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Matthew's Bible 1537



24:1On the morowe after the Saboth, early in the morninge, they came vnto the toumbe and brought the odoures which they had prepared and other women with them.
24:2And they founde the stone rouled awaye from the sepulchre,
24:3and wente in, but founde not the bodye of the Lorde Iesu.
24:4And it happened, as they were amased thereat. Behold two men stode by them in shinninge vestures.
24:5And as they were afrayed, and bowed doune their faces on the earth: they sayed to them: Why seke ye the lyuinge amonge the dead?
24:6he is not here, but is rysen. Remember howe he spake vnto you, when he was yet with you in Galile,
24:7saiynge: that the sonne of man must be delyuered into the handes of synfull men, and be crucifyed, and the thirde daye ryse againe.
24:8And they remembred his wordes,
24:9and returned from the sepulchre, and tolde all these thinges vnto the eleuen, and to al the remnaunte.
24:10It was Mary Magdalene, and Ioanna, and Mary Iacobi, and other that were with them which tolde these thinges vnto the Apostles,
24:11& their wordes semed vnto them fained thinges, neyther beleued they them.
24:12Then arose Peter and ranne vnto the sepulchre, and stouped in & sawe the linnen clothes layde by them selfe, & departed wondringe in him selfe at that which had happened.
24:13And beholde, two of them went that same daye to a toune which was from Ierusalem about threscore forlonges called Emaus,
24:14and they talketh together of all these thinges that had happened.
24:15And it chaunsed as they communed together and reasoned, that Iesus him selfe drue neare, and went with them.
24:16But their eyes were holden that they coulde not knowe him.
24:17And he sayed vnto them: What maner of communicacions are these that ye haue one to another as ye walke, and are sadde.
24:18And the one of them named Cleophas, aunswered and sayed vnto him art thou only a straunger in Ierusalem, and hast not knowen the thinges which haue chaunsed therin in these dayes?
24:19To whom he sayde: what thinges? And they sayde vnto him: of Iesus of Nazareth which was a Prophete, mighty in dede and worde before God, and all the people.
24:20And howe the hye priestes and oure rulers delyuered him to be condempned to death: and haue crucifyed him.
24:21But we trusted that it shoulde haue bene he, that shoulde haue delyuered Israell. And as touchinge all these thinges, to daye is euen the thirde daye, that they were done.
24:22Yea and certayne women also of our companye made vs astonied, whiche come earlye vnto the sepulchre,
24:23and founde not his bodye: and came saiynge, that they had sene a visyon of aungels, whiche saide that he was aliue.
24:24And certaine of them which were with vs went their waye to the sepulchre, and founde it euen so as the women had sayde: but hym they sawe not.
24:25And he sayed vnto them: O fooles and slowe of hert to beleue all that the Prophetes haue spoken.
24:26Ought not Christ to haue suffred these thinges and to enter into his glorye?
24:27And he began at Moyses, and at all the Prophetes, & interpreted vnto them in all scryptures, which were written of hym.
24:28And they drue me vnto the toune which they wente to. And he made as though he woulde haue gone further?
24:29But they constrayned him saiynge, abyde with vs, for it draweth towardes nyght, and the daye is farre passed. And he wente into tarye wyth them.
24:30And it came to passe as he sate at meate with them, he toke breade, blessed it, brake and gaue to them.
24:31And their eyes were opened and they knewe him: and he vanyshed out of their sight.
24:32And they sayde betwene them selues: did not our hertes burne within vs whyle he talked with vs by the waye, and as he opened to vs the scryptures?
24:33And they rose vp the same houre, and returned agayne to Ierusalem and founde the eleuen gathered together, and them that were with them,
24:34which sayde: The Lorde is rysen in dede, and hath appeared to Simon.
24:35And they tolde what thinges were done in the waye, and howe they knewe him in breakinge of breade.
24:36As they thus spake. Iesus him selfe stode in the middes of them, and saide: Peace be with you.
24:37And thei were abashed and afraied, supposynge that they had sene a spirite.
24:38And he sayde vnto them: Why are ye troubled, and why do thoughtes aryse in your hertes?
24:39Beholde my handes and & my fete, that it is euen my selfe. Handle me & se: for spyrytes haue not flesh and bones as ye se me haue.
24:40And when he had thus spoken, he shewed them his handes and his fete.
24:41And while they yet beleued not for ioye, and wondred, he said vnto them: haue ye here anye meate?
24:42And they gaue him a pece of broiled fyshe, and of an hony combe.
24:43And he toke it, and eate it before them.
24:44And he sayde vnto them: These are the wordes which I spake vnto you, whyle I was yet with you: that al muste be fulfilled which was written of me in lawe of Moyses and in the prophetes and in the Psalmes.
24:45Then opened he their wittes, that they myght vnderstande the scriptures,
24:46and sayde vnto them: Thus is it written, and thus it behoued Christ to suffer: and to ryse agayne from death the thirde day,
24:47and that repentaunce and remissyon of synnes shoulde be preached in his name amonge all nacions. And must begynne at Ierusalem.
24:48And ye are witnesses of these thinges.
24:49And beholde, I wyl sende the promes of my father vpon you. But tary ye in the citye of Ierusalem, vntyll ye be endewed with power from an hye.
24:50And he led them out into Bethany, and lift vp his handes, & blessed them.
24:51And it came to passe, as he blessed them, he departed from them, and was caryed vp into heauen.
24:52And they worshipped him, and returned to Ierusalem, with great ioye,
24:53and were contynuallye in the temple, praysynge and laudinge God. AMEN.
Matthew's Bible 1537

Matthew's Bible 1537

The Matthew Bible, also known as Matthew's Version, was first published in 1537 by John Rogers, under the pseudonym "Thomas Matthew". It combined the New Testament of William Tyndale, and as much of the Old Testament as he had been able to translate before being captured and put to death, with the translations of Myles Coverdale as to the balance of the Old Testament and the Apocrypha, except the Apocryphal Prayer of Manasses. It is thus a vital link in the main sequence of English Bible translations.