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Matthew's Bible 1537



9:1And Saul yet breathynge out threatening & slaughter against the Disciples of the Lorde, went vnto the hye priest,
9:2and desired of him letters to Damasco to the synagoges that if he founde anye of thys way, whether they were men or women, he mighte bring them bound vnto Hierusalem.
9:3But as he went on his iorneye, and was come nye to Damasco, sodenly there shyned round aboute him a lyght from heauen,
9:4& he fell to the earth, and hearde a voice saiyng to him: Saul, Saul why persecutest thou me?
9:5And he saide: what art thou Lorde? And the Lorde saide: I am Iesus whom thou persecutest it shalbe hearde for the to kycke agaynste the prycke.
9:6And he both tremblinge and astonied sayde: Lorde what wylt thou haue me to do? And the Lorde sayde vnto hym: aryse, and go into the cytye, and it shal be tolde what thou shalt do.
9:7Then the men whiche iornyed wyth hym stode amased, for they heard a voice, but sawe no man.
9:8And Saul arose from the earth, and opened his eyes, but saw no man. Then led they hym by the hande, and broughte him into Damasco.
9:9And he was thre dayes wt out sight & neyther eate nor dranke.
9:10And ther was a certaine disciple at Damasco, named Ananias, & to hym sayd the Lorde in a vision: Ananias. And he sayd: beholde I am here Lorde.
9:11And the Lorde sayd vnto him: aryse, and go into the streat, whiche is called strayght, and seke in the house of Iudas, after one called Saul of Tharsus. For beholde he prayeth,
9:12& hath sene in a vision a man named Ananias comminge in to hym, and putting hys handes on him that he myght receiue hys sight.
9:13Then Ananias aunswered: Lord, I haue heard by many of this man, how much euyll he hath done to thy sainctes at Ierusalem,
9:14and here he hath auctorite of the hye Pryestes to bynd all that call on thy name.
9:15The Lorde said vnto him: go thy wayes for he is a chosen vessel vnto me, to beare me name before the gentyls and kynges, and the chyldren of Israel.
9:16For I wil shew hym howe greate thinges he muste suffer for my names sake.
9:17Ananias went hys waye and entred into the house, and put his handes on him, & said: brother Saul the Lord that appeared vnto the in the waye as thou camest, hath sent me, that thou myghtest receiue thy sight, and be fylled with the holy ghoste.
9:18And immediatly ther fel from hys eyes as it had bene scales, and he receiued sight and arose and was baptised,
9:19and receiued meate, and was conforted. Then was Saul certaine dayes wyth the dyscyples whyche were at Damasco.
9:20And straight way he preached Christ in the Synagoges, howe that he was the sonne of God.
9:21All that heard him, were amased and sayde: is not this he that spoiled them, whiche called on this name in Hierusalem, and came hyther for the intente that he shoulde brynge them bounde vnto the hye priestes?
9:22But Saul encreased in strengthe, and confounded the Iewes whiche dwelte at Damasco affirminge that this was verye Christe.
9:23And after a good whyle, the Iewes toke counsell together to kyl him.
9:24But their laying awaite was knowen of Saule. And they watched at the gates day and night, to kyl hym,
9:25then the disciples toke hym by nyght and put hym thorow the wall, and let him doune in a basket.
9:26And when Saule was come to Hierusalem he assaied to couple him selfe wyth the dyscyples and they were all afraied of him and beleued not that he was a dyscyple.
9:27But Barnabas toke hym and broughte hym to the Apostles and declared to them, howe he had sene the Lorde in the waye, and had spoken wyth hym: and howe he had done boldlye at Damasco in the name of Iesu.
9:28And he had his conuersation wyth them at Hierusalem,
9:29and quit hymselfe boldlie in the name of the Lorde Iesus. And he spake and disputed with the Grekes: and they wente aboute to slea him.
9:30But when the brethren knew of that, they brought him to Cesaria, and sent him forth to Tharsus.
9:31Then had the congregations reste thorowe out all Iewry and Galile and Samarie, and were edified, and walked in the feare of the Lorde, and multiplied by the confort of the holy ghoste.
9:32And it chaunced that as Peter walked thorow out al quarters, he came to the sainctes, whiche dwelt at Lydda,
9:33and there he founde a certaine man named Eueas, which had kepte his bed .viij. yere sycke of the palsey.
9:34Then saied Peter vnto hym: Eneas, Iesus Christe make the whole. Aryse, and make thy bed. And he arose immediatlie.
9:35And all that dwelte at Lidda and Assaron, sawe hym, and turned to the Lorde.
9:36Ther was at Ioppa a certaine woman, (which was a disciple named Tabitha, which by interpretation is called Doreas) the same was ful of good workes and almes dedes, whiche she did.
9:37And it chaunsed in those daies that she was sicke and dyed. When they had washed her, and layed her in a chamber:
9:38Because Lidda was nye to Ioppa, and the discyples had hearde, that Peter was there, they sent vnto hym, desieringe hym that he would not be greued to come vnto them.
9:39Peter arose and came wyth them & when he was come, they brought him into the chamber. And all the wydowes stode round about him wepynge and shewynge the cotes & garmentes, whyche Dorcas made whyle she was wyth them.
9:40And Peter put them al forth and kneled doune, and praied and turned him to the bodye, and saied: Tabitha, aryse. And she opened her eyes, and when she sawe Peter she sat vp.
9:41And he gaue her the hande, and lyfte her vp, and called the Sayntes and wydowes, and sheweth her alyue.
9:42And it was knowen thorowe out all Ioppa, and many beleued on the Lorde.
9:43And it fortuned that he taried manye dayes in Ioppa wyth one Simon a tanner.
Matthew's Bible 1537

Matthew's Bible 1537

The Matthew Bible, also known as Matthew's Version, was first published in 1537 by John Rogers, under the pseudonym "Thomas Matthew". It combined the New Testament of William Tyndale, and as much of the Old Testament as he had been able to translate before being captured and put to death, with the translations of Myles Coverdale as to the balance of the Old Testament and the Apocrypha, except the Apocryphal Prayer of Manasses. It is thus a vital link in the main sequence of English Bible translations.