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Bishops Bible 1568



14:1And it came to passe in the dayes of Amraphel kyng of Sinar, Arioch kyng of Elasar, Chodorlaomer kyng of Elam, and Thidai kyng of the nations
14:2These made warre with Bera kyng of Sodome, and with Birsa kyng of Gomorrhe, and with Sinab kyng of Adma, and with Semeber kyng of Seboiim, and with the kyng of Bela, the same is Soar
14:3All these were ioyned together in the vale of Siddim, where nowe the salt sea is
14:4For twelue yere were they subiecte to kyng Chodorlaomer, and in the thirteenth yere rebelled
14:5And in the fourteenth yere came Chodorlaomer and the kynges that were with hym, and smote the Giauntes in Astaroth-carnaim, and the Lusimes in Ham, and the Emims in the playne of Cariathaim
14:6And the Horites in their mount Seir, vnto the playne of Paran, which bordereth vpon the wyldernesse
14:7And they returnyng, came to En-mispat, which is Cades, and smote all the countrey of the Amalecites, and also the Amorites that dwelt in Hazezon-thamar
14:8And there went out the kyng of Sodome, and the kyng of Gomorrhe, and the kyng of Adma, and the kyng of Seboiim, and the kyng of Bela, whiche is Soar
14:9And they ioyned battell with them in the vale of Siddim: that is to saye, with Chodorlaomer the kyng of Elam, and with Thidal kyng of nations, and with Amraphel kyng of Sinar, and with Arioch kyng of Elasar, foure kynges agaynst fyue
14:10And the vale of Siddim was full of slyme pyttes: and the kynges of Sodome and Gomorrhe fledde, and fell there, and they that remayned, fledde to the mountayne
14:11And they takyng all the goodes of Sodome and Gomorrhe, and all their vittayles, went their way
14:12And they caryed awaye Lot also Abrams brothers sonne, & his goodes, (for he dwelled in Sodome) and departed
14:13And there came one that had escaped, and tolde Abram the Hebrewe, whiche dwelled in the playne of Mamre the Amorite, brother of Eschol, and brother of Aner, whiche were confederate with Abram
14:14When Abram hearde that his brother was taken, he armed his exercised seruauntes whiche were borne in his owne house, three hundreth & eyghteen, and folowed on them vntyll Dan
14:15And he and his seruauntes were parted in companies agaynst the by nyght, and smote them, and pursued them vnto Hoba, which lyeth on the left hand of Damascus
14:16And recouered all the goodes, and also brought agayne his brother Lot, & his goodes, the wome also, & the people
14:17After that he returned agayne from the slaughter of Chodorlaomer, and of the kynges that were with hym, came the kyng of Sodome foorth to meete hym in the valey Sauch, which is the kynges dale
14:18And Melchisedech kyng of Salem brought foorth breade and wine: & he was the priest of the most highest God
14:19And blessed hym, saying: Blessed be Abram vnto the hygh God possessour of heauen and earth
14:20And blessed be the high God, which hath deliuered thyne enemies vnto thy hande: and Abram gaue him tithes of all
14:21And the kyng of Sodome sayde vnto Abram: geue me the soules, and take the goodes to thy selfe
14:22And Abram aunswered the kyng of Sodome: I haue lyft vp my hande vnto the Lord the hye God, possessour of heauen and earth
14:23That I wyll not take of all that is thyne so muche as a threede or shoe latchet, lest thou shouldest saye, I haue made Abram ryche
14:24Saue onlye that which the young men haue eaten, and the portions of the men which went with Aner, Eschol, & Mamre, which shal take their portios
Bishops Bible 1568

Bishops Bible 1568

The Bishops' Bible was produced under the authority of the established Church of England in 1568. It was substantially revised in 1572, and the 1602 edition was prescribed as the base text for the King James Bible completed in 1611. The thorough Calvinism of the Geneva Bible offended the Church of England, to which almost all of its bishops subscribed. They associated Calvinism with Presbyterianism, which sought to replace government of the church by bishops with government by lay elders. However, they were aware that the Great Bible of 1539 , which was the only version then legally authorized for use in Anglican worship, was severely deficient, in that much of the Old Testament and Apocrypha was translated from the Latin Vulgate, rather than from the original Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek. In an attempt to replace the objectionable Geneva translation, they circulated one of their own, which became known as the Bishops' Bible.