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Matthew's Bible 1537



31:1And Moses went and spake these wordes vnto al Israel
31:2& sayd vnto them. I am an hundred & .xx. yeare thys day, & can no more go out & in. Also the Lorde hath sayd vnto me, thou shalt not go ouer thys Iordan.
31:3The Lorde your God he wyll go ouer before the and he wyll destroye these nations before the, and thou shalt conquere them. And Iosua he shall go ouer before the as the Lord hath sayed.
31:4And the Lorde shall go vnto them, as he dyd to Sehon & Og kynges of the Amorites, & vnto theyr landes whych kinges he destroyed
31:5And when the Lorde hath deliuered them to the, se that ye do vnto theim accordyng vnto all the commaundementes which I haue commaunded you.
31:6Plucke vp your hertes and be stronge, dread not, nor be afrayed of them: for the Lord thy God him selfe will go with the, & wil neither let the go nor forsake the.
31:7And Moses called vnto Iosua and sayed vnto hym in the syghte of all Israell. Be stronge and bold, for thou must go with this people vnto the lande whych the Lord hath sworne vnto theyr fathers to giue them, and thou shalt gyue it them to enherett.
31:8And the Lorde he shall go before the and he shall be with the, and wyll not let the go nor forsake the, feare not therfore nor be discomforted.
31:9And Moses wrote thys lawe and deliuered it to the priestes the sonnes of Leui whyche bare the arcke of the testament of the Lorde and vnto all the elders of Israell,
31:10and commaunded them saying. At the ende of .vij. yere, in the time of the fre yere, in the feast of the tabernacles,
31:11when all Israell is come to appeare before the Lord thy god, in the place which he hath chosen: se that thou read thys lawe before al Israel in theyr eares.
31:12Gather the people togyther: both men, women, and children, & the straungers that are in thi cityes that they may heare, learne, & fear the Lord your God, & be diligent to kepe al the words of thys lawe,
31:13and that theyr children whyche knowe nothyng may heare & learne to feare the Lorde your God, as longe as ye lyue in the Lande whyther ye goo ouer Iordan to possesse it.
31:14And the Lord sayd vnto Moses. Behold, thy dayes are come that thou must dye. Cal Iosua and come and stand in the tabernacle of wytnes, that I may giue hym a charge. And Moses and Iosua went and stode in the tabernacle of witnes.
31:15And the Lord apeared in the tabernacle, euen in the piller of the cloud And the piller of the cloud stode ouer the dore of the tabernacle.
31:16And the Lord sayed vnto Moses: beholde, thou must slepe wyth thy fathers, and thys people wyll go a whoring after straunge Goddes of the land whither they go, and wyl forsake me and breake the appoyntment which I haue made with them.
31:17And then my wrath wyl waxe whot against them, and I wil forsake them, and wyl hide my face from them, & they shalbe consumed And when much aduersitie and tribulation is come vpon them, then they wyll saye: bycause our God is not among vs, these tribulations are come vpon vs.
31:18But I wil hide my face that same time for all the euyls sake whych they shal haue wrought, in that they are turned vnto straunge Gods.
31:19Now therfore wryte ye this song, & teach it the chyldren of Israell and putt it in theyr mouthes, that this song maye be my witnes vnto the children of Israel.
31:20For when I haue brought them into the lande which I sware vnto theyr fathers that runneth with milke and hony, then they wyll eate and fyll them selues and waxe fatt and turne vnto straung Gods and serue theym and rayle on me and breake my testament.
31:21And then when much mischyefe and tribulation is come vpon them thys song shall answere before them, and be a wytnes. It shall not be forgotten out of the mouthes of theyr sede: for I know their imagination which they goo aboute euen nowe before I haue brought theym into the lande whych I sware.
31:22And Moses wrought thys song the same ceason, & taught it the children of Israel.
31:23And the Lord gaue Iosua the sonne of Nun a charge & sayed: be bold & strong for thou shalt brynge the children of Israel into the landes which I sware vnto them, & I wylbe wyth the.
31:24When Moses had made an ende of writyng out of these wordes of the law in a boke vnto the ende of theim,
31:25he commaunded the Leuites whych bare the arcke of the testament of the Lorde sayinge:
31:26take the boke of thys lawe, & put it by the syde of the arcke of the testament of the Lorde your God, & let it be there for a wytnesse vnto the.
31:27I for knowe thy stubburnes and thy styffe necke: beholde whyle I am yet a lyue wyth you thys daye, ye haue bene disobediente vnto the Lorde: & howe much more after my death?
31:28Gather vnto me all the elders of youre trybes, & youre offycers, that I may speake these wordes in theyr eares & call heauen and earth to record against them.
31:29For I am sure that after my death, they wil vtterly marre them selues, and turne from the way which I commaunded you, & tribulation wyl come vpon you in the later daies, when ye haue wrought wyckednes in the syght of the Lorde to prouoke hym wyth the worckes of your handes.
31:30And Moses spake in the eares of all the congregation of Israel the wordes of thys song, vnto the ende of them.
Matthew's Bible 1537

Matthew's Bible 1537

The Matthew Bible, also known as Matthew's Version, was first published in 1537 by John Rogers, under the pseudonym "Thomas Matthew". It combined the New Testament of William Tyndale, and as much of the Old Testament as he had been able to translate before being captured and put to death, with the translations of Myles Coverdale as to the balance of the Old Testament and the Apocrypha, except the Apocryphal Prayer of Manasses. It is thus a vital link in the main sequence of English Bible translations.