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Matthew's Bible 1537



15:1And the Lot of the trybe of the chyldren of Iuda in their kynredes was the wyldernesse of Zyn, that stretcheth to the coastes of Edon southward, and is the vtmost parte of the south coastes.
15:2And their suthcoastes were from the brinck of the salt sea, and from a certain poynte of the sea, that leaneth southwarde.
15:3And it went out on the south syde of the goyng vp to Acrabim, & went a longe to Zimma, and ascended vp on the south syde of Cades Barne, and wente a longe to Hezron, and wente vp to Adar, and fette a compasse to Karca,
15:4and went a longe to Azmon, and it went out to the riuer of Egipt: so that the ende of that coaste is the sea. And these are their south coastes.
15:5And their easte coastes are the salt sea, euen vnto the edge of Iordan.
15:6And their borders in the north quarter were from another pointe of the sea, where Iordan endeth. And wente vp to Bethhagla, and wente a longe by the northsyde of Betharabah, and went vp to the stone of Bohen the sonne of Ruben.
15:7And then went vp to Dabir from the valeye of Acor, & so northwarde, turnyng toward Galgal that lyeth before the goyng vp to Adonim, whych is of the southe syde of the Ryuer. And then went a longe to the water of Ensemes, and ended at the well of Rogell.
15:8And then went vp to the valeye of the sonne of Hennon, euen vnto the southsyde of the Iebusites the enhabitoures of Ierusalem. And then went vp to the toppe of the hylle, that lyeth before the valeye of Hennon westwarde, and by the edge of the valeye of Raphaim northwarde:
15:9And then it draweth from the sande hille vnto the fountaine of water called Nephthoah, and goeth oute at the cyties of mount Ephron, & draweth to Balah, otherwyse called Kariathiarim:
15:10and then it compasseth from Balah westwarde, vnto Eyr, and then goeth alonge vnto the syde of mounte Iarim, otherwyse called Chesalon, on the northsyde therof. And cometh doune to Bethsames and goeth to Thamnah,
15:11and goeth oute on the side of Akaron northwarde: And then draweth to Secron and goeth a longe to mounte Balah, and goeth oute at Iabnel, and the ende of the coastes is the sea.
15:12And the west borders are the great sea, & the coastes of that lye theron. And these are the coastes of the chyldren of Iuda round about in their kynredes.
15:13And vnto Caleb the sonne of Iephune was there a parte geuen amonge the children of Iuda, by the mouthe of the Lord to Iosua, euen the cyty of Kariatharbe father of Enack whyche cytye is called Hebron.
15:14And Caleb droue thence the thre sonnes of Enack, Sesai, Ahman, and Thalmai, the sonnes begotten of Enack.
15:15And he went vp thence, to the enhabitoures of Dabir, whose name in the olde tyme was kariathsepher.
15:16And Caleb sayde, he that smyteth kariathsepher and taketh it, to hym wyll I geue Acsah my doughter to wyfe.
15:17And Othinel, the sonne of Kenes, the brother of Caleb toke it. And he gaue hym Acsah his doughter to wyfe.
15:18And as she went she moued hym, to aske of her father a felde. And she alyghted of her asse. And Caleb sayde vnto her, what ayleth the.
15:19And she said, geue me a blessyng, for thou hast geuen me a southward and drye land, geue me also springes of water. Then he gaue her springes of water, both aboue and beneth.
15:20This is the enheritaunce of the trybe of the chyldren of Iuda in their kynredes.
15:21And the cytyes of the trybe of the chyldren of Iuda in al quarters, towarde the coastes of Edom southwarde, ware: Kabzel, Eder, & Iagur,
15:22Kinah, Dimonah, and Adada,
15:23Kedes, Hazor and Iethnan:
15:24Ziph, Telem, and Baloth
15:25Hazor Hadathah, and Karioth, Hesron, otherwyse called Hazor:
15:26Eman, Sami and Moladah,
15:27Hazargadah, Hasmon and Bethpheleth,
15:28Hazarsual, Bersabe, and Baziothiah,
15:29Baalah, Iim, and Azen:
15:30Eltholad, Cesyll, and Horma:
15:31Zikelag, Medemenah and Sensenah:
15:32Labaoth, Selhim, Ain and Kemou: all these cytyes are twentye and nyne with their villages.
15:33And in the lowe countreye they had Esthaol, Zareah, and Asenah:
15:34Zoneah, Enganim, Thaphuah & Enam:
15:35Ierimoth, Adulam, Socoh, and Azkah:
15:36Saarem, Adiathim, Gederah, and Gederothaim: Fourtene cytyes wyth their villages.
15:37Zenan, Hadazah, and Magdalgad:
15:38Delean Mazphah, and Iektheel:
15:39Lachis, Bazcath & Eglon:
15:40Cabon, Lahamam, and Cethli
15:41Gaderoth, Bethdagon, Maamah and Makedah: Syxtene cytyes with their villages.
15:42Lebnah, Ether, and Asan:
15:43Iephthah, Asnah, and Nezib:
15:44Keilah, Kahezyp and Maresah: nyne cytyes wyth their vyllages.
15:45Akron wyth her tounes and vyllages.
15:46And from Akron out to the sea, al that lyeth about Asdod wyth theyr vyllages.
15:47Asdod with her tounes and villages. Azah with her tounes and villages, euen vnto the ryuer of Egypt: and the great sea wt the coastes that lieth theron.
15:48And in the mountaynes, they had Samir, Iathir, and Socoh:
15:49Danah, & Kariathsenath, which is Dabir:
15:50Anab, Elthemoh, & Anim:
15:51Gozen, Holon, and Giloh, eleuen cities with their villages.
15:52Arab, Dumah, and Esean:
15:53Ianim, Beththaphuah & Aphcah:
15:54Humatah, & kariatharbe: which is Hebron and Zior, nyne cities with their villages.
15:55Maon, Carmell, Siph, and Iutah:
15:56Iesrael, Iukadan, and Sanoeh:
15:57Cain, Gabaah, and Thamnah ten cytyes with their villages.
15:58Halhul, Bethzur & Gedor:
15:59Maarath, Bethanoth, and Elthecon: Syxe cities with their village
15:60Kariath Baal which is kariath Iarim, and Harabba two cytyes wyth their villages.
15:61And in the wyldernesse they had Betharabah, Meddin and Sacarah:
15:62Neblon the cytye of salt, and Engadi: Syxe cities wyth theyr villages.
15:63But the Iebusites that were the enhabiters of Ierusalem: the chyldren of Iuda could not caste oute. Wherfore the Iebusites dwelle among the children of Iuda vnto this daye.
Matthew's Bible 1537

Matthew's Bible 1537

The Matthew Bible, also known as Matthew's Version, was first published in 1537 by John Rogers, under the pseudonym "Thomas Matthew". It combined the New Testament of William Tyndale, and as much of the Old Testament as he had been able to translate before being captured and put to death, with the translations of Myles Coverdale as to the balance of the Old Testament and the Apocrypha, except the Apocryphal Prayer of Manasses. It is thus a vital link in the main sequence of English Bible translations.