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Matthew's Bible 1537



11:1A certayne man was sicke, named Lazarus of Bethania, the toune of Marye and her syster Martha.
11:2It was that Marye whiche annoynted Iesus with oyntment and wyped hys fete with her heyre, whose brother Lazarus was sicke,
11:3and hys systers sente vnto hym, saiynge: Lorde, beholde, he whome thou louest, is sicke.
11:4When Iesus hearde, that he sayed: this infirmitie is not vnto death, but for the laude of God that the sonne of God myght be praysed by the reason of it.
11:5Iesus loued Martha and her sister and Lazarus.
11:6Then after he had hearde that he was sicke, yet abode he two dayes styll in the same place, where he was.
11:7Then after that sayde he to hys disciples: Let vs go into Iewry agayne.
11:8His discyples sayde vnto hym: Mayster, the Iewes latelye sought meanes to stone the, and wylt thou go thyther agayne?
11:9Iesus aunswered: are there not .xij. houres in the daye of a man walke in the daye, he stombleth not, because he seeth the lyght of thys world.
11:10But yf a man walke in the nyght, he stombleth, because there is no lyght in him.
11:11This sayed he, and after that, he sayed vnto them: oure frende Lazarus slepeth but I go to wake him out of slepe.
11:12Then sayed hys discyples: Lorde yf he slepe, he shall do well ynough.
11:13Howe be it Iesus spake of hys death: but they thought that he had spoken of the naturall slepe.
11:14Then sayd Iesus vnto them plainly: Lazarus is dead,
11:15and I am glad for youre sakes, that I was not there, because ye may beleue. Neuerthelesse let vs go vnto him.
11:16Then sayde Thomas whiche is called Dydymus, vnto the discyples: Let vs also go, that we maye dye with hym.
11:17Then wente Iesus, and founde that he had lyen in hys graue foure dayes already.
11:18Bethanye was nye vnto Hierusalem aboute .xv. furlonges of,
11:19and manye of the Iewes were come to Martha and Marye to comforte them ouer theyr brother.
11:20Martha assone as she hearde that Iesus was commynge, went, and met hym: but Mary sat styll in the house.
11:21Then sayde Martha vnto Iesus: Lorde, yf thou haddest bene here, my brother had not ben dead:
11:22but neuerthelesse, I know that whatsoeuer thou axest of God, God wyl geue it the.
11:23Iesus sayde vnto her: thy brother shall ryse agayne.
11:24Martha sayed vnto him: I knowe that he shall ryse agayne in the resurreccyon at the laste daye.
11:25Iesus sayed vnto her: I am the resurreccion and the lyfe. He that beleueth on me, ye though he were dead, yet shall he lyue.
11:26And whosoeuer lyueth, and beleueth on me, shall neuer dye. Beleuest thou thys?
11:27She sayd vnto hym: ye Lorde I beleue that thou arte Christe the sonne of God, which should come into the worlde.
11:28And assone as she had so sayd, she went her waye, and called Marye her syster secretelye, saiynge: The mayster is come, and calleth for the.
11:29And she assone as she hearde that, arose quickly, and came vnto hym.
11:30Iesus was not yet come into the toune, but was in the place where Martha met hym.
11:31The Iewes then which were with her in the house and comforted her, when they sawe Mary, that she arose vp hastely, and went out, and folowed her, saiynge: She goeth vnto the graue, to wepe there.
11:32Then when Mary was come, where Iesus was, and sawe hym, she fell doune at hys fete, saiynge vnto hym: Lorde yf thou haddest bene here, my brother had not ben dead.
11:33When Iesus sawe her wepe, and the Iewes also wepe which came with her, he groned in the spirite, and was troubled in hym self,
11:34& sayd: Where haue ye layed hym? They sayde vnto hym: Lorde, come and se.
11:35And Iesus wepte.
11:36Then sayde the Iewes: Beholde, howe he loued him.
11:37And some of them sayde: coulde not he which opened the eyes of the blynde, haue made also that thys man shoulde not haue dyed?
11:38Iesus agayne groned in hym selfe, and came to the graue: it was a caue and a stone layde on it.
11:39And Iesus sayde: take ye away the stone. Martha the syster of hym that was dead, said vnto him: Lorde by thys tyme he stinketh: for he hath bene dead four dayes.
11:40Iesus sayed vnto her: Sayd I not vnto the, that yf thou dyddest beleue, thou shouldest se the glory of God.
11:41Then they toke awaye the stone from that place where the dead was layde. And Iesus lyft vp hys eyes, and sayde: Father I thanke the because that thou haste hearde me.
11:42I wote that thou hearest me alwayes: but because of the people that stande by, I sayed it, that they may beleue that thou hast sent me.
11:43And when he thus had spoken: he cryed wt a loude voyce: Lazarus come forth.
11:44And he that was dead, came forth, bounde hand and fote with graue boundes, and his face was bounde with a napkin. Iesus sayed vnto them, lowse him, and let hym go.
11:45Then many of the Iewes which came to Marye, and had sene the thynges whiche Iesus dyd, beleued on hym.
11:46But some of them went theyr wayes to the Pharises, and tolde them what Iesus had done.
11:47Then gathered the hye Priestes and Pharyses a counsel and sayd: What do we? This man doth many myracles:
11:48yf we let hym scape thus, all men wyll beleue on hym, & the Romaynes shall come and take away our countrey and the people.
11:49And one of them named Cayphas which was the hye prieste that same yeare sayde vnto them: ye perceyue nothynge at all, nor yet consyder that
11:50it is expedyent for vs, that one man dye for the people, & not that all the people peryshe.
11:51Thys spake he not of hym selfe, but beynge hye Prieste that same yeare he prophesyed that Iesus shoulde dye for the people,
11:52and not for the people only, but that he shoulde gather together in one the children of God which were scattered abrode.
11:53From that daye forth they helde a counsell together, for to put hym to death.
11:54Iesus therfore walked no more openlye amonge the Iewes, but went hys waye thence vnto a countrye nyghe to the wyldernes, into a cytye called Ephraim, & ther haunted wt his disciples.
11:55And the Iewes Easter was nye at hande, and manye wente oute of the countrye vp to Hierusalem before the Easter, to purifie them selues.
11:56Then soughte they for Iesus, and spake amonge them selues, as they stode in that temple: What thynke ye, seynge he commeth not to the feast
11:57The hye priestes and Pharyseis had geuen a commaundement, that yf any man knewe, where he were, he shoulde shew it, that they myght take hym.
Matthew's Bible 1537

Matthew's Bible 1537

The Matthew Bible, also known as Matthew's Version, was first published in 1537 by John Rogers, under the pseudonym "Thomas Matthew". It combined the New Testament of William Tyndale, and as much of the Old Testament as he had been able to translate before being captured and put to death, with the translations of Myles Coverdale as to the balance of the Old Testament and the Apocrypha, except the Apocryphal Prayer of Manasses. It is thus a vital link in the main sequence of English Bible translations.