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Matthew's Bible 1537



23:1Paul behelde the counsell & said: men and brethren. I haue liued in al good conscience before God vntyll thys day.
23:2The hye priest Ananias commaunded them that stode by, to smyte hym on the mouth.
23:3Then sayde Paul to hym: God smite the thou paynted wall. Sittest thou and iudgest me after the lawe, and commaundest me to be smyten contrarye to the lawe?
23:4And they that stode by, sayde: reuylest thou Gods hye priest?
23:5Then sayde Paule: I wyste not brethren that he was the hye priest. For it is writen: thou shalt not cursse the ruler of thy people.
23:6When Paule perceyued that the one part were Saduces, and the other Pharyses: he cryed oute in the counsell: Men and brethren, I am a Pharisey, the sonne of a Pharysey. Of the hope and resurreccyon from death. I am iudged.
23:7And when he had so sayde, there arose a debate betwene the Pharyseis and the Saduces, and the multytude was deuyded:
23:8For the Saduces saye, that there is no resurreccyon, neyther aungell, nor spirite. But the Pharyseis graunte both.
23:9And there arose a great crye, and the Scrybes whiche were of the Phariseys parte arose and stroue, saiyng: we fynde none euyll in thys man. Thoughe a spirite or an angell haue appeared to hym, let vs not stryue agaynst God.
23:10And when there arose great debate, the captayne fearynge lest Paule shoulde haue bene plucked a sundre of them, commaunded the souldyers to go doune, and to take hym from among them, and to bryng hym into the castle.
23:11The nyght folowynge, God stode by hym and sayed: be of good cheare Paule: for as thou haste testifyed of me in Ierusalem, so must thou beare wytnes at Rome.
23:12When daye was come, certayne of the Iewes gathered them selues together, & made a vowe, saiynge, that they woulde neyther eate nor drynke, tyll they had kylled Paul.
23:13They were about .xl. which had made thus conspiracyon.
23:14And they came to the chiefe priestes and elders, and sayde: we haue bounde our selues with a vowe, that we wyll eate nothynge vntyll we haue slayne Paule.
23:15Nowe therfore geue ye knoweledge to the vpper captayne & to the counsell, that he brynge hym forthe vnto vs to morowe as thoughe we woulde knowe some thynge more perfectlye of hym: But we, or euer he come neare, are readye in the meane season to kyll hym.
23:16When Paules systers sonne heard of theyr laiyng awayt: he went & entred into the castle, and tolde Paul.
23:17And Paul called one of the vnder captaynes to hym, and sayde: brynge thys yongemen to the hye captayne, for he hathe a certayne thinge to shewe hym.
23:18And he toke hym, & led hym to the hygh captayne, & sayde: Paul the prysoner called me vnto hym, and prayed me to brynge thys yonge man vnto the whiche hath a certayne matter to shewe the.
23:19The hye captayne toke him by the hande, and wente aparte with hym oute of the way, and axed hym, what haste thou to saye vnto me?
23:20And he sayde: the Iewes are determyned to desyre the that thou wouldest brynge forthe Paule to morowe into the counsell, as though they woulde enquyre some what of him more perfectely.
23:21But folowe not theyr myndes: for there lye in wayte for hym of them, moo then .xl. men, which haue bounde them selues with a vowe, that they wyll neyther eate nor drinke tyll they haue kylled hym. And now are they readye, and loke for thy promes.
23:22The vpper captayne let the yonge man departe, & charged hym: se thou tel it out to no man that thou hast shewed these thynges to me.
23:23And he called vnto hym two vnder captaynes, saiynge: make readye two hundred souldyers to go to Cesarea, and horsmen thre score and ten, and speare men two hondred at the thyrde houre of the nyght.
23:24And delyuer them beastes that they may put Paule on, and bryng hym safe vnto Felix the hye debitie,
23:25and wrote a letter in thys maner.
23:26Claudius Lisias to the moste myghtye rular Felix sendeth gretynges.
23:27Thys man was taken of the Iewes, and shoulde haue ben kylled of them. Then came I with souldiers and reserued hym, and perceyued that he was a Romayne.
23:28And when I woulde haue knowen the cause, wherfor they accused him, I brought hym forth into theyr counsell:
23:29there perceyued I that he was accused of questyons of theyr lawe: but was not gyltye of any thynge worthy of death or of boundes.
23:30Afterward when it was shewed me, how that the Iewes layde wayte for the man, I sent him strayght waye to the, and gaue commaundement to hys accusars, yf they had oughte agaynste hym to tell it vnto the. Fare well.
23:31Then the souldyours as it was commaunded them, toke Paule and broughte hym by nyght to Antipatras.
23:32On the morowe they lefte the horsmen to go with hym and returned vnto the castle.
23:33Whiche when they came to Cesarea, they delyuered the Epistle to the debitie, and presented Paul before hym.
23:34When the debitie had redde the letter, he axed of what countreye he was: and when he vnderstode that he was of Cicill,
23:35I wyll heare the (sayde he) when thyne accusars are come also: and commaunded hym to be kepte in Herodes Pallayce.
Matthew's Bible 1537

Matthew's Bible 1537

The Matthew Bible, also known as Matthew's Version, was first published in 1537 by John Rogers, under the pseudonym "Thomas Matthew". It combined the New Testament of William Tyndale, and as much of the Old Testament as he had been able to translate before being captured and put to death, with the translations of Myles Coverdale as to the balance of the Old Testament and the Apocrypha, except the Apocryphal Prayer of Manasses. It is thus a vital link in the main sequence of English Bible translations.