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Matthew's Bible 1537



49:1And Iacob called for hys sonnes & sayde: come together, that I may tell you what shall happen you in the last daies.
49:2Gather you together and heare ye sonnes of Iacob, & herken vnto Israel youre father.
49:3Ruben thou art myne eldest sonne, my myghte and the begynnyng of my strength, chefe in receyuynge and chefe in power.
49:4As vnstable as water wast thou: thou shalt therfore not be the chefest, for thou wenst vp vpon thy fathers bedd, and than defyledest thou my couche with goyng vp.
49:5The brethren Symeon and Leui, wycked instrumentes are their wepons.
49:6In to theyr secrettes come not my soule, and vnto their congregacion be my honour not coupled: for in their wrath they slewe a man, and in theyr selfe wyll they houghed an oxe.
49:7Cursed be their wrath for it was stronge, and theyr fearsnes for it was cruell. I wyl therfore deuyde them in Iacob, & scater them in Israell.
49:8Iuda, thy brethren shal prayse the, & thyne hand shalbe in the necke of thyue enemyes, & thy fathers chyldren shall stoupe vnto the.
49:9Iuda is a lyons whelpe, From spoyle my sonne thou art come an hye: he layde hym doune and couched hym selfe as a lyon, and as a lionesse. Who dare stere hym vp?
49:10The sceptre shal not departe from Iuda, nor a ruelar from betwene hys legges, vntyll Sylo come, vnto whome the people shal hark
49:11He shall bynde hys fole vnto the vyne, & hys asses colt vnto the vyne braunche, and shall wash hys garment in wyne and hys mantel in the bloud of grapes,
49:12hys eyes are roudier than wyne, & his teeth whitter then mylke.
49:13Zabulon shal dwel in the hauen of the sea and in the porte of shyppes, and shal reache vnto Sydon.
49:14Isachar is a stronge asse, he couched hym doune betwene two borders,
49:15and sawe that rest was good and the land that it was pleasant, and bowed his shulder to beare, and became a seruaunte vnto trybute.
49:16Dan shall iudge his people, as one of the trybes of Israel.
49:17Dan shalbe a serpent in the way, and an edder in the path, & byte the horsse heles, so that hys ryder shal fal bacward.
49:18After thy sauynge loke I Lord.
49:19Gad, men of warre shal inuade him. And he shal turne them to flyght.
49:20Of Asser cometh fat breed, and he shal geue pleasures for a kynge.
49:21Nepthalim is a swyft hynde, & geueth goodly wordes.
49:22That florisshyng chylde Ioseph, that florysshyng chylde and goodly vnto the eye: the daughters ran vpon the wall.
49:23The shoters haue enuyed hym and chydd wt hym and hated hym,
49:24and yet hys bowe bode fast, & his armes & hys handes were strong, by the handes of the mightye god of Iacob: out of hym shall come an herde man, a stone in Israel.
49:25Thy fathers God shall helpe the, & the almyghtie shal blesse the wt blessynges from heauen aboue, and wyth blessynges of the water that lieth vnder, & with blessynges of the brestes and of the wombe.
49:26The blessynges of thy father were stronge: euen as the blessynges of my elders, after the desyre of the hyest in the worlde, & these blessynges shall fall on the head of Ioseph, and on the toppe of the head of hym that was separat from hys brethren.
49:27Beniamin is a raueshynge wolfe. In the mornyng he shal deuoure hys praye, and at nyght he shal deuyde his spoyle.
49:28Al these are the .xij. tribes of Israel, & this is that whiche their father spake vnto them when he blessed them, euery man wyth a seuerall blessyng.
49:29And he charged them & sayd vnto them. I shalbe put vnto my people: se that ye burye me wyth my fathers, in the caue that is in the felde of Ephron the Hethyte,
49:30in the double caue that is in the felde before Mamre in the lande of Canaan. Which feld Abraham boughte of Ephron the Hethyte for a possession to burye in.
49:31There they buryed Abraham and Sara his wyfe, there they buryed Isaac & Rebecca his wyfe. And there I buried Lea
49:32which felde and the caue that is therin, was bought of the chyldren of Heth.
49:33When Iacob had commaunded all that he wold vnto his sonnes, he plucked vp his fete vpon the bedd and dyed, and was put vnto his people.
Matthew's Bible 1537

Matthew's Bible 1537

The Matthew Bible, also known as Matthew's Version, was first published in 1537 by John Rogers, under the pseudonym "Thomas Matthew". It combined the New Testament of William Tyndale, and as much of the Old Testament as he had been able to translate before being captured and put to death, with the translations of Myles Coverdale as to the balance of the Old Testament and the Apocrypha, except the Apocryphal Prayer of Manasses. It is thus a vital link in the main sequence of English Bible translations.