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Matthew's Bible 1537



27:1And it came to passe that Isaac wexed olde and hys eyes were dymme, so that he coulde not see. Then called he Esau his eldest sonne & sayed vnto him: my sonne. And he sayd vnto hym: here am I.
27:2And he sayed: beholde, I am old, & know not the day of my death:
27:3now therfore take thy weapens, thy quiuer & thy bowe, & gette the to the fyeldes, and take me some venison,
27:4and make me meate suche as I loue, and brynge it me, and let me eat that my soule may blesse the before that I dye.
27:5But Rebecca hearde when Isaac spake to Esau hys sonne. And as sone as Esau was gone to the fielde to catche venyson, and to bryng it,
27:6she spake to Iacob hir sonne saying? Beholde I haue heard thy father talking with Esau thy brother & saying:
27:7bringe me venyson & make me meate that I may eate and blesse the before the Lord yer I dye.
27:8Now therfore my sonne heare my voice in that whiche I commaunde the:
27:9gette the to the flocke, & bryng me thence two good kyddes, and I wyll make meate of them for thy father, such as he loueth.
27:10And thou shalt brynge it to thy father, & he shall eate, that he may blesse the before hys death.
27:11Then said Iacob to Rebecca his mother: beholde, Esau my brother is rough, & I am smooth.
27:12My father shall peraduenture fele me, & I shal seme vnto him as though I went about to begyle hym, & so shall he brynge a cursse vpon me, & not a blessing:
27:13& his mother sayd vnto hym: Vpon me be thy cursse my sonne, onely heare my voyce, & go & fetch me them.
27:14And Iacob went & fet them, & brought them to his mother. And his mother made meat of them, accordyng as hys father loued.
27:15And she went and fet goodlye raymente of hir eldest sonne Esau, which she had in the house with hir, and put theym vpon Iacob hir yongest sonne,
27:16and she putte the skynnes vpon hys handes, and vpon the smooth of hys necke.
27:17And she putt the meate and breade whyche she had made in the handes of hyr son Iacob.
27:18And he went in to his father saying: my father. And he answered: here am I: who arte thou my sonne?
27:19And Iacob said vnto his father: I am Esau thi eldest sonne, I haue done according as thou baddest me: vp & sit, & eat of my venison, that thy soule may blesse me.
27:20But Isaac sayd vnto his sonne: how commeth it that thou hast found it so quickely my sonne? He answered. The Lord thi God brought it to my hande.
27:21Then sayd Isaac vnto Iacob: come nere and let me fele the mi sonne, whether thou be my sonne Esau or not.
27:22Then went Iacob to Isaac his father, and he felt him & said: the voice is Iacobs voice, but the handes are the handes of Esau.
27:23And he knewe hym not, bicause hys handes were rough as his brother Esaus handes: & so he blessed hym.
27:24And he axed him: art thou my sonne Esau? And he said that I am.
27:25Then said he: brynge me & let me eate of my sonnes venison, that my soule mai blesse the. And he brought him & he ate. And he brought him wine also, & he dranke.
27:26And his father Isaac saied vnto hym: come nere, & kisse me my sonne.
27:27And he wente vnto him and kissed him. And he smelled the sauour of hys rayment, & blessed hym, and sayd: Se, the smel of my sonne is as the smell of a fyld which the Lorde hath blessed.
27:28God giue the he dewe of heauen, & of the fatnes of the earth, & plenty of corne & wine.
27:29People be thy seruauntes, & nations bowe vnto the. Be Lord ouer thy brethren, & thy mothers chyldren stoupe vnto the. Curssed be he that curseth the, & blessed be he that blesseth the.
27:30As sone as Isaac had made an ende of blesinge, Iacob was scace gone out from the presence of Isaac his father: then came Esau his brother from his huntynge,
27:31& had made also meate, & brought it vnto hys father, & sayed vnto hym. Aryse my father, and eate of thy sonnes venison, that thy soule may blesse me.
27:32Then his father Isaac saied vnto him: who art thou? he answered: I am thy eldest sonne Esau.
27:33And Isaac was greatly astonied oute of measure, & sayed. Where is he then that hath hunted venison and brought it me, & I haue eaten of all before thou camest, & haue blessed hym, & he shall be blessed styll.
27:34When Esau herd the wordes of hys father, he cryed out greatly & bytterly aboue measure, & said vnto his father: blesse me also mi father.
27:35And he sayd: thy brother came wyth subtilty, & hath taken away thy blessinge.
27:36Then sayed he: He maye well be called Iacob, for he hath vndermined me now two tymes, fyrste he toke away my byrthryght: & se, nowe hathe he taken away my blessynge also. And he sayed, hast thou kept neuer a blessyng for me?
27:37Isaac answered and saied vnto Esau: behold I haue made hym thy Lord, and al his mothers children haue I made his seruantes. Moreouer with corne & wyne haue I stablyshed him, what can I do vnto the now my sonne?
27:38And Esau sayd vnto his father: haste thou but the one blessing my father? blesse me also my father: so lifted vp Esau hys voyce and wept.
27:39Then Isaac his father answered & sayd vnto him: behold thy dwellyng place shall haue of the fatnes of the earth, and of the dewe of heauen from aboue.
27:40And with thy swerd shalt thou liue, & shalt be thy brothers seruaunt. But the time wil come, when thou shalt get the mastry, & louse hys yocke from of thy necke.
27:41And Esau hated Iacob, bicause of the blessyng that hys father blessed hym with all, & sayed in hys hert. The dayes of my fathers sorowes are at hand, for I wyll slea my brother Iacob.
27:42And these wordes of Esau hyr eldest sonne were tolde to Rebecca. And she sent & called Iacob hyr yongest sonne, & said vnto him: beholde thy brother Esau threateneth to kyll the:
27:43now therfore my sonne hear my voyce, make the redy, & fle to Laban my brother at Haran:
27:44& tary wyth hym a whyle vntil thy brothers fearcnes be swaged,
27:45& vntyl thy brothers wrath turne away from the and he forget that whiche thou hast done to hym. Then wyl I send & fet the away from thence. Why should I losse you boeth in one daye.
27:46And Rebecca spake to Isaac: I am werye of my life, for feare of the doughters of Heth. If Iacob take a wife of the doughters of Heth, such one as these are, or of the daughters of the land, what lust shold I haue to lyue.
Matthew's Bible 1537

Matthew's Bible 1537

The Matthew Bible, also known as Matthew's Version, was first published in 1537 by John Rogers, under the pseudonym "Thomas Matthew". It combined the New Testament of William Tyndale, and as much of the Old Testament as he had been able to translate before being captured and put to death, with the translations of Myles Coverdale as to the balance of the Old Testament and the Apocrypha, except the Apocryphal Prayer of Manasses. It is thus a vital link in the main sequence of English Bible translations.