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Matthew's Bible 1537



18:1When Iesus had spoken these wordes, he wente forth with his disciples ouer the broke Cedron, where was a garden into the whiche he entred with his discyples.
18:2Iudas also which betrayed hym, knewe the place: for Iesus oftetymes resorted thither with hys disciples.
18:3Iudas then after he had receyued a bande of men, and ministers of the hye priestes and Phariseis, came thyther wt lanternes and fyrebrandes, and weapens.
18:4Then Iesus knowing all thynges that should come on hym, wente forth, and sayed vnto them: whom seke ye?
18:5They aunswered hym: Iesus of Nazareth. Iesus sayed vnto them: I am he. Iudas also which betrayed hym, stode wt them.
18:6But assone as he had sayd vnto them: I am he, they went backwardes, and fell to the grounde.
18:7And he asked them agayne: whome seke ye? They aunswered: Iesus of Nazareth.
18:8Iesus aunswered: I sayde vnto you: I am he. Yf ye seke me, let these go theyr waye.
18:9That the saiynge myght be fulfylled which he spake: of them which thou gauest me, haue I not loste one.
18:10Simon Peter hadde a swerde, & drue it, and smote the hye Pryestes seruaunte, and cut of hys ryght eare. The seruauntes name was Malchus.
18:11Then sayed Iesus vnto Peter: put vp thy swerde into the sheath: shall I not drinke of the cup whiche my father hathe geuen me?
18:12Then the company and the captaine and the ministers of the Iewes, toke Iesus & bounde hym,
18:13and led hym awaye to Anna fyrste: For he was fatherinlawe vnto Cayphas, whiche was the hye prieste that same yeare.
18:14Cayphas was he that gaue counsell to the Iewes, that it was expedient, that one man shoulde dye for the people.
18:15And Simon Peter folowed Iesus, & another disciple: that disciple was knowne of the hye prieste, and went in with Iesus into the palayce of the hye prieste.
18:16But Peter stode at the dore without. Then went oute that other disciple whiche was knowne vnto the hye prieste, and spake to the damsell that kepte the dore, & brought in Peter.
18:17Then sayed the damsel that kepte the dore, vnto Peter: Arte not thou one of thys mans disciples? He sayed: I am not.
18:18The seruauntes and the ministers stode there and had made a fyre of coles, for it was colde, and they warmed them selues. Peter also stode amonge them, and warmed hym selfe.
18:19The hye Prieste axed Iesus of hys disciples and of hys doctryne.
18:20Iesus aunswered him: I spake openly in the world. I euer taught in the synagoge, and in the temple whyther all the Iewes resorted, and in secrete haue I sayde nothynge.
18:21Why axest thou me? Axe them whiche hearde me, what I sayde vnto them. Beholde, they can tell what I sayde.
18:22When he had thus spoken, one of the ministers which stode by, smote Iesus on the face, saiyng: aunswerest thou the hye prieste so?
18:23Iesus aunswered hym: Yf I haue euyll spoken, beare wytnes of the euyll, yf I haue well spoken, why smytest thou me?
18:24And Annas sent him bounde vnto Cayphas the hye priest.
18:25Symon Peter stode and warmed him self and they sayed vnto hym: arte not thou also one of hys discyples? He denyed it, and sayde: I am not.
18:26One of the hye priestes seruauntes (hys cosin whose eare Peter smote of) sayde vnto him: dyd not I se the in the garden with him?
18:27Peter denyed agayne, and immediatlye the cocke crewe.
18:28Then led they Iesus from Cayphas into the hall of iudgement. It was in the morning and they themselues went not into the iudgement hall leaste they shoulde be defyled, but that they might eate the paschall lambe.
18:29Pylate then wente oute vnto them, and sayde: what accusacion bringe ye agaynste this man?
18:30They aunswered, and sayed vnto him. If he were not an euyli doer, we woulde not haue delyuered him vnto the.
18:31Then sayed Pilate vnto them: take ye him, and iudge hym after your owne lawe. Then the Iewes sayed vnto hym: It is not laufull for vs to put any man to deat
18:32That the wordes of Iesus might be fulfylled, whiche he spake, signifiynge what death he shoulde dye.
18:33Then Pilate entred into the iudgemente hall agayne, and called Iesus, and sayd vnto hym: arte thou the kynge of the Iewes?
18:34Iesus aunswered: saiyest thou that of thy self, or dyd other tell it the of me?
18:35Pylate aunswered Am I a Iewe? Thyne owne nacyon and hye priestes haue delyuered the vnto me, What hast thou done?
18:36Iesus aunswered my kingdome is not of thys worlde. If my kingdome were of thys worlde, then woulde my mynisters surely fyght, that I shoulde not be delyuered to the Iewes, but now is my kyngdom not from hence.
18:37Pilate sayed to him: Arte thou a kynge then? Iesus aunswered: Thou sayest that I am a kynge. For thys cause was I borne, and for thys cause came I into the worlde, that I shoulde beare wytnes vnto the trueth. And al that are of the trueth heare my voyce.
18:38Pylate sayde vnto hym: what thynge is trueth? And when he had sayd that, he wente oute agayne to the Iewes, and sayd vnto them: I fynd in him no cause at al.
18:39Ye haue a custome that I shoulde deliuer you one lose at Easter. Wyll ye that I lose vnto you the kyng of the Iewes.
18:40Then cryed they all agayne, sayinge: Not hym, but Barrabas, that Barrabas was a robber.
Matthew's Bible 1537

Matthew's Bible 1537

The Matthew Bible, also known as Matthew's Version, was first published in 1537 by John Rogers, under the pseudonym "Thomas Matthew". It combined the New Testament of William Tyndale, and as much of the Old Testament as he had been able to translate before being captured and put to death, with the translations of Myles Coverdale as to the balance of the Old Testament and the Apocrypha, except the Apocryphal Prayer of Manasses. It is thus a vital link in the main sequence of English Bible translations.