. yeres, so that thou hast lacked nothyng.
2:8And when we were departed from our brethren the chyldren of Esau whyche dwelt in Seir by the feld way from Elath and Ezion Gaber, we turned and went the waye to the wyldernesse of Moab.
2:9Then the Lord sayd vnto me se that thou vexe not the Moabites, nether prouoke them to battel for I wyl not geue the of their lande to possesse:
2:10because I haue geuen Ar vnto the chyldren of loth to possesse. The Emims dwelt therin in tymes past, a people great, many & tall, as the Enakims:
2:11which also were taken for geauntes as the Enakims: And the Moabites called them Emims.
2:12In like maner the Horims dwelt in Seir before tyme whych the chyldren of Esau cast out, & destroyed them before them and dwelt there in their stede: as Israel did in the land of his possession which the Lord gaue them.
2:13Now ryse vp (sayd I) & get you ouer the ryuer Zared: and we went ouer the ryuer Zared.
2:14The space in whyche we came from Cades barne vntyll we were come ouer the ryuer Zared was .xxxviij. yeres: vntyll all the generacion of the men of warre were wasted out of the host as the Lord sware vnto them.
2:15For in dede the hand of the Lord was against them to destroy them out of the host, tyl they were consumed.
2:16And as soone as al the men of warre were consumed & dead from among the people,
2:17then the Lord spake vnto me saying.
2:18Thou shalt go thorow Ar the coste of Moab this day,
2:19& shalt come nye vnto the children of Ammon: se that thou vexe them not, nor yet prouoke them. For I wil not geue the of the land of the children of Ammon to possesse,
2:20because I haue geuen it vnto the chyldren of Loth to possesse. That also was taken for a land of geauntes & geauntes dwelt therin in old tyme, and the Ammonites called them Zanzumins
2:21A people that was great, many & talle, as the Enakims. But the Lord destroyed them before the Ammonites, & they cast them out & they dwelt there in their steade:
2:22as he did for the chyldren of Esau which dwel in Seir: euen as he destroyed the Horyms before them, & they cast them out and dwel in their steade vnto thys daye.
2:23And the Auums which dwelt in Hazarim euen vnto Aza, the Caphthoryms which came out of Caphthor destroyed them and dwelt in their rowmes.
2:24Ryse vp, take youre iourney and go ouer the ryuer Arnon. Behold, I haue geuen into thy hande Sehon the Amorite kynge of Hesbon, & his land. Go to and conquere and prouoke hym to battell.
2:25Thys daye I wyll begynne to sende the feare and dreade of the vpon all nacions that are vnder all portes of heauen: so that when they heare speake of the they shall tremble and quake for feare of the.
2:26Then I sent messengers out of the wildernesse of the easte vnto Sehon kynge of Hesbon, wt wordes of peace saying:
2:27Let me go thorow thy land. I wyl go al wayes alonge by the hye way & wyll nether turne vnto the ryght hand nor to the left.
2:28Sell me meate for money for to eate, & geue me drynke for money for to drynke. I wyll go thorowe by fote only
2:29(as the chyldren of Esau dyd vnto me whych dwel in Seir & the Moabites whych dwel in Ar) vntyl I be come ouer Iordan, into the lande whych the Lorde oure God geueth vs.
2:30But Sehon the kyng of Hesbon wold not let vs passe by hym, for the Lord thy GOD had hardened hys sprite and made his herte tough because he wold delyuer him in to thy handes as it is come to passe thys day.
2:31And the Lorde sayde vnto me: beholde I haue begonne to set Sehon and hys lande before the: go to and conquere, that thou mayst possesse hys lande.
2:32Then both Sehon and al hys people came out agaynst vs vnto battel at Iahaza.
2:33And the Lorde set hym before vs, and we smote hym and hys sonnes and al hys people.
2:34And we toke al his cyties the same ceason and destroyed al the cities with men, wemen and chyldren and let nothyng remayne,
2:35saue the catell onlye we caught vnto oure selues and the spoyle of the cyties which we toke,
2:36from Aroer vpon the brynke of the ryuer of Arnon, and the cytie in the ryuer, vnto Galaad: there was not one citye to stronge for vs. The Lorde oure God delyuered al vnto vs:
2:37only vnto the land of the children of Ammon ye came not nor vnto al the coste of the ryuer Iabock nor vnto the cities in the mountaynes, nor vnto what soeuer the Lord oure God forbade vs.
Matthew's Bible 1537

Matthew's Bible 1537

The Matthew Bible, also known as Matthew's Version, was first published in 1537 by John Rogers, under the pseudonym "Thomas Matthew". It combined the New Testament of William Tyndale, and as much of the Old Testament as he had been able to translate before being captured and put to death, with the translations of Myles Coverdale as to the balance of the Old Testament and the Apocrypha, except the Apocryphal Prayer of Manasses. It is thus a vital link in the main sequence of English Bible translations.