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Matthew's Bible 1537



41:1Be styll (ye Ilandes) and herken vnto me. Be stronge ye people, Come hether, and shewe youre cause, we wyll go to the lawe together.
41:2Who rayseth vp the iuste from the rysynge of the Sunne, and calleth him to go forth? Who casteth downe the people, and subdueth the kynges before him: that he maye thorowe them all to the grounde wyth hys swearde, and scatre them lyke stuble with hys bowe?
41:3He foloweth vpon them, & goeth safely hym selfe, and cometh in no fote path with his fete.
41:4Who hath made, created, and called the generacions from the begynnyng? Euen I the Lorde, whiche am the fyrst, and with the last.
41:5Beholde ye Iles? that ye maye feare, and ye endes of the earth, that ye maye be abasshed, draw nye, and come hether.
41:6Euery man hath exorted hys neyghboure, and brother, and bydden him be stronge.
41:7The Smyth conforted the moulder, and the Ironsmyth the hammerman, sayenge: It shalbe good, that we fasten this cast worcke: and then they fastened it with nayles, that it shulde not be moued.
41:8And thou Israell my seruaunte: Iacob my electe sede of Abraham my beloued,
41:9whom I led from the endes of the earth by the hande: For I called the from farre, and sayde vnto the: Thou shalt be my seruaunt: I haue chosen the, and will not cast the awaye:
41:10be not afrayd, for I will be with the. Loke not behynde the, for I will be thy God, to strength the, helpe the, and to kepe the with this right hand of myne.
41:11Behold, all they that resyst the, shall come to confusyon and shame: & thine aduersaries shalbe destroyed and brought to naught.
41:12So that who so seketh after them, shall not fynde them. Thy destroyers shall perysh and so shall they that vndertake to make batell agaynst the:
41:13For I thy Lorde and God, will strengthen thy ryght hande. Euen I that saye vnto the: Feare not. I will helpe the.
41:14Be not a frayde thou lytle worme Iacob, & thou despysed Israell for I will helpe the, sayeth the Lorde, and the holy one of Israel thyne auenger.
41:15Beholde, I will make the a treadyng cart & a new flayle, that thou mayest thresshe and grynd the mountaynes, and brynge the hylles to poulder.
41:16Thou shalt fanne them, & the wynde shall carye them awaye, and the whyrlwynde shall scater them. But thou shalt reioyse in the Lorde, and shalt delyte in praysinge the holy one of Israel.
41:17When the thyrstye & poore seke water and fynde none, and when their tonge is drye of thyrst: I geue it them sayth the Lorde. I the God of Israel forsake them not.
41:18I bringe forth floudes in the hylle, and welles in the playne feldes. I turne the wildernes to riuers, & the drye lande to condythes of water.
41:19I plante in the waste grounde trees of Cedre, Boxe, Myrre & Olyues. And in the drye I set Fyre trees, Elmes, and Hawthornes together.
41:20All thys do I, that they altogether may se & marcke, perceyue with their hertes & consydre, that the hande of the Lorde maketh these thinges, and that the holye one of Israel bringeth them to passe.
41:21Stande at your cause (sayeth the Lorde) & brynge forth your stroungest grounde, counceleth the Kynge of Iacob.
41:22Let the goddes come forth them selues, & shewe vs the thynges that are past, what they be: let them declare them vnto vs, that we maye take them to herte, and knowe them herafter.
41:23Ether, let them shewe vs thynges for to come, and tell vs what shalbe done her after: so shal we knowe, that they be goddes. Shewe somthing, ether good or bad: so wyll we both knowledge the same, and tell it out.
41:24Beholde, ye goddes are of naugth, & your makynge is of naught but abhomynacyon hath chosen you.
41:25Neuertheles, I haue waked vp one from the North, and he shall come. And another from the East, which shall call vpon my name, & shall come to the Princes, as the Potter to his claye, and as the Potter treadeth downe the myre.
41:26Who tolde that afore? So wyll we confesse and saye, that he is rightuous: But there is none that sheweth or declareth any thynge, there is none also that heareth youre wordes.
41:27Beholde, I wyll fyrst graunte them of Sion and Ierusalem to be Euangelistes.
41:28But when I consydre: there is not one amonge them that prophecyeth, nether (when I aske hym) that auswereth one worde.
41:29Lo, wicked are they and vayne, with the thynges also that they take in hande: yee wynde are they, and emptynesse, with theyr ymages together.
Matthew's Bible 1537

Matthew's Bible 1537

The Matthew Bible, also known as Matthew's Version, was first published in 1537 by John Rogers, under the pseudonym "Thomas Matthew". It combined the New Testament of William Tyndale, and as much of the Old Testament as he had been able to translate before being captured and put to death, with the translations of Myles Coverdale as to the balance of the Old Testament and the Apocrypha, except the Apocryphal Prayer of Manasses. It is thus a vital link in the main sequence of English Bible translations.