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Matthew's Bible 1537



28:1And when they were scaped, then they knewe that the Ile was called Milete.
28:2And the people of the countrey shewed vs no lytel kyndnes: for they kindled a fyre, and receiued vs euery one, because of the presente rayne, and because of the colde.
28:3And when Paule had gathered a boundel of styckes, and put them into the fyre, there came a viper out of the heate, and lept on his hand.
28:4When the men of the countrey sawe the worme hange on his hande, they sayd amonge them selues: this man must nedes be a murtherer. Whom (though he haue escaped the sea) yet vengeaunce suffreth not to lyue.
28:5But he shouke of the vermen into the fyre and felt no harme.
28:6Howe be it they wayted when he should haue swolne or fallen doune dead sodenly. But after they had loked a greate whyle, and sawe no harme come come to him, they chaunged their mindes, and said that he was a God.
28:7In the same quarters the chiefe man of the yle whose name was Publius had a lordeshyp: the same receiued vs, and lodged vs thre dayes courteouslye.
28:8And it fortuned that the father of Publius laie sicke of a fieuer and of a blouddy flixe. To whom Paule entred in and prayed, and layed his handes on him, and healed him.
28:9When this was done, other also which had dyseases in the yle came and were healed.
28:10And they dyd vs great honoure. And when we departed they loded vs with thinges necessary.
28:11After thre monethes we departed in a shyppe of Alexandria, whiche had wintred in the yle whose badge was Castor and Pollux:
28:12And when we came to Cyracusa, we taried ther .iij. dayes.
28:13And from thence we set a compasse and came to Regium. And after one daye the south wynd blew, and we came the next daye to Putiolus:
28:14where we founde brethren, and were desired to tarye wyth them seuen daies, and so came to Rome.
28:15And from thence, when the brethren hearde of vs, they came against vs to Apiphorum, and to the thre tauernes. When Paule sawe them, he thanked God, and waxed bold.
28:16And when he came to Rome, the vndercaptaine deliuered the prisoners to the chiefe captaine of the host: but Paule was suffred to dwelle by him selfe with one souldier that kepte him.
28:17And it fortuned after thre dayes that Paul called the chiefe of the Iewes together. And when they were come, he saide vnto them: Men and brethren though I haue committed nothinge againste the people or lawes of oure fathers: yet was I deliuered prisoner from Ierusalem into the handes of the Romaynes.
28:18Whiche when they had examyned me, woulde haue let me go, because they found no cause of death in me.
28:19But when the Iewes cryed contrary, I was constrayned to appeale to Cesar: not because I had ought to accuse my people of.
28:20For thys cause haue I called for you, euen to se you, and to speake wyth you: because that for the hope of Israell, I am bounde wyth thys chayne.
28:21And they saide vnto him: We neyther receiued letters out of Iewrye partaininge vnto the, neyther came any of the brethren that shewed or spake anye harme of the.
28:22But we wyll heare of the what thou thynkest. For we haue hearde of this secte that euery where it is spoken agaynste.
28:23And when they had appoynted him a daye, there came manye vnto him into hys lodgynge, to whom he expounded and testifyed the kingedome of God, and preached vnto them of Iesu: both out of the Prophetes, euen from morninge to nyghte.
28:24And some beleued the thinges, whyche were spoken, and some beleued not.
28:25When they agreed not amonge them selues, they departed, after that Paule had spoken one word: Welspake the holy ghoste by Esay the prophet vnto youre fathers, saiyng: go vnto thys people,
28:26and saye: wyth youre eares shall ye heare, & shall not vnderstande: and wyth youre eies shal ye se and shall not perceiue.
28:27For the hert of this people is waxed grosse and their eares were thicke of hearinge, and theyr eyes haue they closed: lest they should se with their eyes, and heare with their eares, and vnderstande with their hertes, and should be conuerted, and I should heale them.
28:28Be it knowen therfore vnto you, that this saluation of God is sente to the gentyls, and they shall heare it.
28:29And when he had sayed that, the Iewes departed, and had greate despicions among them selues.
28:30And Paule dwelt two yeares full in his lodgynge, and receyued all that came to hym,
28:31preaching those thynges, whyche concerned the Lorde Iesus wyth all confydence vnforboden.
Matthew's Bible 1537

Matthew's Bible 1537

The Matthew Bible, also known as Matthew's Version, was first published in 1537 by John Rogers, under the pseudonym "Thomas Matthew". It combined the New Testament of William Tyndale, and as much of the Old Testament as he had been able to translate before being captured and put to death, with the translations of Myles Coverdale as to the balance of the Old Testament and the Apocrypha, except the Apocryphal Prayer of Manasses. It is thus a vital link in the main sequence of English Bible translations.