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Matthew's Bible 1537



31:1And the Lorde spake vnto Moses saying:
31:2aueng the chyldren of Israel of the Madianites, and afterward be geathered vnto thy people.
31:3And Moses spake vnto the folke saying: Harnesse some of you vnto warre, & let them go vpon the Madianites and auenge the Lord of the Madianites.
31:4Ye shal sende vnto the warre a thousand of euery trybe thorow out all the trybes of Israell.
31:5And there were taken oute of the thousandes of Israell .xij. thousand prepared vnto warre, of euery trybe a thousande.
31:6And Moses sent them a thousande of euery trybe, wyth Phineas the sonne of Eleazar the Preast to warre, and the holy vessels and the trompettes to blowe in hys hande.
31:7And they warred agaynst the Madianites, as the Lord commaunded Moses, and slewe al the males.
31:8And they slewe the kynges of Madian amonge other that were slayne: Eui, Rehem, zur, Hur & Reba: fyue kynges of Madian. And they slew Balaam the sonne of Beor with the swerde.
31:9And the children of Israel toke all the wemen of Madian presoners and their chyldren, and spoyled al theyr catel, their substance and their goodes.
31:10And they burnt al their cities wherin they dwelt, and al their castels with fyre.
31:11And they toke all the spoyle and al they coulde catche, both of men and beastes.
31:12And they broughte the captyues and that which they had taken and all the spoyle vnto Moses and Eleazar the Preast and vnto the company of the children of Israel, euen vnto the hoste, in the feldes of Moab by Iordan nye to Iericho.
31:13And Moses and Eleazar the Preast and al the Lordes of the congregacion went out of the hoste agaynst them.
31:14And Moses was angrye with the offycers of the hoste, wyth the captaynes ouer thousandes and ouer hundredes, whyche came from warre & battell,
31:15and sayd vnto them: Haue ye saued the wemen alyue?
31:16beholde these caused the chyldren of Israel thorow Balam, to commyt trespace agaynst the Lorde, by the reason of Peor, & there folowed a plage among the congregacion of the Lorde.
31:17Now therfore slee al the men chyldren and the wemen that haue lien with men fleshlye:
31:18But all the wemen chyldren that haue not lyen with men, kepe a lyue for your selues.
31:19And lodge without the hoste seuen dayes al that haue kylled any persone and al that haue touched any dead body, & purifye both your selues & youre presoners the .iij. day and the .vij.
31:20And sprynkle al your raymentes and all that is made of skynnes, and al worke of gootes here, and al thynges made of wood.
31:21And Eleazar the Preast sayde vnto al the men of warre which went out to battel: this is the ordinaunce of the law which the Lord commaunded Moses:
31:22Golde, syluer, brasse, yron, tyn and leade,
31:23and all that may abyde the fyre, ye shall make it go thorow the fyre, & then it is cleane. Neuerthelater, it shalbe sprynkled with sprynklynge water. And all that suffreth not the fyre, ye shall make goo thorow the water.
31:24And wash youre clothes the seuenth day, and then ye are cleane. And afterward come into the hoste.
31:25And the Lord spake vnto Moses saying:
31:26take the summe of the pray that was taken, both of the wemen & of catell, thou & Eleazar the preast and the auncient heades of the congregacion.
31:27And deuyde it in to two partis, betwene them that toke the warre vpon them and went out to battell and al the congregacion.
31:28And take a porcion vnto the Lord of the men of warre which went out to battell: one of fyue hundred, of the wemen and of the oxen and of the asses and of the shepe:
31:29and ye shal take it of their halfe and geue it vnto Eleazar the preast, an heaueofferynge vnto the Lorde.
31:30And of the halfe of the chyldren of Israel, take one of fyfty, of the wemen, of the oxen, of the asses and of the shepe, and of all maner of beastes, and geue them vnto the leuites which wayte vpon the habitacyon of the Lord.
31:31And Moses and Eleazar the preast did as the Lorde commaunded Moses.
31:32And the botye and the praye which the men of warre had caught was .vi. hundred thousande and .lxxv. thousand shepe:
31:33& .lxxij. thousand oxen
31:34.lxi. thousande asses:
31:35and .xxxij. thousand wemen that had lyen by no man.
31:36And the halfe which was the parte of them that went out to warre, was .iij. hundred thousande and .xxxvij. thousande and fyue hundred shepe:
31:37And the Lordes parte of the shepe was .vi. hundred and .lxxv.
31:38And the oxen were .xxxvi. thousande, of which the Lordes parte was .lxxij.
31:39And the asses were .xxx. thousande and fyue hundred, of whych the Lordes parte was .lxi.
31:40And the wemen were .xvi. thousande, of whiche the Lordes parte was .xxxij. soules.
31:41And Moses gaue that summe which was the lordes heaueoffryng vnto Eleazar the preast: as the Lorde commaunded Moses.
31:42And the other halfe of the chyldren of Israel which Moses separated from the men of warre
31:43(that is to wete, the halfe that pertayned vnto the congregacion) was .iij. hundred thousande and .xxxvij. thousand and fyue hundred shepe:
31:44& .xxxvi. thousande oxen:
31:45and .xxx. thousand asses and fyue hundred:
31:46& .xvi. thousande wemen.
31:47And Moses toke of this halfe that pertayned vnto the chyldren of Israel: one of euery fyftye, both of the wemen and of the catel, and gaue them vnto the Leuites whyche wayted vpon the habitacion of the Lorde, as the Lorde commaunded Moses.
31:48And the offycers of thousandes of the hoste, the captaynes ouer the thousandes and the captaynes ouer the hundredes came forth & sayd vnto Moses:
31:49Thy seruauntes haue taken the summe of the men of warre, which were vnder oure hand, and there lacked, not one man of them.
31:50We haue therfore brought a present vnto the Lorde what euery man found of Iewels of golde, cheynes, bracelettes, rynges, earynges and spangels, to make an attonement for our soules before the Lord.
31:51And Moses and Eleazar toke the golde of them: Iewels of all maner facions.
31:52And al the gold of the heaueoffring of the Lord, of the captaynes ouer thousandes & hundredes was .xvi. thousand .vij. hundred and .l. sicles
31:53for the men of warre had spoyled, euery man for him selfe.
31:54And Moses & Eleazar the preast toke the golde of the captaynes ouer the thousandes and ouer the hundredes, and brought it into the tabernacle of wytnesse: to be a memorial vnto the children of Israel, before the Lorde.
Matthew's Bible 1537

Matthew's Bible 1537

The Matthew Bible, also known as Matthew's Version, was first published in 1537 by John Rogers, under the pseudonym "Thomas Matthew". It combined the New Testament of William Tyndale, and as much of the Old Testament as he had been able to translate before being captured and put to death, with the translations of Myles Coverdale as to the balance of the Old Testament and the Apocrypha, except the Apocryphal Prayer of Manasses. It is thus a vital link in the main sequence of English Bible translations.