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The Great Bible 1539



42:1And Iacob seynge that there was corne in Egypt, sayde vnto hys sonnes: why gape ye one vpon another?
42:2And he sayd: beholde, I haue hearde that there is corne in Egypte. Gete you downe thyther & bye vs corne from thence, that we maye lyue & not dye.
42:3So went Iosephs ten brethren downe to bye corne of the Egypcyans.
42:4But BenIamin Iosephs brother wolde not Iacob sende with his other brethren, for he sayd: lest some mysfortune happen hym:
42:5And the sonnes of Israel came to bye corne amonge other that came, for there was derth in the lande of Canaan.
42:6And Ioseph was gouerner in the lande, and solde to all the people of the lande. And hys brethren came, and fel flat on the grounde before hym.
42:7When Ioseph sawe hys brethren, he knewe them: and made hym selfe straunge vnto them, and spake roughly vnto them, sayinge: Whence come ye? They answered: out of the lande of Canaan, to bye vytayle.
42:8And Ioseph knewe hys brethren, but they knewe not hym.
42:9And Ioseph remembred his dreames which he dreamed of them, and sayd vnto them: ye are spies, and to se where the lande is weake is youre comynge.
42:10And they sayd vnto him: nay my Lorde: but to bye vitayle thy seruauntes are come.
42:11We are all one mans sonnes, and meane truly, and thy seruauntes are no spyes.
42:12And he sayd vnto them agayne, nay, but euen to se where the lande is weake, is youre comynge.
42:13And they sayde: we thy seruauntes are .xii. brethren, the sonnes of one man in the lande of Canaan. And beholde, the yongest is thys daye wyth oure father, and one, no man woteth where he is.
42:14And Ioseph sayde vnto them, that is it that I spake vnto you, sayinge: ye are spyes.
42:15Here by ye shall be proued. By the lyfe of Pharao, ye shall not goo hence, excepte youre yongest brother come hyther.
42:16Sende out one of you whych maye fett youre brother, & ye shalbe kepte in presone, that youre wordes maye be proued, whether there be any trueth in you: or els by the lyfe of Pharao, ye are but spies.
42:17And he put them in warde thre dayes.
42:18And Ioseph sayde vnto them the thryde daye: Thys doo and lyue, for I feare God.
42:19If ye meane no hurte, let one of youre brethren be bounde in the house of youre preson, and goo ye brynge the necessarye foode vnto youre housholdes,
42:20but brynge youre yongest brother vnto me: that your wordes maye be tryed, and that ye dye not. And they dyd so.
42:21And one sayde to another: we haue verely synned agaynst oure brother, in that we sawe the anguysh of hys soull when he besought vs, & we wolde nat heare him: and therfore is thys troubyll come vpon vs.
42:22And Ruben answered them sayinge: sayde I not vnto you that ye shulde not synne agaynst the lad? and ye wolde not heare. And see, hys bloude is requyred.
42:23They were not aware that Ioseph understode them, for he spake vnto them by an interpreter.
42:24And he turned from them & wepte and turned to them agayne, and comened with them, & toke out Symeon from amonge them, and bownde hym before theyr eyes,
42:25and Ioseph commaunded to fyll theyr sackes wyth corne, and to put euery mans money in hys sacke, and to geue them vytayle to spende by the waye. And thus dyd he vnto them.
42:26And they laded theyr asses wyth the corne and departed thence.
42:27And as one of them opened hys sacke, for to geue hys asse prauender in the Inne, he spyed hys money: for it was in hys sackes mouth.
42:28And he sayde vnto hys brethren: my money is restored me agayne: For lo, it is euen in my sacke. And theyr harte fayled them, and they were astonyed, and sayde one to another: why hath God dealt thus wyth us?
42:29And they came vnto Iacob theyr father vnto the lande of Canaan and tolde hym all that had happened them, sayinge:
42:30The man, euen the Lorde of the lande spake roughly to vs, and toke vs for spyes of the countre.
42:31And we sayd vnto him: we meane truely & are no spyes.
42:32We be .xii. brethren, sonnes of oure father, one is a waye, and the yongest is thys daye wyth oure father in the lande of Canaan.
42:33And the Lorde of the countre sayde agayne vnto vs: here by shall I knowe yf ye meane truly: leaue one of youre brethren here with me, and take foode necessary for youre housholdes and get you awaye,
42:34& brynge youre yongest brother vnto me, that I maye knowe that ye are no spyes, but meane truely: So wyll I delyuer you youre brother, & ye shall occupye in the lande.
42:35And it fortuned as they emptyed theyr sackes, beholde: euery mans bundell of money was in his sacke. And when both they & their father sawe the bundells of money, they were afrayde.
42:36And Iacob theyr father sayde vnto them: Me haue ye robbed of my chyldren: Ioseph is a waye, and Symeon is awaye, and ye take Ben Iamin awaye. All these thynges are agaynst me.
42:37Ruben sayde vnto hys father: Slee my two sonnes, yf I brynge hym not to the agayne. Delyuer hym to my hande, and I wyll brynge hym to the agayne:
42:38And he sayde: my sonne shall not go downe wyth you. For hys brother is dead, & he is left alone. If some mysfortune happen vnto him by the waye which ye go, ye shall brynge my gray head with sorowe vnto the graue.
The Great Bible 1539

The Great Bible 1539

The Great Bible of 1539 was the first authorized edition of the Bible in English, authorized by King Henry VIII of England to be read aloud in the church services of the Church of England. The Great Bible was prepared by Myles Coverdale, working under commission of Thomas, Lord Cromwell, Secretary to Henry VIII and Vicar General. In 1538, Cromwell directed the clergy to provide "one book of the bible of the largest volume in English, and the same set up in some convenient place within the said church that ye have care of, whereas your parishioners may most commodiously resort to the same and read it."