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Matthew's Bible 1537



22:1Ye men, brethren, and fathers: heare myne aunswere whiche I make vnto you.
22:2When they heard that he spake in the Hebrue tonge to them: they kept the more silence. And he sayd:
22:3I am verely a man which am a Iewe borne in Tharsus, a citie in Cicil: neuerthelesse yet brought vp in thys citie at the fete of Gamaliel, and informed diligentlye in the lawe of the fathers, and was feruent mynded to godwarde, as ye all are this same day,
22:4and I persecuted thys waye vnto the deathe, byndynge and delyuerynge into pryson both men and women,
22:5as the chief priest doth beare me wytnes and all the elders, of whome also I receyued letters vnto the brethren, and went to Damasco to bring them which were there bounde vnto Ierusalem for to be punyshed.
22:6And it fortuned as I made my iorney and was come nye vnto Damasco aboute none, that sodenlye there shone from heauen a greate lyght rounde aboute me,
22:7and I fell to the earthe, and heard a voyce, saiynge vnto me: Saul, Saule, why persecutest thou me?
22:8And I aunswered: what arte thou Lorde? And he sayde vnto me: I am Iesus of Nazareth whom thou persecutest.
22:9And they that were with me sawe verelye a lyghte and were afrayde: but they hearde not the voyce of hym that spake with me.
22:10And I sayde, what shall I do Lord? And the Lorde sayed vnto me. Aryse and go into Damasco, and there it shalbe tolde the of all thynges which are appoynted for the to do.
22:11And when I sawe nothynge for the brightnes of that lyght, I was ledde by the hand of them that were with me, and came into Damasco.
22:12And one Ananias a perfecte man, and as pertaynynge to the lawe hauynge good reporte of all the Iewes whiche there dwelte,
22:13came vnto me, and stode, and sayde vnto me: brother Saule, loke vp. And that same houre I receyued my sighte, and sawe hym.
22:14And he sayde: the God of oure fathers hath ordeyned the before, that thou shouldeste knowe hys wyll, and shouldeste se that which is ryghtfull: and shouldest heare the voyce of hys mouth:
22:15for thou shalte be hys wytnes vnto all men of those thynges whiche thou haste sene and hearde.
22:16And now, why taryest thou? aryse and be baptysed, and washe awaye thy synnes in callynge on the name of the Lorde.
22:17And it fortuned when I was come agayn to Ierusalem, and prayde in the temple that I was in a traunce,
22:18and sawe hym, saiyng vnto me: Make hast, and get the quickly out of Ierusalem: for they wyll not receyue the wytnes that thou bearest of me.
22:19And I sayde: Lorde, they knowe that I prysoned and beate in euery synagoge then that beleued on the,
22:20and when the bloude of thy witnes Stephan was shede: I also stode by, and consented vnto his death, and kepte the rayment of them that slew hym.
22:21And he sayd vnto me: depart, for I wyl sende the a farre hence vnto the gentyls.
22:22They gaue audience vnto thys worde, and then lyft vp theyr voyces, and sayde: awaye with suche a felowe from the earthe, it is pytye that he shoulde lyue.
22:23And as they cryed, and caste of theyr clothes, and thrue duste into the ayer,
22:24the captayne bad him to be brought into the castel and commaunded hym to be scourged, and to be examyned, that he myght knowe wherfore they cryed on hym.
22:25And as they bounde hym with thonges, Paule sayde to the Centuryon that stode by. Is it lawfull for you to scourge a man that is a Romayne and vncondempned?
22:26When the Centuryon hearde that, he wente, and tolde the vpper captayne saiynge: What intendest thou to do? This man is a Romayn.
22:27Then the vpper Captayne came, and said to hym: tell me, arte thou a Romayne? He sayde: Yea.
22:28And the captayn aunswered: with a great some obtayned I thys fredome: And Paul sayd: I was free borne.
22:29Then strayght waye departed from hym, they which should haue examyned hym. And the hye Captayne also was afrayde, after he knewe that he was a Romayne: because he had bounde hym.
22:30On the morowe because he woulde haue knowen the certaintye wherfore he was accused of the Iewes, he loused hym from his bondes, and commaunded the hye Priestes and all the counsell to come together, and brought Paule and set hym before them.
Matthew's Bible 1537

Matthew's Bible 1537

The Matthew Bible, also known as Matthew's Version, was first published in 1537 by John Rogers, under the pseudonym "Thomas Matthew". It combined the New Testament of William Tyndale, and as much of the Old Testament as he had been able to translate before being captured and put to death, with the translations of Myles Coverdale as to the balance of the Old Testament and the Apocrypha, except the Apocryphal Prayer of Manasses. It is thus a vital link in the main sequence of English Bible translations.