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Matthew's Bible 1537



33:1This is the blessing wherwith Moses Goddes man blessed the chyldren of Israel before his deathe,
33:2sayinge: The Lorde came frome Sinai, & shewed hys beames from Seir vnto them, & appered gloriously from mount Pharan, and he came wyth thousandes of saintes & in his right hand a lawe of fyre for them.
33:3How loued he the people? Al his saintes are in hys hande. They ioyned theym selues vnto thy fote, and receyued thy wordes.
33:4Moses gaue vs a lawe whiche is the enheritaunce of the congregation of Iacob.
33:5And he was in Israel kyng when he gathered the heades of the people and the tribes of Israel togyther.
33:6Ruben shall lyue and shall not dye: but his people shalbe fewe in numbre.
33:7This is the blessynge of Iuda. And he sayed: hear Lord the voyce of Iuda, and bryng hym vnto his people: let hys handes fyght for hym: but be thou hys helpe agaynst hys enemies.
33:8And vnto Leui he sayed: thy perfectnes and thy lyght be after thy merciful man whom thou temptedest at Masah wyth whome thou striuedest at the water of stryfe.
33:9He that saith vnto hys father and mother. I saw hym not and vnto hys brethren, I knewe not, and to hys sonne I wot not: for they haue obserued thy worde and kepte thy testamente.
33:10They shall teach Iacob thy iudgementes & Israell thy lawes. They shall putte cens before thy nose & whole sacrifices vpon thyne aultare.
33:11Blesse Lord their power & accept the workes of theyr handes: smyte the backes of theim that ryse agaynst theim & of theim that hate them: they ryse not agayne.
33:12Vnto BenIamin he sayed: The Lordes dearlynge shall dwell in safety by hym and kepe hym selfe in the hauen by him continually, & shal dwel betwene hys shoulders.
33:13And vnto Ioseph he sayed: blessed of the Lord is hys hand wyth the goodly frutes of heauen, wyth dewe and with sprynges that lie beneath:
33:14& with fruytes of the encrease of the sunne & with ripe frute of the monethes,
33:15& wyth the toppes of mountaines that were from the begynnyng and wyth the dayntes of hylles that last euer
33:16& wyth goodly frute of the earth and of the fulnes therof. And the good wyll of him that dwelleth in the bush shal come vpon the head of Ioseph and vpon the toppe of the head of hym that was separated from among hys brethren,
33:17his beutye is as fyrsteborne oxe and hys hornes as the hornes of an vnycorne. And wyth them he shal push the nations togyther, euen vnto the endes of the world. These are the many thousandes of Ephraim and the thousandes of Manasses.
33:18And vnto Zabulon he sayd: Reioyse Zabulon in thy goyng oute, and thou Isachar in thy tentes.
33:19They shal call the people vnto the hyll, & there they shal offer offerynges of rightuousnes. For they shal sucke of the abundaunce of the sea and of treasure hid in the sande.
33:20And vnto Gad he sayd: blessed is the rowmemaker Gad. He dwelleth as a lion and caughte the arme and also the toppe of the head.
33:21He sawe hys begynninge, that a parte of the teacher was hydde there and came with the handes of the people, and executed the ryghtuousnes of the Lord and his iudgmentes wyth Israell.
33:22And vnto Dan he sayed. Dan is a lyons whelpe, he shal flowe from Basan.
33:23And vnto Nephthaly, he sad: Nephthali he shal haue aboundaunce of pleasure & shall be fylled with the blessing of the Lord & shal haue hys possessions in the southwest.
33:24And of Aser he sayed. Aser shalbe blessed wyth chyldren, he shalbe accepted vnto hys brethren and shal dyppe hys fote in oyle:
33:25Iron and brasse shall hange on thy shooes & thyne age shalbe as thyne youth.
33:26There is none lyke vnto the God of Israell: he that sytteth vpon heauen shall be thyne helpe, whose glorye is in the cloudes,
33:27that is the dwellyng place of God from the begynnynge, and from vnder the armes of the worlde: he hath caste out thyne enemyes before the and sayed destroy.
33:28And Israell shal dwel in safety alone. And the eyes of Iacob shall loke vpon a lande of corne & wyne moreouer his heauen shal droppe with dewe.
33:29Happye arte thou Israell, who is lyke vnto the? A people that arte saued by the Lord thy shyeld and helper & swerd of thy glory. And thyne enemyes shal hyde theym selues from the, and thou shalt walke vppon theyr hye hylles.
Matthew's Bible 1537

Matthew's Bible 1537

The Matthew Bible, also known as Matthew's Version, was first published in 1537 by John Rogers, under the pseudonym "Thomas Matthew". It combined the New Testament of William Tyndale, and as much of the Old Testament as he had been able to translate before being captured and put to death, with the translations of Myles Coverdale as to the balance of the Old Testament and the Apocrypha, except the Apocryphal Prayer of Manasses. It is thus a vital link in the main sequence of English Bible translations.