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Matthew's Bible 1537



42:1When Iacob sawe that ther was corne to be solde in Egypte, he sayd vnto hys sonnes: why are ye negligent?
42:2beholde, I haue harde that there is corne to be solde in Egypte. Gette you thyther and by vs corne from thence, that we maye lyue and not dye.
42:3So went Iosephs ten brethren doune to bye corne in Egypte,
42:4for Beniamyn Iosephs brother woulde not Iacob sende wyth hys other bretheren: for he sayde: some misfortune myght happen hym.
42:5And the sonnes of Israel came to bye corne among other that came, for there was derth also in the lande of Canaan.
42:6And Ioseph was gouernour in the land, and solde corne to all the people of the land. And his brethren came, & fel flat on the grounde before him.
42:7When Ioseph sawe his brethren, he knewe them: But made straung vnto them, and spake roughly vnto them sayinge: Whence come ye? & they sayde: out of the lande of Canaan, to bye vytayle.
42:8Ioseph knewe his brethren, but they knewe not hym.
42:9And Ioseph remembred his dreames which he dreamed of them, and sayde vnto them: ye are spies, and to se where the lande is weake is youre comynge.
42:10And they sayd vnto hym: nay my Lorde: but to bye vytayle thy seruauntes are come.
42:11We are al one mans sonnes, & meane truely, and thy seruauntes are no spies.
42:12And he sayd vnto them: nay verely, but euen to se where the lande is weake is youre comyng.
42:13And they sayde: we thy seruauntes are .xij. brethren, the sonnes of one man in the lande of Canaan. The yongest is yet with oure father, and one, no man woteth where he is.
42:14Ioseph sayde vnto them, that is it that I sayde vnto you, that ye are surelye spies.
42:15Here by ye shall be proued. For by the lyfe of Pharao, ye shall not go hence, vntyll your yongest brother be come hither.
42:16Sende therfore one of you and let him fet your brother, and ye shalbe in preyson in the meane season. And thereby shall youre wordes be proued, whether there be any trueth in you: or els by the lyfe of Pharao, ye are but spies
42:17And he put them in warde thre dayes.
42:18And Ioseph said vnto them the thyrd day: Thys do and lyue, for I feare God.
42:19If ye meane no hurte, let one of youre brethren be bounde in the preyson, and go ye and brynge the necessarie foode vnto youre housholdes,
42:20and brynge youre yongest brother vnto me: that youre wordes maye be beleued, and that ye dye not. And they dyd so.
42:21Than they sayde one to another: we haue verely synned agaynst oure brother, in that we sawe the anguysh of hys soull when he besought vs, & wold not heare him: therfore is thys troubyll come vpon vs.
42:22Ruben answered them sayinge: sayd I not vnto you that ye shulde not synne agaynst the lad? but ye wolde not heare. And nowe verely see, hys bloud is requyred.
42:23They were not aware that Ioseph vnderstode them, for he spake vnto them by an interpreter.
42:24And he turned from them & wepte, and than turned to them again and comened with them, & toke out Symeon from amonge them and bounde hym before their eyes,
42:25& commaunded to fyl their sackes wyth corne, and to put euery mans money in his sacke, and to geue them vitayle to spende by the waye. And so it was done to them.
42:26And they laded theyr asses wyth the corne and departed thence.
42:27And as one of them opened hys sacke, for to geue hys asse prouender in the Inne, he spyed hys money in hys sacks mouth.
42:28And he sayde vnto hys brethren: my money is restored me agayne, and is euen in my sackes mouth. Than their hartes fayled them, and were astoynyed and sayde one to another: howe cometh it that God dealeth thus wyth vs.
42:29And they came vnto Iacob their father vnto the land of Canaan, and tolde hym all that had happened them sayinge.
42:30The Lorde of the lande spake roughly to vs, and toke vs for spyes to serch the countre.
42:31And we sayde vnto hym: we meane truely and are no spyes.
42:32We be .xij. brethren sonnes of oure father, one is away, and the yongest is now wyth oure father in the lande of Canaan.
42:33And the Lorde of the countre sayde vnto vs: here by shal I knowe yf ye meane truely: leaue one of youre brethren here with me, and take foode necessary for youre housholdes and get you away,
42:34and brynge youre yongest brother vnto me. And thereby shall I knowe that ye are no spyes, but meane truely: So wyll I delyuer you youre brother agayn, and ye shal occupye in the lande.
42:35And as they emptied their sackes, behold: euery mans bundel of money was in his sacke. And when both they & their father sawe the bundels of money, they were afrayde.
42:36And Iacob their father said vnto them: Me haue ye robbed of my chyldren: Ioseph is away, and Symeon is awaye, and ye wyll take Ben Iamin awaye. All these thynges fall vpon me.
42:37Ruben answered hys father sayinge: Slee my two sonnes, yf I brynge him not to the agayn. Delyuer hym therfore to my hande, and I wyll brynge hym to the agayne:
42:38And he sayde: my sonne shall not go doune wyth you. For his brother is dead, & he is left alone. Moreouer some mysfortune myght happen vpon him by the way whych ye go. And so shuld ye bring my gray head with sorowe vnto the graue.
Matthew's Bible 1537

Matthew's Bible 1537

The Matthew Bible, also known as Matthew's Version, was first published in 1537 by John Rogers, under the pseudonym "Thomas Matthew". It combined the New Testament of William Tyndale, and as much of the Old Testament as he had been able to translate before being captured and put to death, with the translations of Myles Coverdale as to the balance of the Old Testament and the Apocrypha, except the Apocryphal Prayer of Manasses. It is thus a vital link in the main sequence of English Bible translations.