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Matthew's Bible 1537



10:1There was a certain man in Cesaria, called Cornelius, a captaine of the souldiers of Italy,
10:2a deuout man, & one that feared God wt al his houshold whiche gaue much almes to the people, and prayed God alway.
10:3The same man saw in a vision euydently aboute the ninth houre of the daye, an aungel of God commyng in to hym, and saiyng vnto him: Cornelius.
10:4When he loked on hym he was afraid and said, what is it Lord? He sayed vnto hym: Thy prayers and all thy almeses are come vp into remembraunce before God.
10:5And now send men to Ioppa and call for one, Symon named also Peter.
10:6He lodgeth wt one Symon a tanner, whose house is by the sea syde. He shall tell the, what thou oughtest to do.
10:7When the aungell whiche spake vnto Cornelius, was departed, he called two of his housholde seruauntes, and a deuout souldier of them that waited on him
10:8and told them all the mater, and sent them to Ioppa.
10:9On the morow as they wente on theyr iourneye, and drewe nye vnto the cytie, Peter wente vp into the toppe of the house to praye about the .vi. houre.
10:10Then wexed he an houngred, and woulde haue eaten. But whyle they made ready, he fell into a traunce,
10:11and sawe heauen opened, and a certaine vessel come doune vnto hym as it had bene a greate sheete knyte at the .iiij. corners, and was let doune to the earth,
10:12wherin were all maner of .iiij. foted beastes of the earth, and vermen and wormes, and foules of the ayer.
10:13And ther came a voyce to hym: ryse Peter kyll and eate.
10:14But Peter sayed: God forbydde Lorde, for I haue neuer eaten anye thynge that is comen or vncleane.
10:15And the voyce spake vnto hym agayne the seconde tyme: what God hath clensed, that make thou not commen.
10:16This was done thrise, and the vessell was receyued vp againe into heauen.
10:17While Peter mused in himself: what this vision, whiche he had sene, meant: beholde, the men whiche were sente from Cornelius had made inquiraunce for Simons house, & stode before the dore.
10:18And called oute one and axed, whither Simon, whiche was also called Peter were lodged there.
10:19While Peter thoughte on thys vision, the spyryte sayed vnto hym: Beholde men seke the,
10:20aryse therfore, get the doune, and go with them, and doubt not, for I haue sent them,
10:21Peter went doune to the men, whiche were sent vnto hym from Cornelius, and saide. Beholde, I am he whom ye seke, what is the cause, wherfore ye are come?
10:22And they sayde vnto him: Cornelius the captaine, a iuste man, and one that feareth God, and of good reporte amonge al the people of the Iewes, was warned by an holye aungel to sende for the into hys house, and to heare wordes of the.
10:23Then called he them in, and lodged them. And on the morowe Peter wente awaye wyth them, and certaine brethren from Ioppa accompanyed him.
10:24And the thyrd daye entred they into Cesaria. And Cornelius wayted for them, and had called together his kinsmen, and speciall frendes.
10:25And as it chaunsed Peter to come in, Cornelius met him, and fel doune at his fete, and worshipped him.
10:26But Peter toke him vp saiynge: stand vp: for euen I me selfe am a man.
10:27And as he talked wyth him he came in, and founde manye that were come together.
10:28And he sayde vnto them: Ye knowe howe that it is an vnlawfull thynge for a man that is a Iewe, to companye or come vnto an aliaunte: but God hath shewed me that I should not cal any man commen, or vncleane:
10:29therfore came I vnto you wyth out saiynge naye, assone as I was sente for I axe therfore, for what intente haue ye sent for me?
10:30And Cornelius sayde: Thys daye nowe .iiij. dayes I fasted and at the nynthe houre I prayde in my house: and beholde, a man stode before me in brighte clothinge,
10:31and sayd: Cornelius, thy prayer is hearde, and thine almes deades are had in remembraunce in the sight of God.
10:32Send therfore to Ioppa, and call for Simon whiche is also called Peter. He is lodged in the house of one Simon a tanner by the sea syde, the which assone as he is come, shall speake vnto the.
10:33Then sent I for the immediatly, and thou hast wel done for to come. Nowe are we all here present before God, to heare al thinges that are commaunded vnto the of God.
10:34Then Peter opened hys mouth and saide: Of a trueth I perceyue, that God is not partyall,
10:35but in all people he that feareth hym and worketh rightuousnes, is accepted wyth hym.
10:36Ye knowe the preachinge that God sent vnto the chyldren of Israel, preachynge peace by Iesus Christe, whiche is Lorde ouer all thinges.
10:37Whiche preaching was published thorow out all Iewry, and beganne in Galile, after the baptisme, whiche Iohn preached,
10:38howe God had annoynted Iesus of Nazareth wyth the holy ghost, and wyth power. Whiche Iesus went about doynge good, and healinge all that were oppressed of the deuils for God was wyth him.
10:39And we are witnesses of al thinges whiche he did in the lande of the Iewes and at Ierusalem: whom they slewe and honge on tree.
10:40Hym God reysed vp the thyrd daye, and shewed hym openlye,
10:41not to all the people, but vnto vs witnesses chosen before of God, whiche eate and dronke wyth him, after he arose from death.
10:42And he commaunded vs to preache vnto the people & testifye that it is he that is ordeined of God a iudge of quicke and deade.
10:43To hym geue all the Prophetes witnes, that thorowe hys name, all that beleue in hym, shall receyue remission of sinnes.
10:44Whyle Peter yet spake these wordes the holye Ghoste fel on all them whyche hearde the preaching.
10:45And they of the circumcision, whyche beleued, were astonied, as manye as came wyth Peter, because that on the Gentils, also was shede out the gyfte of the holy ghoste.
10:46For they heard them speake wyth tounges & magnified God. Then aunswered Peter.
10:47Can anye man forbydde water that these shoulde not be baptysed, whiche haue receyued the holye ghoste as well as we?
10:48And he commaunded them to be baptysed in the name of the Lorde. Then prayed they hym to tarye a fewe dayes.
Matthew's Bible 1537

Matthew's Bible 1537

The Matthew Bible, also known as Matthew's Version, was first published in 1537 by John Rogers, under the pseudonym "Thomas Matthew". It combined the New Testament of William Tyndale, and as much of the Old Testament as he had been able to translate before being captured and put to death, with the translations of Myles Coverdale as to the balance of the Old Testament and the Apocrypha, except the Apocryphal Prayer of Manasses. It is thus a vital link in the main sequence of English Bible translations.