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Matthew's Bible 1537



10:1And when Adonizedec Kynge of Ierusalem had heard howe Iosua had taken Ai, and had destroyed it, and how that as he had done to Iericho and her kynge, euen so he had done to Ai and her kynge, and how the Enhabitoures of Gabaon had made peace wyth Israel and dyd remayne amonge them, then they feared excedingly,
10:2for Gabaon was a great cyty, as any cytye of the kyngdome, and therto greater then Ai, and al her men were myghty.
10:3Wherfore Adonizedec kyng of Ierusalem sent vnto Hoham kynge of Hebron, and vnto Pharam kynge of Ierimoth, and vnto Iaphia kynge of Lachis, and vnto Dabir kinge of Eglon sayinge:
10:4Come vp vnto me & healpe me, that we may smyte Gabaon, for they haue made peace wyth Iosua and the chyldren of Israell.
10:5Then the .v. kynges of the Amorites the kyng of Ierusalem, the kinge of Hebron, the kynge of Ierimoth, the kinge of Lachys, the kyng of Eglon, gathered them selues together, both they and all their hostes & wente vp and beseged Gabaon, and made warre agaynst it.
10:6But the men of Gabaon sent vnto Iosua vnto the hoste to Galgal, saying: withdraw not thy handes from thy seruauntes, but come vp to vs, for all the kynges of the Amorythes, which dwell in the mountaynes are gathered together against vs.
10:7And Iosua ascended from Galgall, both he and al the people of warre wyth hym, and al the men of myghte,
10:8and the Lord sayde vnto Iosua: feare them not, for I haue delyuered them into thyne hande, there shal not a man of them stande before the.
10:9And Iosua came vnto them sodenlye, and iourneyed from Galgal all nyghte.
10:10And the Lorde turmoyled them before Israell, and slewe of them a greate slaughter at Gabaon, and chased them a longe the waye, that goeth vp to Bethoron, & slewe them tyll they came to Esaka and Makeda.
10:11And as they flede from Israel, euen in the goynge doune to Bethoron, the Lorde caste doune great stones from heauen vpon them vntyll they came vnto Esaka, that they dyed. And there were mo that dyed wyth hayle stones, then the chyldren of Israell slewe wyth the swerde.
10:12Then spake Iosua vnto the Lorde, the daye when the Lorde delyuered the Amorites before the chyldren of Israel, and he sayde in the sight of al Israel: Sunne stande thou still vpon Gabaon, & thou Mone, in the valeye of Aialon.
10:13And the sonne abode, and the mone stode styll, vntyll the people had aduenged them selues vpon their enemyes. Is not thys written in the boke of the ryghtwes, howe that the sunne abode in the middes of heauen, and hasted not to go doune by the space of a whole daye.
10:14And there was no daye lyke that, before it, or after it, that the Lorde obeyed the voyce of a man, and al because the Lorde fought for Israel.
10:15And Iosua returned, and all Israell wyth hym, vnto the hoste to Galgall,
10:16but the fyue Kinges flede and hyd them selues in a caue at Makeda.
10:17And it was tolde Iosua, saying, the fyue Kynges are founde hyd in a caue at Makeda.
10:18And Iosua sayde, roule great stones vnto the mouthe of the caue and appointe men therto, for to kepe them.
10:19And stande ye not stylle, but folowe after youre enemyes and smyte the hindmost of them. And suffre them not to entre into their cytyes, for the Lorde youre God hath delyuered them into youre handes.
10:20And when Iosua and the chyldren of Israel had made an ende of slaying them wyth a great slaughter, tyll they were wasted, yet there remayned a certain of them, whych entered into walled cytyes.
10:21And al the people returned to the hoste, to Iosua at Makeda in peace, so that no man durst moue his tonge agaynst the chyldren of Israel.
10:22Then sayde Iosua, open the mouth of the caue, and bringe out these .v. Kynges vnto me out of the caue.
10:23And they dyd so, & brought those fyue Kinges vnto him, out of the caue? the Kinge of Ierusalem, the King of Hebron, the Kinge of Ierimoth the Kinge of Lachys, and the Kynge of Eglon.
10:24And when they had brought out these kinges vnto Iosua: Iosua called for all the men of Israel, and sayde vnto the capytaynes of the men of warre, whych came wyth hym, come neare & put youre fete vpon the neckes of these kinges. And they came neare & put their fete vpon the neckes of them.
10:25And Iosua sayd vnto them feare not, nor dreade. But be stronge and plucke vp your hertes, for so shal the Lord serue all youre enemyes agaynst whyche ye fyghte.
10:26And then Iosua smote them and slewe them and hanged them on fyue trees tyll euen.
10:27And at the going doune of the sunne: Iosua gaue commaundement, and they toke them doune of the trees & cast them into the caue, where they hyd them selues, and layed great stones on the caues mouth, whych remaine vnto this daye.
10:28And that same day Iosua toke Makeda & smote hyt wyth the edge of the swerde, and the Kinge therof also, and vtterlye destroyed them and all the soules that were therin, and let nought remayne. And he dyd to the King of Makeda, as he dyd to the Kyng of Iericho.
10:29Then Iosua went from Makeda, and all Israel wyth hym vnto Libna, and foughte agaynst Libna.
10:30And the Lorde delyuered it also in theyr handes, wyth the Kynge also, & smote it with the edge of the swerde and all the soules that were therin, and let noughte remayne in it, and dyd vnto the kyng therof as he dyd vnto the kynge of Iericho.
10:31After that Iosua departed from Libna, and all Israel wyth hym, vnto Lachys, and beseged it, and assaulted it.
10:32And the Lord deliuered into the handes of Israel Lachis, that they toke it the seconde daye, and smote it with the edge of the swerde, and al the soules that were therin, accordinge to al that he dyd to Lybna.
10:33Then Horam kynge of Geser came vp to helpe Lachys: But Iosua smote him and his people, vntyll he lefte hym naughte remaynynge.
10:34And from Lachis Iosua departed vnto Eglon, and all Israel wyth hym, and there beseged it, and assaulted it,
10:35and toke it the same daye, and smote it wyth the edge of the swerde, and all the soules that were therin, & vtterlye destroyed them the same daye, accordinge to al that he dyd to Lachis.
10:36Then Iosua departed vp from Eglon and all Israel wyth him, vnto Hebron. And they fought againste it,
10:37and toke it, and smote it wyth the edge of the swerde, and the kynge therof, and al the tounes that pertayned to it, and all the soules that were therin, so that they lefte nought remayninge: but in al thinges as they dyd to Eglon, so they destroyed it vtterlye, and al the soules that were therin.
10:38Then Iosua returned and all Israel with him to Dabir, and they fought againste it,
10:39& toke it, and the kinge therof and al the tounes that pertained therto. And smote them wyth the edge of the swerde, and vtterly destroyed al the soules that were therin, and let nought remayne. And as he dyd to Hebron, so he dyd to Dabir and the King therof, and as he dyd to Libna and her Kynge.
10:40And Iosua smote all the hille countreyes and the south countreys, and the valeyes, and the springes of water, with al their kinges, & let nought remayne, but vtterlye destroyed all that breathed, as the Lorde God of Israel commaunded.
10:41And Iosua smote them from Cades barne vnto Asah, and all the countrey of Gosan, euen vnto Gabaon.
10:42And all those kynges and their lande, Iosua toke at one tyme, because the Lorde God of Israell fought for Israel.
10:43And then Iosua returned, and al Israel wyth hym, vnto the hoste to Galgall.
Matthew's Bible 1537

Matthew's Bible 1537

The Matthew Bible, also known as Matthew's Version, was first published in 1537 by John Rogers, under the pseudonym "Thomas Matthew". It combined the New Testament of William Tyndale, and as much of the Old Testament as he had been able to translate before being captured and put to death, with the translations of Myles Coverdale as to the balance of the Old Testament and the Apocrypha, except the Apocryphal Prayer of Manasses. It is thus a vital link in the main sequence of English Bible translations.