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Matthew's Bible 1537



7:1But yet the children of Israel trespased in the excommunicate thinges for Acan the sonne of Carmi, the sonne of Zabdi, the sonne of Zareh of the trybe of Iuda, toke of the excommunicate thinges. And the wrath of the Lorde waxed whote agaynst the chyldren of Israel.
7:2Then Iosua sent men from Iericho to Ai which is besyde Bethauen, on the eastsyde of Bethel, and spake vnto them, sayinge: gette you vp and vewe the countreye. And the men went vp and spyed oute Ai.
7:3And returned vnto Iosua, and sayde vnto hym, let not all the people go vp, but let as it were a two or thre thousande men go vp and destroye Ai, and make not all the people to laboure thether, for they are but fewe.
7:4And so there went vp thether about a three thousande men, whiche fledde before the men of Ai.
7:5And the men of Ai smote of them vpon a thyrtye and sixe men. and chased them before the gates euen vnto Gabarim, and smote them in the goynge doune. And the hertes of the people were discouraged and mealted lyke water.
7:6And Iosua rent hys clothes, and fell to the earth vpon hys face before the arcke of the Lorde vntyll the euen tyde, bothe he and the elders of Israel, and put earth vpon their heades.
7:7And Iosua sayde, Ah, Lorde Iehouah, wherfore haste thou brought this people ouer Iordan to delyuer vs into the handes of the Amorytes to destroye vs: wolde to God we had aduentured & dwelt on the other side Iordan.
7:8Oh Lorde what shall I say, when Israel turneth theyr backes before theyr enemyes:
7:9Moreouer the Cananites, and all the inhabyters of the Lande shall heare of it, and shall come about vs, and destroye the name of vs out of the world. And then what wilt thou do vnto thy myghtye name.
7:10And the Lorde sayde vnto Iosua, gette the vp, wherfore lyest thou thus vpon thy face?
7:11Israel hath synned & also transgressed myne appoyntement, which I commaunded them, and haue taken of the excommunicate thinges and haue stolen and hydde them, and also put them vnto theyr owne stuffe:
7:12And therfore the chyldren of Israel cannot stande before theyr enemyes. They shall turne theyr backes before theyr enemyes, because they be excommunicate. Nether wyll I be with you any more, except ye destroye the excommunicate from among you.
7:13Vp & sanctifye the people and byd them to sanctifye them selues against the morowe for so sayth the Lorde God of Israel, the excommunicacyon is amonge you Israel, and therfore ye cannot stande before youre enemyes, vntyll ye haue put the excommunicacyon from amonge you.
7:14To morowe mornyng ye shall come by youre trybes. And the trybe which the Lord shall fynde gyltye, shal come by kynredes. And the kynrede which the Lorde shall fynde gyltye, shal come by housholdes. And the housholde whiche the Lorde shall fynde fautye, shall come man by man.
7:15And he that is founde in the excommunicacyon shalbe burnt with fyre, bothe he and al that pertayneth vnto hym, because he hath transgressed the couenaunt of the Lord, and because he hath wrought folye in Israel.
7:16And so Iosua rose vp erly in the mornynge and brought Israel by theyr trybes: and the trybe of Iuda was caught.
7:17Then he broughte the kynredes of Iuda, and founde the kynred of the Zarehites gyltye. And he brought the kynred of the Zarehytes by housholders, and Zabdy was caughte.
7:18And he brought hys housholde man by man, and Acan the sonne of Carmy, the sonne of Zabdi, the sonne of Zareh in the trybe of Iuda was caught.
7:19And Iosua sayde vnto Acan: my sonne, geue glorye to the Lorde God of Israell, & geue hym prayse, & shewe me what thou hast done, and hyde it not from me.
7:20And Acan answered Iosua, and sayde: of a truthe I haue synned agaynst the Lorde God of Israel, and so and so haue I done.
7:21I sawe amonge the spoyle a goodlye Babylonyshe garment, and two hundred sicles of syluer, and a tonge of golde of fyftye sicles weyghte: and I coueted them, and I toke them. And beholde they lye hydde in the earthe in my tente and the syluer there vnder.
7:22And then Iosua sent messengers whiche ranne vnto the tent. And behold, it was hidde in hys tent, and the syluer there vnder.
7:23And they toke them oute of the myddest of his tent, and brought them vnto Iosua, and vnto all the thyldren of Israel, and powred them oute before the Lorde.
7:24And Iosua toke Acan the sonne of Zareh, and the syluer, and the garment, and the tonge of golde, and hys sonnes and hys doughters, hys oxen, asses, shepe, hys tente and all that he had, and all Israell wyth him, & brought them vnto the valeye of Acor.
7:25And Iosua sayde: In as muche as thou hast troubled vs, the Lorde shal trouble the thys daye. And all Israell stoned hym wyth stones, and burnt them wyth fyre, and ouerwhelmed them wyth stones.
7:26And they caste vpon hym a great heape of stones that remaineth vnto thys daye. And so the Lorde turned from hys fearce wrath. Wherfore the name of the place is called the valeye of Acor vnto thys daye.
Matthew's Bible 1537

Matthew's Bible 1537

The Matthew Bible, also known as Matthew's Version, was first published in 1537 by John Rogers, under the pseudonym "Thomas Matthew". It combined the New Testament of William Tyndale, and as much of the Old Testament as he had been able to translate before being captured and put to death, with the translations of Myles Coverdale as to the balance of the Old Testament and the Apocrypha, except the Apocryphal Prayer of Manasses. It is thus a vital link in the main sequence of English Bible translations.