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Bishops Bible 1568



24:1And Abraham was old & stricken in dayes, and the Lorde had blessed Abraham in all thinges
24:2And Abraham saide vnto his eldest seruaut of his house, whiche had the rule ouer all that he had: put thy hande vnder my thigh
24:3And I wyll make thee sweare by the Lorde God of heauen, and God of the earth, that thou shalt not take a wyfe vnto my sonne of the daughters of the Chanaanites, amongest which I dwel
24:4But thou shalt go vnto my countrey, and to my kinred, and take a wife vnto my sonne Isahac
24:5But the seruaunt sayd vnto hym: peraduenture the woman wyll not agree to come with me vnto this lande, shall I bryng thy sonne againe vnto the land whiche thou cammest out of
24:6To whom Abraham aunswered: beware that thou bring not my sonne thyther agayne
24:7The Lorde God of heauen whiche toke me from my fathers house, & from the land of my kinred, and which spake vnto me, and that sware vnto me, saying, vnto thy seede wyll I geue this lande: he shall sende his angell before thee, and thou shalt take a wyfe vnto my sonne from thence
24:8Neuerthelesse, if the woman wyl not folowe thee, then shalt thou be cleare from this my othe: onlye bring not my sonne thyther agayne
24:9And the seruaunt put his hand vnder the thigh of Abraham his maister, and sware to hym as concernyng yt matter
24:10And the seruaunt toke ten Camelles of the Camelles of his maister, & departed (& had of al maner of goods of his maister with him) and so he arose & went to Mesopotamia, vnto ye citie of Nachor
24:11And made his Camelles to lye downe without the citie by a welles side of water at euen, about the time that women come out to drawe water
24:12And he saide: Lord God of my maister Abraham, I pray thee sende me good speede this day, and shewe mercy vnto my maister Abraham
24:13Lo, I stande here by the well of water, and the daughters of the me of this citie come out to drawe water
24:14Nowe let the damsel to whom I say, stoupe downe thy pitcher I pray thee, that I may drinke: If she say also, drinke, and I wyll geue thy Camelles drinke also: let the same be she that thou hast ordeyned for thy seruaunt Isahac, and thereby shall I knowe that thou hast shewed mercy on my maister
24:15And it came to passe yer he had lefte speakyng, beholde, Rebecca came out, the daughter of Bethuel, sonne to Milcha, the wyfe of Nachor Abrahams brother, and her pytcher vpon her shoulder
24:16The damsel was very fayre to looke vpon, and yet a mayde, and vnknowen of man: and she went downe to the wel, and filled her pitcher, and came vp
24:17And the seruaunt runnyng to meete her, sayde: let me I pray thee drinke a litle water of thy pitcher
24:18And she sayd: drinke my Lorde. And she hasted, and let downe her pytcher vpon her arme, and gaue him drinke
24:19And when she had geuen him drinke, she sayde: I wyll drawe water for thy Camelles also, vntyl they haue dronke ynough
24:20And she poured out her pytcher into the trough hastyly, and ranne agayne vnto the well to draw water and drew for all his Camelles
24:21And the man wondred at her, but held his peace, to witte whether the Lorde had made his iourney prosperous, or not
24:22And as the Camelles had left drinking, the man tooke a golden earring of halfe a sickle wayght, and two bracelettes for her handes, of ten sickles wayght of golde
24:23And sayde: whose daughter art thou? tell me I pray thee: is there rowme in thy fathers house for vs to lodge in
24:24She aunswered hym: I am the daughter of Bethuel the sonne of Milcha whiche she bare vnto Nachor
24:25And said moreouer vnto him, we haue litter and prouender ynough, and also rowme to lodge in
24:26And the man bowed hymselfe, and worshipped the Lorde
24:27And sayde: blessed be the Lorde God of my maister Abraham, whiche hath not left destitute my maister of his mercye and trueth: for when I was on my iourney, the Lorde brought me to my maisters brothers house
24:28And the damsell ranne, and told them of her mothers house these thinges
24:29And Rebecca had a brother called Laban: and he ranne out vnto the man, euen to the well
24:30For assoone as he had seene the earerynges, and the bracelettes in his sisters hande, and hearde the wordes of Rebecca his sister, saying, thus sayde the man vnto me: he went out vnto the man, and lo, he stoode with the Camelles by the well syde
24:31And he sayde: come thou blessed of the Lord, wherfore standest thou without? I haue dressed the house, & rowme for thy Camelles
24:32And then the ma came into the house, and he vnharnessed the Camelles, and brought lytter and prouender for the Camelles, and water to wash his feete, & the mens feete that were with him
24:33And there was set meate before hym to eate: but he sayd, I wyll not eate vntyll I haue sayde myne arande. And he sayd: say on
24:34And he sayde: I am Abrahams seruaunt
24:35And God blessed my maister merueylously, that he is become great, and hath geuen him sheepe and oxen, siluer and golde, men seruauntes, and maydeseruauntes, camelles and asses
24:36And Sara my maisters wyfe bare hym a sonne when she was olde, and vnto him hath he geue all that he hath
24:37And my maister made me sweare, saying: thou shalt not take a wyfe to my sonne amongest the daughters of the Chanaanites, in whose lande I dwell
24:38But thou shalt go vnto my fathers house, and to my kinred, and take a wife vnto my sonne
24:39And I sayde vnto my maister: peraduenture the woman wyll not folowe me
24:40And he answered me: the Lord before whom I walke, wyll sende his angell with thee, and prosper thy iourney, and thou shalt take a wyfe for my sonne of my kinred, and of my fathers house
24:41Then shalt thou be free from this othe made to me, when thou commest to my kinred: and yf they geue not thee one thou shalt be free from this othe made to me
24:42And so I came this day vnto the wel, and sayde: O Lorde the God of my maister Abraham, if it be so nowe that thou makest my iourney whiche I go prosperous
24:43Beholde, I stande by the well of water: and when a virgin commeth foorth to drawe water, and I say to her, Geue me I pray thee a little water of thy pitcher to drinke
24:44And she say to me, Drinke thou, and I wyll also drawe for thy Camelles: let the same be the woman whom the Lorde hath prepared for my maisters sonne
24:45And before I had made an ende of speakyng in myne heart, beholde, Rebecca came foorth, and her pitcher on her shoulder, and she went downe vnto the well, and drewe water, and I sayde vnto her, Geue me drinke I pray thee
24:46And she made haste, and toke downe her pitcher from her shoulder and said: Drinke, and I wyll geue thy Camelles drinke also. So I dranke, and she gaue the Camelles drinke also
24:47And I asked her, saying: whose daughter art thou? She answered: the daughter of Bethuel Nachors sonne, whom Milcha bare vnto hym: and I put the earring vpon her face, and the bracelettes vpon her handes
24:48And I bowed my selfe, and worshipped the Lorde, and blessed the Lorde God of my maister Abraham, whiche had brought me the ryght way, to take my maisters brothers daughter vnto his sonne
24:49Nowe also if he wyll consent to deale mercyfully and truely with my maister, tel me: and if not, tel me also, that I may turne me to the ryght hande, or to the left
24:50Then aunswered Laban and Bethuel, saying: This saying is proceeded euen of the Lorde, we can not therefore say vnto thee eyther good or bad
24:51Beholde, Rebecca is before thee, take her, and go, that she may be thy maisters sonnes wife, euen as god hath sayde
24:52And when Abrahams seruaunt heard theyr wordes, he worshipped the Lord, bowyng hym selfe towarde the earth
24:53And the seruaunt toke foorth iewelles of syluer, and iewelles of golde, and rayment, and gaue them to Rebecca: and to her brother, and to her mother he gaue costly gyfte
24:54And they did eate and drinke, both he and the men that were with hym, and taried all night: and when they rose vp in the mornyng, he said: let me depart vnto my maister
24:55Her brother and her mother aunswered: let the damsell abyde with vs, and it be but euen ten dayes, and then shall she go
24:56He sayde vnto them: hynder me not, beholde, the Lorde hath prospered my iourney, sende me away therefore, that I may go to my maister
24:57And they sayde: we wyll call the damsell, and enquire at her mouth
24:58And they called foorth Rebecca, and sayde vnto her: wylt thou go with this man? And she aunswered, I wyll go
24:59So they let Rebecca theyr sister go, and her nurse, & Abrahams seruaunt, and his men
24:60And they blessed Rebecca, and sayde vnto her: thou art our sister, growe into thousande thousandes, and thy seede possesse the gate of his enemies
24:61And Rebecca arose and her damselles, and gat them vp vpon the Camelles, and folowed the man: and the seruaunt toke Rebecca, and went his waye
24:62And Isahac was commyng from the waye of the well of the lyuyng and seeyng me: for he dwelt in the South countrey
24:63And Isahac was gone out to pray in the fielde at the euentide, and he lift vp his eyes, and saw the Camelles commyng
24:64And Rebecca lyft vp her eyes, & when she sawe Isahac, she lyghted of the Camell
24:65(For she said vnto the seruaunt: what man is this, that commeth walkyng against vs in the fielde? And the seruaunt sayd, it is my maister): therfore she toke her vayle and couered her
24:66And the seruaunt tolde Isahac all thinges that he had done
24:67And Isahac brought her into his mother Saraes tent, and toke Rebecca, and she became his wife, and he loued her: and so Isahac receaued comfort after his mother
Bishops Bible 1568

Bishops Bible 1568

The Bishops' Bible was produced under the authority of the established Church of England in 1568. It was substantially revised in 1572, and the 1602 edition was prescribed as the base text for the King James Bible completed in 1611. The thorough Calvinism of the Geneva Bible offended the Church of England, to which almost all of its bishops subscribed. They associated Calvinism with Presbyterianism, which sought to replace government of the church by bishops with government by lay elders. However, they were aware that the Great Bible of 1539 , which was the only version then legally authorized for use in Anglican worship, was severely deficient, in that much of the Old Testament and Apocrypha was translated from the Latin Vulgate, rather than from the original Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek. In an attempt to replace the objectionable Geneva translation, they circulated one of their own, which became known as the Bishops' Bible.