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Matthew's Bible 1537



9:1Then called he the .xij. together, and gaue them power, and authoryte ouer all Deuyls, and that they myght heale diseases.
9:2And he sent them to preache the kyngdome of God, and to cure the sycke.
9:3And he sayed to them: Take nothinge to sucker you by the waye neither staffe, nor scrype, neyther bread neyther money, neither haue .ij. cotes.
9:4And whatsoeuer house ye enter into, there abyde and thence departe:
9:5And whosoeuer wyll not receyue you, when ye go out of that cytye shake of the verye dust from your fete, for a testimonye against them.
9:6And they went out, and went through the tounes, preachyng the gospell: and healynge euerye wher.
9:7And Herode the Tetrarch hearde of al that was done by hym, and doubted, because that it was sayde of some, that Iohn was rysen agayne from death,
9:8and of some that Helyas had appeared: and of other that one of the olde prophetes was rysen agayne.
9:9And Herode sayde: Ihon haue I beheaded: who then is this of whom I hearde such thinges? And he desyred to se hym.
9:10And the Apollels retourned, and told him what great thinges thei had done. And he toke them and wente a syde into a solitary place nye to a cytye called Bethsayda.
9:11And the people knew of it, & folowed him. And he receiued them and spake vnto them of the kingdome of God, and healed them that had nede to be healed.
9:12And when the daye began to weare away then came the twelue and sayde vnto hym, sende the people awaye, that they maye go into the tounes and villages rounde aboute and lodge, and get meate, for we are here in a solytarye place or wyldernes.
9:13But he sayed vnto them: Geue ye them to eate. And they sayde: We haue nomore but fyue loues and two fyshes, excepte we should goo & by meate, for al this people.
9:14And they were about a fyue thousande men. And he sayd to his discyples: Cause them to syt doune by fyftyes in a company.
9:15And they dyd so, and made them all syt doune.
9:16And he toke the fiue loues and the two fishes, and loked vp to heauen: and blessed them, and brake, and gaue to the discyples, to set before the people.
9:17And they eate, and were all satisfyed. And there was taken vp of that remained of them, twelue baskettes full of broken meate.
9:18And it fortuned as he was alone praiynge: his disciples were with him, and he axed them saiyng: Who saye the people that I am?
9:19They aunswered and sayd: Iohn Baptiste. Some saye, Helyas. And some saye, one of the olde prophetes is risen agayne.
9:20He sayde vnto them: who saye ye that I am? Peter aunswered and sayde: thou arte the Christe of God.
9:21And he warned and commaunded them that they shoulde tell no man that thynge
9:22saiynge: that the sonne of man muste suffer manye thinges, and be reproued of the elders, and of the hye pryestes and scrybes and be slayne, & the thirde daye ryse agayne.
9:23And he sayed to them all, if anye man wyll come after me, let him denye hym selfe, & take vp his crosse dayly, and folowe me.
9:24Whosoeuer wyll saue his lyfe, shall lose it. And whosoeuer shall lose his lyfe for my sake, the same shall saue it.
9:25For what auauntageth it a man to winne the whole worlde if he lose him selfe, or runne in damage of him selfe.
9:26For whosoeuer is ashamed of me, and of my saiynges: of hym shall the sonne of man be ashamed, when he cometh in his owne glory, & the glory of his father, and of the holye aungels.
9:27And I tell you of a surtye. Ther be some of them that stande here, which shall not taste of death, tyll they se the kingdome of God.
9:28And it folowed about an .viij. dayes after those saiynge: that he toke Peter, Iames, and Iohn, and went vp into a mountaine to pray.
9:29And as he prayed, the fashion of his countenaunce was chaunged, and his garment was white and shone.
9:30And beholde, two men talked with him, and they were Moyses & Helias,
9:31which appeared gloriouslye, and spake of his departinge, which he shoulde ende at Ierusalem,
9:32Peter & they that were with him were heauy with slepe. And when they awoke, they sawe his glory, and two men standinge wyth hym.
9:33And it chaunsed as they departed from him, Peter sayd vnto him: Maister, it is good beynge here for vs. Let vs make thre tabernacles, one for the, and one for Moyses, & one for Helyas, & wist not what the sayde.
9:34Whyle he thus spake, ther came a cloude & shadowed them, and they feared when they were come vnder the cloude.
9:35And ther came a voice out of the cloude saiynge. This is my deare sonne, heare hym.
9:36And assone as the voyce was paste Iesus was founde alone. And they kept it close and tolde no man in those dayes anye of those thinges which they had sene.
9:37And it chaunched on the nexte dayes as they came doune from the hill, much peopel mete hym.
9:38And beholde a man of the company cried out saiyng: Maister, I beseche the beholde my sonne, for he is all that I haue:
9:39and se, a sprete taketh him, and sodenlye he cryeth, and he teareth him that he fometh agayne, and wyth much payne departeth from hym, when he hath rent hym,
9:40and I besought thy dyscyples to cast him out, and they coulde not.
9:41Iesus aunswered and sayde: O generacyon without fayth, and croked, howe longe shall I be wyth you? & shall suffer you? Bringe thy sonne hyther.
9:42As he yet was a commyng, the fende rent hym, and tare hym. And Iesus rebuked the vncleane spirite and healed the chyld, and delyuered hym to hys father.
9:43And they were all amased at the myghtye power of God. Whyle they wondred euerye one at al thinges, whiche he dyd, he sayde vnto hys discyples:
9:44Let these sayinges sinke doune into your eares. The tyme wil come, when the sonne of man shalbe delyuered into the handes of men.
9:45But they wiste not what the worde meante, & it was hyd from them, that they vnderstode it not. And they feared to axe him of that sayinge.
9:46Then there arose disputacyon amonge them: who should be the greatest.
9:47When Iesus perceyued the thoughtes of theyr hertes, he toke a chylde, and set hym harde by hym,
9:48& sayde vnto them. Whosoeuer receyueth thys chylde in my name receyueth me. And whosoeuer receyueth me, receyueth hym that sent me. For he that is least among you all the same shalbe great.
9:49And Iohn aunswered and sayeth: Mayster we sawe one castyng out deuils in thy name, and we forbad hym, because he foloweth not with vs.
9:50And Iesus sayed vnto hym: forbyd ye hym not. For he that is not agaynste vs: is with vs.
9:51And it folowed when the tyme was come, that he shoulde be receyued vp, then he set his face to go to Ierusalem,
9:52and sent messengers before hym. And they went and entred into a citye of the Samaritans: to make readye for hym.
9:53But they woulde not receyue hym, because hys face was as thoughe he woulde go to Ierusalem.
9:54When his disciples Iames and Iohn sawe that, they sayde: Lorde, wilte thou that we commaunde that fyre come doune from heauen and consume them, euen as Helyas dyd?
9:55Iesus turned aboute, and rebuked them sayinge: ye wote not what maner spirite ye are of.
9:56The sonne of man is not come to destroye mennes lyues, but to saue them. And they wente to another toune.
9:57And it chaunsed as he went in the waye a certayne man sayde vnto hym: I wyl folowe the, whyther soeuer thou go.
9:58Iesus sayd vnto him: foxes haue holes, and byrddes of the ayre haue nestes, but the sonne of man hathe not wheron to laye hys heade.
9:59And he sayed vnto another: folow me. And the same sayde: Lorde suffer me fyrste to go & burye my father,
9:60Iesus sayde vnto him. Let the dead burye her dead: but go thou & preach the kyngedome of God.
9:61And another sayed: I wyll folowe the Lord but let me fyrste go byd them fare wel, which are at home at my house.
9:62Iesus sayed vnto hym. No man that putteth hys hande to the plough, and loketh backe, is apte to the kyngdome of God.
Matthew's Bible 1537

Matthew's Bible 1537

The Matthew Bible, also known as Matthew's Version, was first published in 1537 by John Rogers, under the pseudonym "Thomas Matthew". It combined the New Testament of William Tyndale, and as much of the Old Testament as he had been able to translate before being captured and put to death, with the translations of Myles Coverdale as to the balance of the Old Testament and the Apocrypha, except the Apocryphal Prayer of Manasses. It is thus a vital link in the main sequence of English Bible translations.