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Matthew's Bible 1537



11:1And when Iabin Kyng of Hazor had hearde that, he sente to Iobab kynge of Madon, and to the kinge of Someron, and to the Kyng of Acsaph.
11:2And vnto the Kynges that are by north in the mountaynes, and playnes, on the southsyde of Ceneroth, and in the lowe countreyes, and in the regions of Dor vpon the sea,
11:3and vnto the Cananites both by Easte and weste: and vnto the Amorites, Hethites, Pheresites, and Iebusites in the mountaines, and vnto the Heuites vnder Hermon in the land of Mazphah,
11:4whiche came oute, and all their hostes wyth them, a multitude of folke, euen as the sandes of the sea in numbre with horsses and charettes excedinge manye.
11:5And all these Kynges met together, and came and pitched together vpon the water of Merom, for to fyghte wyth Israell.
11:6And the Lorde sayde vnto Iosua, be not afrayd of them, for to morowe aboute thys tyme I wyl delyuer them al slayne, before al Israel, and thou shalt hough their horsses, & burne their charettes wyth fyre.
11:7And Iosua came, and al the men of warre wt him against them, vnto the water of Merom, sodenlye, and felle vpon them.
11:8And the Lorde delyuered them into the handes of Israel, and they smote them and chased them, vnto great Sydon, and vnto the whote waters, and vnto the valey of Mazphah Eastward? and smote them vntyll they had none remaynynge of them.
11:9And Iosua serued them as the Lord bad him, houghed their horsses and burnt their charettes with fyre.
11:10Then Iosua at that tyme turned backe, & toke Hazor and smote her kyng wt the swerd. For Hazor before tyme was the heade of all those kyngedomes.
11:11And they smote all the soules that were therin with the edge of the swerd, vtterlye destroying them, that no breath was let remayne. And burnt Hazor wyth fyre
11:12and al the cyties of those Kynges, wyth al the kinges of them: Iosua toke and smote them with the edge of the swerde, and vtterlye destroied them as Moses the seruaunte of the Lorde commaunded.
11:13But Israel burnt none of the cytyes, that stode vpon hylles, saue Hazor onely, that Iosua burnt,
11:14but al the spoyle of the saide cyties and the catell, the children of Israell caughte vnto them selues: But the men onelye they smote with the edge of the swerde vntill they had destroyed them, and had lefte no breathe remaynyng.
11:15As the Lorde commaunded Iosua, and euen so dyd Iosua and minisshed no worde of all that the Lorde commaunded Moses.
11:16And so Iosua toke all that lande, the hilles and all the south countreye, and all the lande of Gosan, and the low countrey, and the playnes, and the mountayne of Israel, wt the lowe countrey of the same,
11:17euen from mounte Halak that goeth vp to Seyr, vnto Baal, Gad, in the valeye of Libanon, vnder mounte Hermon. And al the kinges of the same, he toke & smote them, and slewe them.
11:18Iosua made warre longe tyme with those kinges,
11:19for there was no cytye that made peace wyth the chyldren of Israell, saue those Hethites that enhabited Gabaon: All other they toke wyth battell,
11:20for it came of the Lorde to harden their hartes, that they shoulde come agaynst Israel in battell, euen to destroye them vtterlye, that they shoulde haue no mercy, but to bringe them to noughte. As the Lorde commaunded Moses.
11:21And that same ceason, Iosua wente and destroyed the Enakites oute of the mountaines, and out of Hebron, Dabir, and Auab, and oute of all the mountaines of Iuda, and oute of al the mountaynes of Israel. And Iosua destroyed them vtterlye wyth theyr cytyes.
11:22So that there was not one Enakyte left in the lande of the chyldren of Israel: onelye in Asah, Geth, and Asdod, there remayned of them.
11:23And Iosua toke the whole land accordynge to all that the Lorde sayde vnto Moses, and gaue it a possessyon vnto Israel, euerye man his parte in their trybes, and the lande rested from warre.
Matthew's Bible 1537

Matthew's Bible 1537

The Matthew Bible, also known as Matthew's Version, was first published in 1537 by John Rogers, under the pseudonym "Thomas Matthew". It combined the New Testament of William Tyndale, and as much of the Old Testament as he had been able to translate before being captured and put to death, with the translations of Myles Coverdale as to the balance of the Old Testament and the Apocrypha, except the Apocryphal Prayer of Manasses. It is thus a vital link in the main sequence of English Bible translations.