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Matthew's Bible 1537



20:1After the rage was ceased: Paule called the disciples vnto him, & toke his leaue of them, & departed for to go into Macedonia.
20:2And when he had gone ouer those partyes, and geuen them large exhortacyons he came into Grece,
20:3and there abode thre monethes. And when the Iewes layde wayte for him as he was about to sail into Syria, he purposed to returne thorough Macedonia.
20:4There accompanyed hym into Asia, Sopater of Berrea, and of Thessalonia Aristarcus and Secundus, & Gaius of Derba, and Timotheus, and out of Asia, Tichycus and Trophimos.
20:5These wente before, & taryed vs at Troas.
20:6And we sayled awaye from Philippus after the easter holy daies, and came vnto them do Troas in .v. dayes where we abode seuen dayes.
20:7And on the morowe after the saboth day the disciples came together for to breake bread and Paule preached vnto them (readye to departe on the morowe) and contynued the preachynge vnto midnyght.
20:8And there were manye lyghtes in the chamber where they were gathered together,
20:9and there sate in a wyndowe a certayne yonge man named Eutichos, fallen into a depe slepe. And as Paule declared, he was the more ouercome with slepe, and fell doune from the thyrde lofte, and was taken vp dead.
20:10Paule wente doune and fell on hym, and embrased hym, and sayed: make nothynge a do, for hys lyfe is in hym.
20:11When he was come vp again, he brake bread and tasted, and commened a longe whyle euen tyll the mornynge, and so departed.
20:12And they brought the yonge man alyue, and were not a lytle comforted.
20:13And we went afore to shyppe, and loused vnto Asson there to receyue Paule. For so had he appoynted and woulde hym self go afore.
20:14When he was come to vs to Assone, we toke hym in and came to Mitelenes.
20:15And we sailed thence, and came the next daye ouer agaynste Chios. And the next daye we aryued at Samos, and taryed at Trogilio. The nexte daye we came to Mileton,
20:16for Paule had determyned to leaue Ephesus as they sayled, because he woulde not spende the tyme in Asia. For he hasted to be (yf he coulde possible) at Ierusalem at the daye of Pentecoste.
20:17Wherfore from Myleton he sent to Ephesus, and called the elders of the congregacyon.
20:18And when they were come to hym, he sayde vnto them. Ye knowe from the fyrste daye that I came into Asia, after what maner I haue ben with you at al ceasons
20:19seruynge the Lorde with all humblenes of mynde, and with many teares, and temptacyons whiche happened to me by the laiynges awayte of the Iewes,
20:20and howe I kept backe nothyng that was profytable, but that I haue shewed you, and taughte you openlye, and at home in your houses,
20:21wytnessyng both to the Iewes, and also to the Grekes, the repentaunce towarde God and fayth towarde oure Lorde Iesus.
20:22And now beholde I go bounde in the spyryte vnto Ierusalem, and knowe not what shal come on me there,
20:23but that the holy ghost wytnesseth in euerye citie, saiynge: that bondes and trouble abyde me.
20:24But none of these thinges moue me: neyther is my lyfe dere vnto my selfe: that I myght fulfyl my course with ioye, and the ministracyon whiche I haue receyued of the Lord Iesus, to testifye the gospell of the grace of God.
20:25And now beholde, I am sure that henceforth ye al (through whom I haue gone preachyng the kingdom of God) shal se my face no more.
20:26Wherfore I take you to recorde this same daye that I am pure from the bloud of all men.
20:27For I haue kept nothynge backe, but haue shewed you all the counsell of God.
20:28Take hede therfore vnto youre selues, and to all the flocke wherof the holy ghoste hath made you ouersears, to rule the congregacyon of God, which he hath purchased wt hys bloude.
20:29For I am sure of this, that after my departing shall greuous wolues enter in amonge you, which wyll not spare the flocke.
20:30Moreouer of your own selues shal men aryse speakyng peruerse thinges to draw disciples after them.
20:31Therfore awake & remember, that by the space of .iij. yeares I ceased not to warne euerye one of you both night and daye with teares.
20:32And nowe brethren I commende you to God, and to the worde of hys grace, which is able to buylde further, and to geue you an inheritaunce amonge all them which are sanctifyed
20:33I haue desyred no mans syluer, golde or vesture.
20:34Ye knowe well that these handes haue ministred vnto my necessities, & to them that were with me,
20:35I haue shewed you all thinges, how that so laborynge ye ought to receyue the weake & to remember the wordes of the lorde Iesu, how that he sayde: it is more blessed to geue then to receyue.
20:36When he had thus spoken, he kneled doune & prayed with them all.
20:37And they wept al aboundauntly, and fell on Paules necke, & kyssed him
20:38sorowynge moste of all for the wordes which he spake, that they should se hys face no more. And they accompanied hym vnto the shyppe.
Matthew's Bible 1537

Matthew's Bible 1537

The Matthew Bible, also known as Matthew's Version, was first published in 1537 by John Rogers, under the pseudonym "Thomas Matthew". It combined the New Testament of William Tyndale, and as much of the Old Testament as he had been able to translate before being captured and put to death, with the translations of Myles Coverdale as to the balance of the Old Testament and the Apocrypha, except the Apocryphal Prayer of Manasses. It is thus a vital link in the main sequence of English Bible translations.