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Matthew's Bible 1537



19:1And the seconde lot came out vnto the trybe of the chyldren of Simeon by their kynredes. And their enheritaunce felle in the myddes of the enheritaunce of the children of Iuda.
19:2And their enheritaunce was, Bersabe, Sabe, and Moladah,
19:3Hazorsual, Balah, and Azem,
19:4Eltholad Bethul and Hormah
19:5Zikelag, Bethmarcoboth and Hazelsusah,
19:6Bethlebaoth, and Saruhen, thertene cyties with their villages.
19:7Aim, Remon, Ether, and Asan, foure cities with their villages:
19:8& therto all the villages that lye rounde aboute these cities, euen vnto Balasath, Beor, & Ramath, southwarde. This is the enheritaunce of the tribe of the children of Simeon in their kynrede
19:9oute of the portion of the chyldren of Iuda, came the enheritaunce of the children of Simeon. For the parte of the chyldren of Iuda, was to much for them, and therfore the children of Simeon had their enheritaunce in the enheritaunce of them.
19:10And the thyrde lot came vnto the children of Zabulon, accordynge vnto theyr kynredes. And the coastes of their enheritaunce came to Saryd,
19:11and went vp to the Sea, and to Marialah, and touched at Dabaseth, and mette at the riuer that lyeth before Iokneuen,
19:12and turned from Sarid eastwarde, towarde the sunne rysyng vnto the border of Chisloth in mounte Thabor, and then goeth oute to Dabereth, and goeth vp to Iaphia,
19:13and from thence goeth a longe eastwarde, towarde the sunne rysyng, to Sethah, Hepher, Ithah, and Iazim, and goeth to Remon, Methoar, and Neah.
19:14And compasseth it on the northsyde, & goeth to Nathan, and endeth in the valeye of Iephthahel.
19:15And Iatath, Nahalol, Semron, Iedalah, and Bethlehem, twelue cityes wyth their vyllages.
19:16Thys is the enheritaunce of the chyldren of Zabulon, in their kynredes. The sayd cities with their villages.
19:17And the fourthe lotte came out to the chyldren of Isacar by their kynredes.
19:18And theyr coastes were Iesraelah, Casuloth, Sunem,
19:19Hapharaim, Sion, Anaharath,
19:20Harabith, Kysion and Abez,
19:21Rameth, Enganim, Enhadah, and Bethphazez.
19:22And his coastes mette at Thabor Sahazimah and at Bethsames & endeth at Iordan, sixtene cytyes with their villages.
19:23This is the enheritaunce of the trybe of the chyldren of Isacar by theyr kynredes the cyties and their villages.
19:24And the fyfte lot came out vnto the trybe of the chyldren of Aser by their kynredes.
19:25And their coastes were Helkath, Hali, Beten, and Achsaph,
19:26Alamelech, Amaad & Miseal, and mette at Carmel on the sea, & at Syhor and at Labanath
19:27& turned towarde the sunne rysynge to Bethdagon, and mette at Zabulon and in the valeye of Iehthah, and toward the northsyde of Bethemek & Negel, & goeth oute on the lefte syde of Cabul,
19:28and Hebron, Rohob, Hamon, and Kanah euen vnto greate Sidon.
19:29And then the coast turneth to Ramah and to the stronge citie of Azor and turned to Hozah and endeth at the sea, by the possession of Achzibah:
19:30Amah, Aphek, and Rohob: Twentye and two cyties with their villages.
19:31This is the enheritaunce of the trybe of the chyldren of Aser by theyr kinredes: These cities with their villages.
19:32And the syxte lot came oute vnto the chyldren of Nephthali by their kinredes.
19:33And their coastes were from Heleph and from Elon in Zaananim, and Adami, Nekeb and Iabneel euen to Lakum, and go oute at Iordan.
19:34And then the coaste turned westward to Asanoth in mounte Thabor, and then goeth oute from thence to Hukokah and meteth wyth Zabulon on the southe syde, and wyth Aser on the west, and at Iuda vpon Iordan towarde the sunne rysynge.
19:35And their stronge cyties are Zidim, Ber, Hamath, Racath and Cenereth,
19:36Adamah, Hermah and Hazor:
19:37Kedes, Edrai, and Enhazor:
19:38Ieron, Magdelel: Horem, Bethanah and Bethsames .xix. cyties with theyr villages.
19:39This is the enheritaunce of the trybe of the children of Nephthali by their kyuredes: these cytyes and their villages.
19:40And the seuenth lot felle to the trybe of the chyldren of Dan, by theyr kynredes.
19:41And the coastes of theyr enheritaunce was Zaraah, Esthaol, Irsames,
19:42Saelabin, Aialon & Iethlah:
19:43Eglon, Themnathah and Akaron:
19:44Elthekeh Gibethon and Baalath:
19:45Iehud, Banebarak and Gathermon,
19:46Meiericon & Harcon wyth the countreye that lyeth before Iapho.
19:47And the coastes of the children of Dan, went out from beyonde them. For the chyldren of Dan, went vp and foughte agaynste Lesen and toke it, and smote it wyth the edge of the swerde, and conquered it, and dwelte therin and called it Dan, after the name of Dan their father.
19:48This is the enheritaunce of the tribe of the chyldren of Dan in their kynredes, these cytyes wyth their villages.
19:49When they had made an ende of deuydinge the lande by her coastes then the chyldren of Israell gaue an enheritaunce vnto Iosua the sonne of Nun amonge them:
19:50at the mouthe of the Lord they gaue hym the cytie which he asked, euen Thamnathserah in mounte Ephraim. And he builte the cytye and dwelt therin.
19:51These are the enheritaunces whych Eleazar the priest and Iosua the sonne of Nun, and the auncient fathers of the tribes of the children of Israel deuided by lot in Siloh before the Lorde, in the dore of the tabernacle of wytnesse, and so made an ende of deuyding the countreye.
Matthew's Bible 1537

Matthew's Bible 1537

The Matthew Bible, also known as Matthew's Version, was first published in 1537 by John Rogers, under the pseudonym "Thomas Matthew". It combined the New Testament of William Tyndale, and as much of the Old Testament as he had been able to translate before being captured and put to death, with the translations of Myles Coverdale as to the balance of the Old Testament and the Apocrypha, except the Apocryphal Prayer of Manasses. It is thus a vital link in the main sequence of English Bible translations.