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Matthew's Bible 1537



1:1In the begynnynge was the worde, and the word was with God, & the worde was God.
1:2The same was in the begynnynge wyth God.
1:3All thynges were made by it and without it was made nothynge that was made.
1:4In it was lyfe, and the lyfe was the lyght of men,
1:5& the lyght shyneth in the darknes, but the darknes comprehended it not.
1:6Ther was a man sent from God, whose name was Iohn.
1:7These same came as a wytnes to beare wytnes of the lyght, that all men through him myght beleue.
1:8He was not that lyght but to beare witnes of the lyght.
1:9That was a true lyght, which lyghted all men that come into the worlde.
1:10He was in the worlde, & the worlde was made by him, & yet the worlde knewe him not.
1:11He came amonge his (owne) & his owne receiued him not.
1:12But as manye as receyued him to them he gaue power to be the sonnes of God in that they beleued on his name
1:13& which were borne not of the bloude nor of the wyl of the flesh, nor yet of the wyll of man: but of God.
1:14And the worde was made flesh & dwelt amonge vs, and we sawe the glorye of it, as the glory of the onlye begotten sonne of the father, which worde was ful of grace & verite.
1:15Iohn bare witnes of him & cried saiyng: This was he of whom I spake, he that cometh after me was before me, because he was yer then I.
1:16And of his fulnes haue all we receyued, euen (grace) for grace.
1:17For the lawe was geuen by Moyses, but grace and truthe came by Iesus Christ.
1:18No man hath sene God at anye tyme. The onlye begotten sonne which is in the bosome of the father, he hath declared hym.
1:19And this is the recorde of Iohn: When the Iewes sent pryestes and Leuites from Ierusalem, to axe him what arte thou?
1:20And he confessed and denied not, and sayd plainlye: I am not Chryste.
1:21And they axed hym: what then? Art thou Helias? And he sayed: I am not. Art thou a Prophete? And he aunswered no.
1:22Then sayed they vnto him: what art thou? that we may geue an aunswere to them that sent vs? What sayest thou of thy selfe?
1:23He sayde: I am the voice of a cryar in the wyldernes, make strayght the waye of the Lorde, as sayde the Prophete Esaias.
1:24And they which were sent, were of the pharyseis.
1:25And they axed him: and sayd vnto him: why baptysest thou then if thou be not Christ, nor Helias, neyther a Prophete?
1:26Iohn aunswered them saiynge: I baptyse with water, but one is come amonge you whom ye knowe not,
1:27he it is that cometh after me, which was before me, whose shoe latchet I am not worthy to vnlose.
1:28These thinges were done in Bethabara beyonde Iordaine wher Iohn did baptyse.
1:29The nexte daye Iohn sawe Iesus commynge vnto him, and sayde: beholde the lambe of God, which taketh away the synne of the worlde.
1:30This is he of whom I sayde. After me cometh a man which was before me, for he was yer then I,
1:31and I knowe him not: but that he shoulde be declared to Israel, therfore am I come baptysynge with water.
1:32And Iohn bare recorde saiynge: I saw the sprete descende from heauen, lyke vnto a doue, and abide vpon him,
1:33and I knewe him not. But he that sent me: to baptyse in water, the same sayde vnto me: vpon whom thou shalt se the sprete descende and tarye styll on him, the same is he, whych baptyseth wyth the holye ghost.
1:34And I sawe and beare recorde that this is the sonne of God.
1:35The next daye after Iohn stode againe, and two of his disciples.
1:36And he behelde Iesus as he walked by, & sayde: beholde the lambe of God.
1:37And the .ij. disciples hearde him speake & foloweth Iesus.
1:38And Iesus turned aboute and sawe them folowe, and sayde vnto them: what seke ye? They sayde vnto him: Rabbi (which is to saye by interpretacion, Maister) wher dwellest thou?
1:39He sayed vnto them: come and se. They came and sawe wher he dwelte: and abode with him the daye. For it was aboute the tenth houre.
1:40One of the two which hearde Iohn speake and folowed Iesus, was Andrew Simon Peters brother.
1:41The same founde his brother Simon fyrst, and sayde vnto him: we haue founde Messias, which is by interpretation, anointed:
1:42and brought him to Iesus. And Iesus behelde him and saide: thou art Simon the sonne of Ionas, thou shalt be called Cephas: which is by interpretacion, a stone.
1:43The daye folowinge Iesus woulde go into Galyle, and founde Philip, and saide vnto him: folow me.
1:44Philip was of Bethsaida the citye of Andrewe and Peter.
1:45And Phylyp founde Nathanaell, and sayde vnto hym. We haue founde hym of whom Moyses in the lawe, and the prophetes did write: Iesus the sonne of Ioseph of Nazareth.
1:46And Nathanael said to him: Can there any good thing come out of Nazareth? Philip saide to him: come and se.
1:47Iesus sawe Nathanael comminge to him and sayde of him: Beholde a right Israelyte, in whom is no gyle.
1:48Nathanael, saide vnto hym: wher knewest thou me? Iesus aunswered, and sayde vnto him: Before that Philyp called the when thou wast vnder the fygge tree, I sawe the.
1:49Nathanael aunswered & sayde vnto him: Rabbi, thou art the sonne of God, thou art the kynge of Israel.
1:50Iesus aunswered and sayde vnto him: Because I sayde vnto the: I sawe the vnder the fygge tree, thou beleuest. Thou shalt se greater thinges then these.
1:51And he sayed vnto him: Verely verely, I saye vnto you: here after shall ye se heauen open, and the aungels of God ascendinge and descendinge ouer the sonne of man,
Matthew's Bible 1537

Matthew's Bible 1537

The Matthew Bible, also known as Matthew's Version, was first published in 1537 by John Rogers, under the pseudonym "Thomas Matthew". It combined the New Testament of William Tyndale, and as much of the Old Testament as he had been able to translate before being captured and put to death, with the translations of Myles Coverdale as to the balance of the Old Testament and the Apocrypha, except the Apocryphal Prayer of Manasses. It is thus a vital link in the main sequence of English Bible translations.