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Matthew's Bible 1537



8:1And the Lorde spake vnto Moses sayinge:
8:2speake vnto Aaron and say vnto him: when thou puttest on the lampes se that they lyght al seuen vpon the forefront of the candelstyck.
8:3And Aaron did euen so, and put the lampes vpon the forefront of the candelstycke, as the Lord commaunded Moses,
8:4& the worke of the candelstyck was of styffe golde: both the shaft and the floures therof. And accordyng vnto the visyon whyche the Lord had shewed Moses euen so he made the candelstyck.
8:5And the Lord spake vnto Moses sayinge:
8:6take the Leuites from amonge the chyldren of Israel, and cleanse them.
8:7And this do vnto them when thou cleansest them, sprynkle water of purifyenge vpon them and make a rasure to runne alonge vpon all the fleshe of them, and let them washe theyr clothes, and then they shal be cleane.
8:8And let them take a bullocke and hys meatofferyng, fyne floure myngled with oyle: & another bullocke shalt thou take to be a synneofferyng.
8:9Then bryng the Leuites before the tabernacle of wytnesse and gether the whole multitude of the chyldren of Israel together.
8:10And bryng the Leuites before the Lorde, and let the chyldren of Israell put their handes vpon the Leuites.
8:11And let Aaron heaue the Leuites before the Lorde, for an heaueofferynge geuen of the chyldren of Israel, and then let them be appoynted to wayte vpon the seruyce of the Lorde.
8:12And let the Leuytes put theyr handes vpon the heades of the bullockes, & then offer them: the one for a synneofferyng and the other for a burntofferyng vnto the Lorde, to make an attonement for the Leuites.
8:13And make the Leuites stande before Aaron and hys sonnes, & heaue them to be an heaueofferyng vnto the Lorde.
8:14And thou shalt separate the Leuites from among the chyldren of Israel, that they be myne:
8:15and after that let them goo and do the seruice of the tabernacle of wytnesse. Cleanse them & waue them,
8:16for they are geuen vnto me from among the chyldren of Israel for I haue taken them vnto me for all the fyrst borne that open any matryce amonge the chyldren of Israel.
8:17For al the fyrstborne among the children of Israel are myne both man & beast: because the same tyme that I smote the fyrstborne in the lande of Egypte, I sanctyfyed them for my selfe:
8:18and I haue taken the Leuites for al the fyrstborne among the chyldren of Israell,
8:19and haue geuen them vnto Aaron and hys sonnes from amonge the chyldren of Israel to do the seruyce of the chyldren of Israell in the tabernacle of witnesse and to make an attonement for the chyldren of Israell, that there be no plage among the chyldren of Israel, yf they come nye vnto the sanctuary.
8:20And Moses and Aaron and all the congregacyon of the chyldren of Israel did vnto the Leuytes accordynge vnto all that the Lord commaunded Moses.
8:21And the Leuites puryfyed them selues, and washed their clothes. And Aaron waued them before the Lord, and made an attonement for them to cleanse them.
8:22And after that they went in, to do theyr seruyce in the tabernacle of wytnesse, before Aaron & hys sonnes. And acordyng as the Lord had commaunded Moses as concernyng the Leuites, euen so they dyd vnto them.
8:23And the Lord spake vnto Moses saying:
8:24thys shalbe the maner of the Leuites: from .xxv. yere vpwarde they shall go in to wayte vpon the seruice in the tabernacle of witnesse,
8:25& at fyfty they shal ceasse waytyng vpon the seruyce therof, and shall laboure no moare:
8:26but shal mynistre vnto their bretheren in the tabernacle of wytnesse, and there wayte, but shall do no moare seruyce. And se that thou do after thys maner vnto the Leuites in their waytyng tymes.
Matthew's Bible 1537

Matthew's Bible 1537

The Matthew Bible, also known as Matthew's Version, was first published in 1537 by John Rogers, under the pseudonym "Thomas Matthew". It combined the New Testament of William Tyndale, and as much of the Old Testament as he had been able to translate before being captured and put to death, with the translations of Myles Coverdale as to the balance of the Old Testament and the Apocrypha, except the Apocryphal Prayer of Manasses. It is thus a vital link in the main sequence of English Bible translations.