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Matthew's Bible 1537



21:1As he behelde, he sawe the ryche men how they cast in theyr offerynges into the treasurye,
21:2And he sawe a certayne poore wydowe, whiche caste in thyther two mytes.
21:3And he sayde: of a truethe I saye vnto you: this poore widow hath put in more then they all.
21:4For they all haue of theyr superfluite added vnto the offering of god: but, she, of her penurye hath caste in all the substaunce that she had.
21:5As some spake of the tempell, howe it was garnished wyth goodly stones and yewels, he sayde:
21:6The dayes will come, when of these thinges which ye se shal not be left stone vpon stone, that shall not be throwen doune.
21:7And they axed him saiynge: Maister when shall these thinges be, and what sygne wyll ther be, when such thinges shall come to passe.
21:8And he sayd: take hede that ye be not deceiued. For manye wyll come in my name saiynge: I am he and the tyme draweth neare. Folowe not them therfore.
21:9But when ye heare of warre and dissencion, be not afrayed. For these thinges muste fyrste come: but the ende foloweth not by & by.
21:10Then sayd he vnto them: Nacion shall ryse against nacion, and kingdom against kingdom,
21:11and great earthquakes shall be in all quarters and honger, and pestilence and fearfull thinges. And great sygnes shall ther be from heauen.
21:12But before all these, they shall laye their handes on you and persecute you, delyueringe you vp to the Synagoges & into pryson, and bringe you before kinges and rulers for my names sake.
21:13And this shall chaunce you for a testimoniall.
21:14Let it stycke therfore faste in your hertes, not once to studye before what ye shall aunswere:
21:15For I wyll geue you a mouthe and wisdome, where against all youre aduersaries shall not be able to speake nor resyste.
21:16Yea and ye shalbe betrayed of your fathers and mothers, and of your brethren, and kinsmen and louers, and some of you shal they put to death.
21:17And hated shall ye be of all men for my names sake.
21:18Yet there shal not one heare of your heades perishe.
21:19With your pacience possesse your soules.
21:20And when ye se Ierusalem beseged with an hoste, then vnderstande that the solacion of the same is nye.
21:21Then let them which are in Iwrye fly the to mountaines. And let them which are in the middes of it depart out. And let not them that are in other countries, enter therin.
21:22For these be the dayes of vengeaunce, to fulfil all that are written.
21:23But wo be to them that be with chylde, and to them that geue sucke in those dayes: for ther shalbe great trouble in the lande, and wrath ouer all this people.
21:24And they shall fall on the edge of the swearde, and shalbe lead captyue into all nacyons. And Ierusalem shalbe troden vnder fote of the gentyls vntyll the tyme of the gentyls be fulfylled.
21:25And ther shalbe signes in the sunne, and in the mone, and in the starres: & in the earth, the people shalbe in such perplexitye, that they shall not tel which waye to turne them selues. The sea and the waters shall roore,
21:26and mens hertes shall fayle them for feare, & for lokinge after those thinges whiche shall come on the earth. For the powers of heauen shal moue.
21:27And then shall they se the sonne of man come in a cloude with power and great glory.
21:28When these thynges beginne to come to passe then loke vp, and lift vp your heades, for youre redempcion draweth nye.
21:29And he sheweth them a symilytude: behold the fygge tre, and all other trees,
21:30when they shut forth their buddes, ye se and knowe of your owne selues that sommer is then nye at hande.
21:31So likewyse ye (when ye se these thinges come to passe) vnderstande that the kingdome of God is nye.
21:32Verelye I saye vnto you this generacion shall not passe tyll all be fulfylled.
21:33Heauen and earth shall passe: but my wordes shall not passe.
21:34Take hede to your selues, lest youre hertes be ouercome with surfetinge and dronkenes and cares of this worlde: and that that day come not on you vnwares.
21:35For as a snare shall it come on all them that syt on the earth.
21:36Watche therfore contynuallye and praye, that ye may obtayne grace to flye all this that shal come, and that ye may stande before the sonne of man.
21:37In the daye tyme, he taught in the tempell and at night, he went out and had abiding in the mounte Oliuete.
21:38And all the people came in the morninge to hym in the tempell, for to heare hym.
Matthew's Bible 1537

Matthew's Bible 1537

The Matthew Bible, also known as Matthew's Version, was first published in 1537 by John Rogers, under the pseudonym "Thomas Matthew". It combined the New Testament of William Tyndale, and as much of the Old Testament as he had been able to translate before being captured and put to death, with the translations of Myles Coverdale as to the balance of the Old Testament and the Apocrypha, except the Apocryphal Prayer of Manasses. It is thus a vital link in the main sequence of English Bible translations.