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The Great Bible 1539



15:1This was the lotte of the trybe of the chyldren of Iuda by theyr kynredes: Namely, towarde the border of Edom in the wyldernesse of Zin, southwarde, euen from the vtmoost parte of the southe coste.
15:2And theyr south coste was from the brynke of the salt see, from a rock that leaneth southward.
15:3And it went out to the south syde toward the goynge vp to Acrabim, & went a longe to Zinna, and ascended vp on the south syde vnto Cades Barne, & went a longe to Hezron, and went vp to Adar, and fette a compase to Karca.
15:4From thence went it a longe to Azmon, and reached vnto the ryuer of Egypt: and the ende of that cost was on the west syde. And this is theyr south coste.
15:5Their east coste is the salt see, euen vnto the edge of Iordan.
15:6And their border in the north quarter was from the rocke of the see and from the edge of Iordan. And the same border went vp to Bethhagla, and went a long by the northsyde of Betharabah, and vp from thence to the stone of Bohen the sonne of Ruben.
15:7And agayne, thesame border went vp to Dabir from the valeye of Acor, and so northwarde, turnyng towarde Gilgall, that lieth before the goyng vp to Adonim, whych is of the southe syde of the ryuer. And the same border went vp to the waters of the fountayne of the Sonne, and ended at the well of Rogell.
15:8And then went vp to the valeye of the sonne of Hennom, euen vnto the southe syde of Iebusi: the same is Ierusalem. And then went vp to the toppe of the hille that lyeth before the valeye of Hennon, westwarde, and by the edge of the valeye of the Giauntes northwarde:
15:9And then it compaseth from the toppe of the hill vnto the fountayne of the water of Nephthoah, and gothe out at the cities of mount Ephron: and draweth to Baala, whiche is kiriathiarim,
15:10and then it compaseth from Balah westwarde vnto mount Seir, & then goeth a longe vnto the syde of mount Iarim, (which is Chesalon) on the north syde. And cometh downe to Bethsames, and gothe to Thamnah,
15:11and gothe out agayne vnto the syde of Akaron northwarde: And then draweth to Secron and gothe a longe to mounte Balah, and goeth out at Iabnel: & the endes of the coastes leaue at the west see.
15:12And the west border was the gaeat see, and the same coaste was the coast of the chyldren of Iuda rounde about in theyr kynredes.
15:13And vnto Caleb the sonne of Iephune dyd Iosua geue a parte among the children of Iuda, accordynge to the mouthe of the Lorde, euen kiriatharbe of the father of Enock, whiche cytye is Hebron.
15:14And Caleb droue thence the thre sonnes of Enack, Sesai, and Ahman, and Thalmai, which were, the sonnes of Enack.
15:15And he went vp thence, to the enhabitoures of Dabir. And the name of Dabir in the olde tyme was kariath sephar.
15:16And Caleb sayde: he that smyteth kariath sepher, & taketh it: to hym wyll I geue Acsah my daughter to wyfe.
15:17And Othniel, the sonne of kenes, the brother of Caleb toke it. And he gaue hym Acsah hys daughter to wyfe.
15:18And as she went in vnto hym, she moued hym, to aske of her father a felde. And she alyghted of her asse. And Caleb sayde vnto her, what ayleth the?
15:19Who answered: gyue me a blessyng: for thou hast geuen me a south lande: geue me also springes of water. And he gaue her sprynges of water, bothe aboue and benethe.
15:20Thys is the enheritaunce of the trybe of the children of Iuda by their kynredes.
15:21And the vttmost cyties of the tribe of the children of Iuda, towarde the coastes of Edom southwarde, were: Kabzel, Eder & Iagur:
15:22kinah, Dimonah, and Adada:
15:23kedes, Hazor and Iethnan:
15:24Ziph, Telem and Baloth,
15:25Hazor, Hadathah, karioth, Hesron (which is Hazor)
15:26Eman, Sami, and Moladah:
15:27Hazargadah, Hasmon & Bethpheleth:
15:28Hasar sual, Bersabe, and Bazothah:
15:29Baalah, Iim, and Azen:
15:30Eltholad, Cecill, and Horma:
15:31Zikelag, Medemenah & Sensenah:
15:32Labaoth, Selhim, Ain and Rimon: all these cyties are twentye and nyne with their villages.
15:33And in the lowe contreye they had Esthaol, Zareah, and Asenah:
15:34Zoneah, Enganim, Thaphuah & Enam:
15:35Iarmuth Adulam, Socoh, & Azkah:
15:36Saarem, Adithaim, Gederah, and Gederothaim: Fourtene cyties with their villages.
15:37Zenan, Hadazah, and Magdalgad:
15:38Deleam, Mizpa, and Iektheel:
15:39Lachis, Bazcath and Eglon:
15:40Cabon, Lahamam, and Cethli
15:41Gaderoth, Bethdagon, Maamah and Makedah: Syxtene cyties with their villages.
15:42Lebnah, Ether, and Asan:
15:43Iephthah, Asnah, and Nezib:
15:44keilah, kahezip and Maresah: nyne cyties wyth theyr vyllages.
15:45Akron with her townes & villages.
15:46From Akron & from the west, all that lyeth aboute Asdod wt their villages.
15:47Asdod with hertownes & villages. Azah with her townes & villages, euen vnto the ryuer of Egypte and the great see was their coaste.
15:48And in the mountaynes, they had Samir Iathir, and Socoh,
15:49Danah: and kariah senath, which is Dabir:
15:50Anab, Esthemoh, & Anim,
15:51Gozen, Holon, & Giloh, a leuen cyties with their villages.
15:52Arab, Dumah, & Esean:
15:53Ianim, Beththaphuah & Apheah.
15:54Humatah, & kariath arbe: which is Hebron and Zior: nyne cyties wyth their villages.
15:55Maon, Carmel, Siph, & Iutah:
15:56Iesraell, Iukadan, and Sanoch:
15:57Cain, Gabaah, and Thamnah: ten cyties with their village
15:58Halhull Bethzur and Gedor:
15:59Maarath, Bethanoth, & Elthecon: Sixe cyties with their villages.
15:60Kariath Baal whych is kariath Iarim and Harabba: two cyties with their villages.
15:61In the wildernesse they had Betharabah, Meddin & Sacacah:
15:62Nebson, the cytie of salt, and Engaddi: Syxe cyties wyth their villages.
15:63Neuertheles, the Iebusites that were the enhabiters of Ierusalem, coulde not the children of Iuda cast out. But the Iebusites dwell with the children of Iuda vnto this daye.
The Great Bible 1539

The Great Bible 1539

The Great Bible of 1539 was the first authorized edition of the Bible in English, authorized by King Henry VIII of England to be read aloud in the church services of the Church of England. The Great Bible was prepared by Myles Coverdale, working under commission of Thomas, Lord Cromwell, Secretary to Henry VIII and Vicar General. In 1538, Cromwell directed the clergy to provide "one book of the bible of the largest volume in English, and the same set up in some convenient place within the said church that ye have care of, whereas your parishioners may most commodiously resort to the same and read it."