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The Great Bible 1539



20:1After that the rage was ceased, Paul called the dyscyples vnto hym, and toke hys leaue of them, and departed for to go into Macedonia.
20:2And when he had gone ouer those partyes, and had geuen them a longe exhortacyon, he cam into Grece
20:3& there abode .iij. monethes. And when the Iewes layde wayt for him as he was about to sayle into Syria, he purposed to returne thorow Macedonia.
20:4Ther accompanied him into Asia, Sopater of Berrea, and of Thessalonia, Aristarcus and Secundus, and Gayus of Derba, & Timotheus, & out of Asia Tychicus and Trophimus.
20:5These goynge before, taryed vs at Troas.
20:6And we sayled awaye from Philippos after the dayes of swete bread, and cam vnto them to Troas in fyue dayes, where we abode seuen dayes.
20:7And vpon one of the Saboth dayes, whan the disciples came together for to breake breed Paul preached vnto them (ready to departe on the morowe) & continued the preaching vnto mydnyght.
20:8And there were many lyghtes in the chamber, where we were gathered together,
20:9& ther sate in a wyndowe a certayne yonge man (named Euticus) beinge fallen into a depe sleepe. And as Paul was preachinge, he was the more ouercome with slepe, and fell downe from the thyrde lofte, & was taken vp deed.
20:10But whan Paul went doune, he fell on him & embrased him and sayde: make nothynge a do, for his lyfe is in hym.
20:11So when he was come vp agayne, & had broken the bread & eaten, and talcked a longe whyle (euen tyll the mornyng) at the last he departed.
20:12And they brought the yonge man alyue, & were not a lytell conforted.
20:13And we went afore to shyppe, & lowsed vnto Asson there to receaue Paul. For so had he appoynted, and wolde hym selfe goo a fote.
20:14When we were come together at Asson, we toke him in, & came to Mytilenes.
20:15And we sayled thence, and cam the nexte daye ouer agaynst Chios. And the nexte daye we ariued at Samos, & taried at Trogylon. The nexte daye we came to Myleton:
20:16for Paul had determined to sayle ouer by Ephesus, because he wolde not spende the tyme in Asia. For he hasted (yf it were possible for him) to kepe at Ierusalem the daye of Pentecoste.
20:17And from Myleton he sent messaungers to Ephesus, & called the elders of the congregacion.
20:18Which when they were come to him, he layd vnto them: Ye knowe from the fyrst daye that I cam into Asia, after what maner I haue bene wt you at all ceasons,
20:19seruynge the Lorde with all humblenes of mynde, and with many teares & temptacions which happened vnto me by the layinges awayte of the Iewes,
20:20because I wolde kepe backe nothynge that was profitable vnto you: but to shewe you and teache you openly, & thorowe out euery house,
20:21witnessynge both to the Iewes, & also to the Grekes, the repentaunce, that is toward God, & the fayth which is toward oure Lorde Iesus.
20:22And now beholde I go bounde in the sprete vnto Ierusalem, not knowing the thinges that shal come on me there,
20:23but the the holy goost witnesseth in euery cytie, saying. that bandes and trouble abyde me.
20:24But none of these thinges moue me nether is my lyfe deare vnto my selfe, that I might fulfyll my course with ioye, and the ministracyon which I haue receaued of the Lorde Iesu, to testifye the Gospell of the grace of God.
20:25And now beholde, I am sure, that henceforth ye all (thorow whom I haue gone preachynge the kyngdom of God) shall se my face no more.
20:26Wherfore, I take you to recorde this daye that I am pure from the bloude of all men.
20:27For I haue spared no laboure, but haue shewed you all the counsell of God.
20:28Take hede therfore vnto youre selues & to all the flocke amonge whom the holy ghost hath made you ouersears, to rule the congregacyon of God which he hath purchased with his bloude.
20:29For I am sure of thys, that after my departynge shall greueous wolues entre in amonge you, not sparyng the flocke.
20:30Moreouer, of youre awne selues shall men arise, speaking peruerse thinges to drawe disciples after them.
20:31Therfore awake, & remember, that by the space of .iij. yeres: I ceased not to warne euery one of you nyght and daye with teares.
20:32And now brethren, I commende you to God and to the worde of his grace, which is able to build farther, & to geue you an inheritaunce amonge all them which are sanctifyed
20:33I haue desyred no mans syluer, golde, or vesture.
20:34Yee, ye your selues knowe that these handes haue ministred vnto my necessyties, & to them that were with me.
20:35I haue shewed you all thinges, how that so laboring ye ought to receaue the weake, & to remember the wordes of the Lorde Iesu, how that he sayd: it is more blessed to geue then to receaue.
20:36And when he had thus spoken, he kneled downe and prayed with them all.
20:37And they all wepte sore and fell on Pauls necke, and kyssed hym,
20:38sorowynge, most of all for the wordes which he spake, that they shulde se hys face nomore. And they conuayed hym vnto the shyppe.
The Great Bible 1539

The Great Bible 1539

The Great Bible of 1539 was the first authorized edition of the Bible in English, authorized by King Henry VIII of England to be read aloud in the church services of the Church of England. The Great Bible was prepared by Myles Coverdale, working under commission of Thomas, Lord Cromwell, Secretary to Henry VIII and Vicar General. In 1538, Cromwell directed the clergy to provide "one book of the bible of the largest volume in English, and the same set up in some convenient place within the said church that ye have care of, whereas your parishioners may most commodiously resort to the same and read it."