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Matthew's Bible 1537



8:1And it fortuned after that, that he him selfe went thorowe out cyties and tounes preachinge and shewinge the kingdome of God, and the .xij. with hym.
8:2And also certaine women, which were healed of euyll spretes and infyrmytyes: Marye called Magdalene, out of whom went seuen deuyls,
8:3and Ioanna the wyfe of Chusa Herodes stewarde, and Susanna, and manye other: which ministred to them of their substaunce.
8:4When much people were gathered together, and were come to hym out of all cytyes, he spake by a symilitude.
8:5A sower went out to sowe his sede: and as he sowed, some fel by the waye syde: and it was troden vnder fete, and the foules of the ayre deuoured it vp.
8:6And some fell on the stone, and assone as it was spronge vp, it withered awaye because it lacked moistnes.
8:7And some fell amonge thornes, and the thornes spronge vp with it, and choked it.
8:8And some fell on good grounde and spronge vp and bare fruite an hundred folde. And as he sayed these thinges he cryed: He that hath eares to heare, let hym heare.
8:9And his discyples axed him saiynge: what maner of symylytude is this?
8:10And he sayed vnto you is it geuen to knowe the secretes of the kingdome of God: but to other in symylytudes, that when they se, they shoulde not vnderstande.
8:11The symylytude is this. The sede is the worde of God.
8:12Those that are besyde the waye, are they that heare, and afterwarde commeth the deuyll and taketh awaye the worde out of their hertes leste they should beleue & be saued.
8:13Thei on the stones, are thei which when they heare, receiue the worde with ioye. But these haue no rotes, whiche for a whyle beleue, & in tyme of temptacion go awaye.
8:14And that whiche fell amonge thornes, are thei which heare, and go forth, and are choked with cares and with ryches, and voluptuouse liuinge, and bringe forth no fruite.
8:15That in the good grounde, are they whyche with a good and pure herte, heare the worde and kepe it, and brynge forth fruyte wyth pacience.
8:16No man lighteth a candell, and couereth it vnder a vessell, neither putteth it vnder a table, but setteth it on a candelstike, that thei that enter in, maye se the lyghte.
8:17Nothinge in secrete, that shall not come abrode: Neyther any thynge hyd that shall not be knowen, and come to light.
8:18Take hede therfore how ye heare. For who soeuer hath, to hym shall be geuen: And whosoeuer hath not, from hym shal be taken, euen that same which he supposeth that he hath.
8:19Then came to hym his mother and his brethren and coulde not come at hym for preace.
8:20And they tolde him sayinge: Thy mother and thy brethren stande without, and woulde se the.
8:21He aunswered and sayde vnto them: my mother and my brethren are these which heare the worde of God and do it.
8:22And it chaunsed on a certaine daye that he went into a shippe, and his disciples also, and he sayed vnto them: Let vs go ouer to the other syde of the lake. And they lanched forth.
8:23And as they sayled he fell on slepe, and there arose a storme of winde in the lake, and they were fylled with water, and were in ieopardy.
8:24And they went to him and awoke him saiyng: Maister Maister we are loste. Then he rose & rebuked the winde & the tempeste of the water, & they ceased, & it wexed calme.
8:25And he sayed vnto them: Wher is your faythe? They feared and woundered saiynge one to another, what felowe is this: for he commaundeth both the windes & water, & they obey him?
8:26And they sayled vnto the region of the Gaderenites, which is ouer against Galile.
8:27And as he went out to lande, there mete him a certaine man out of the citie, which had a deuil long time, & ware no clothes, neither abode in anye house: but amonge graues.
8:28When he sawe Iesus he cried and fel doune before him, and with a loud voice saied: What haue I to do with the Iesus the sonne of the God moste hiest? I besech the tormente me not.
8:29Then he commaunded the foule sprete to come out of the man. For oft times he caughte him, and he was bounde with chaines, and kept with fetters, and he brake the bondes, and was caried of and the fende, into wildernes.
8:30And Iesus axed him saiynge: what is thy name? And he saied Legion, because many deuils were entred into him.
8:31And they besought him, that he woulde not commaunde them to go out into the depe.
8:32And there was therby an hearde of manie swine, feadinge on an hyl: and they besought him, that he woulde suffer them to enter into them. And he suffred.
8:33Then wente the deuyls out of the man, and entred into the swine: and the hearde toke their course, and ranne headlinge into the lake, and were choked.
8:34When the heardmen sawe what had chaunsed, they fled and tolde it in the cytye, and in the villages.
8:35And they came out to se what was done: and came to Iesus, and founde the man out of whom the deuyls were departed syttynge at the fete of Iesus, clothed and in his ryghte mynde, and they were afrayed.
8:36They also which sawe it tolde them by what meanes he that was possessed of the deuyll, was healed.
8:37And all the whole multitude of the Gaderenites, besought hym that he woulde departe from them: for they were taken with greate feare. And he gate him into the shyppe, and retourned backe againe.
8:38Then the man out of whom the deuils were departed, besought him that he myght be with him. But Iesus sent hym awaye saiynge.
8:39Go home againe into thine owne house, and shewe what greate thinges God hath done to the. And he wente his waye, and preached thorow out all the cytye what great thinges Iesus hath done vnto him.
8:40And it fortuned when Iesus was come againe that the people receiued him. For they all wayted for hym.
8:41And beholde there came a man named Iairus (and he was a ruler of the synagoge) and he fell doune at Iesus fete, and besought hym that he woulde come into his house,
8:42for he had but a doughter only vpon a twelwe yere of age, and she lay a diynge. As he wente the people thronged hym.
8:43And a woman hauinge an yssue of bloude twelue yeares (whiche hath spent all her substaunce amonge phisycions, neyther coulde be holpen of anye)
8:44came behinde him, and touched the heme of his garment and immediatlye her yssue of bloude staunched.
8:45And Iesus sayde: Who is it that touched me? When euerye man denyed, Peter and they that were with him, saide: Mayster, the people thruste the and vexe the, and sayest thou who touched me?
8:46And Iesus saide: Some bodye touched me. For I perceyue that vertue is gone out of me.
8:47When the woman sawe that she was not hyd, she came trimblynge, and fell at his fete, and tolde hym before all the people for what cause she had touched him, and howe she was healed immediatlye.
8:48And he sayde vnto her: Doughter be of good comfort. Thy faith hath made the whole, go in peace.
8:49Whyle he yet spake, there came on from the rulers of the synagoges house, which said to hym thy doughter is dead, dysease not the maister.
8:50When Iesus hearde that. He aunswered the father saiynge: Feare not beleue onelye, and she shalbe made whole.
8:51And when he came to the house he suffered no man to go in with him, saue Peter, Iames, and Iohn, and the father and mother of the mayden.
8:52Euerye bodye wepe and sorowed for her. And he sayd: Wepe not: for she is not dead but slepeth.
8:53And they laughte hym to scorne. For they knewe that she was dead.
8:54And he thruste them all out, and caught her by the hand, and cried saiynge: Mayde aryse.
8:55And her spiryte came againe, and she arose straight waye. And he commaundeth to geue her meate.
8:56And the father and the mother of her were astonied. But he warned theim that they shoulde tell no man, what was done.
Matthew's Bible 1537

Matthew's Bible 1537

The Matthew Bible, also known as Matthew's Version, was first published in 1537 by John Rogers, under the pseudonym "Thomas Matthew". It combined the New Testament of William Tyndale, and as much of the Old Testament as he had been able to translate before being captured and put to death, with the translations of Myles Coverdale as to the balance of the Old Testament and the Apocrypha, except the Apocryphal Prayer of Manasses. It is thus a vital link in the main sequence of English Bible translations.