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The Great Bible 1539



9:1Iesus called the twelue together, and gaue them power, and auctorite ouer all deuyls, and that they might heale diseases.
9:2And he sent them to preache the kyngdome of God, and to heale the syck.
9:3And he sayd vnto them: Take nothing to your iourney: nether staffe, nor scrype, nether bread, nether money, nether haue two coates.
9:4And whatsoeuer house ye enter into, there abyde, and thence departe.
9:5And whosoeuer wyll not receaue you, when ye go out of the citie, shake of the very dust from youre fete, for a testimonye agaynst them.
9:6And they departed and went thorow the tounes, preaching the gospell and healinge euery where.
9:7And Herode the Tetrarch heard of al that was done by him, & he douted, because that it was sayde of some, that Iohn was rysen agayne from death:
9:8and of some, that Helias had appeared, and of some, that one of the olde prophetes was rysen agayne.
9:9And Herode sayde: Iohn haue I beheaded: but who is this of whom I heare such thinges. And he desyred to se him.
9:10And the apostles returned: & tolde him all that they had done. And he toke them, & went asyde into a solitary place nye vnto the cytie that is called Bethsaida.
9:11Which whan the people knewe, they folowed him. And he receaued them, & spake vnto them of the kyngdome of God, & healed them that had nede to be healed.
9:12And when the daye beganne to weare awaye, then came the .xij. and sayd vnto him: send the people awaye, that they maye go into the townes and next villages & lodge, and get meate, for we are here in a place of wyldernes.
9:13But he sayd vnto them: Geue ye them to eate. And they sayd: we haue no mo but .v. loaues and two fysshes, except we shulde go and bye meate for all this people.
9:14And they were about a .v.M. men. And he sayd to his disciples: Cause them to sit downe by fyfties in a companye.
9:15And they dyd so, and made them al to syt downe.
9:16And he toke the fyue loaues and the two fisshes, and loked vp to heauen: and blessed them, and brake, and gaue to the disciples, to seet before the people.
9:17And they all dyd eat, & were satisfyed. And there was taken vp of that remayned to them, twelue baskettes full of broken meate.
9:18And it fortuned as he was alone praying, his disciples were with him, and he asked them sayeng: who saye the people that I am?
9:19They answered, and sayd: Iohn Baptist: Some saye Helias, and some saye that one of the olde prophetes is rysen.
9:20He sayd vnto them: But who saye ye that I am? Simon Peter answered, & sayde: thou art the Christ of God.
9:21And he warned and commaunded them that they shuld tell no man that thing,
9:22saying: the sonne of man must suffre many thinges, and be reproued of the elders, and of the hye prestes, and scribes, and be slayne, and ryse agayne the thyrd daye.
9:23And he sayd to them all, yf eny man will come after me, let him denye him self, & take vp his crosse dayly, & folowe me.
9:24For whosoeuer wyll saue hys lyfe shall lose it. But whosoeuer doth lose his lyfe for my sake, the same shall saue it.
9:25For what auauntageth it a man, yf he wynne the whole worlde, and lose him selfe, or runne in dammmage of hym selfe?
9:26For whoso is ashamed of me, and of my wordes, of him shall the sonne of man be ashamed, when he commeth in his maiestye, and in the maiestye of his father, and of the holy angels.
9:27I tell you of a treuth: There be some standinge here, which shall not tast of death, tyll they se the kyngdome of God.
9:28And it fortuned that about an .viij. dayes after these saienges, he toke Peter and Iohn and Iames, & went vp into a mountayne to praye.
9:29And as he prayed, the fassyon of hys countenaunce was chaunged, & his garment was whyte, & shone.
9:30And behold, there talked with him two men which were Moses and Helias,
9:31that appeared in the maiesty, & spake of his departyng, which be shulde ende at Ierusalem.
9:32But Peter and they that were with him, were heuy with slepe. And when they awoke, they sawe his maiesty, and two men standinge with him.
9:33And it chaunsed as they departed from him, Peter sayde vnto Iesus: Master, it is good beynge here for vs. Let vs make also thre tabernacles, one for the, and one for Moses, and one for Helias (and wist not what he sayd.)
9:34While he thus spake, there came a cloude and ouershadowed them, and they feared when they were come into the cloude.
9:35And there came a voyce out of the cloude saying: This is my deare sonne, heare him.
9:36And as soone as the voyce was past, Iesus was founde alone. And they kept it cloose: & tolde no man in those dayes, any of those thinges which they had sene.
9:37And it chaunsed that on the nexte daye (as they came downe from the hyll) moche people met him.
9:38And beholde, a man of the company cried oute, sayenge: Master, I beseche the behold my sonne, for he is all that I haue:
9:39and se, a sprete taketh him, and sodenly he cryeth, and tereth hym, that he fometh agayne, and with moch payne departeth from him, when he hath rent him,
9:40and I besought thy disciples to cast him out, & they coulde not,
9:41Iesus answered and sayde: O faythles, and croked nacion, howe longe shall I be with you? & shal suffre you? Bring thy sonne hither.
9:42As he was yet a comming, the fende rent him, and tare him. And Iesus rebuked the vncleane sprete, and healed the chyld, and deliuered him to his father.
9:43And they were all amased at the myghtye power of God. But whyle they wondered euery one at all thinges which he dyd, he sayde vnto hys disciples:
9:44Lett these sayinges sinke downe into your eares. For it will come to passe: that the sonne of man shalbe deliuered into the handes of men.
9:45But they wist not what the worde meant, and it was hyd from them, that they vnderstode it not. And they feared to aske him of that sayinge.
9:46And there entred a thought among them which of them shulde be the greatest.
9:47When Iesus perceaued the thought of their hertes he toke a chyld, and set him hard by hym,
9:48& sayd vnto them: Whosoeuer receaueth this child in my name, receaueth me. And whosoeuer receaueth me, receaueth him that sent me. For he that is lest among you all, the same shalbe greate.
9:49And Iohn answered, and sayde: Master. we sawe one castinge oute deuyls in thy name, and we forbade him, because he foloweth not with vs.
9:50And Iesus sayd vnto him: forbyd ye him not. For he that is not agaynst vs, is with vs.
9:51And it fortuned when the tyme was come that he shulde be receaued vp, he set hys face to go to Ierusalem,
9:52and sent messengers before him. And they went and entred into a cytie of the Samaritans, to make ready for him.
9:53And they wold not receaue him, because his face was as though he wold go to Ierusalem.
9:54When his disciples, Iames & Iohn sawe this, they sayde: Lorde, wilt thou that we commaunde fyre to come downe from heauen and consume them, euen as Helias dyd?
9:55Iesus turned about, and rebuked them, saying: ye wote not what maner spret ye are of.
9:56For the sonne of man is not come to destroye mennes lyues, but to saue them. And they went to another towne.
9:57And it chaunsed that as they were walking in the waye, a certayne man sayd vnto him. I wyll folowe the whithersoeuer thou goo.
9:58Iesus sayde vnto him: foxes haue holes, and byrdes of the ayer haue nestes: but the sonne of man hath not where to laye his head.
9:59And he sayde vnto another: folowe me. And the same sayde: Lorde, suffre me first to go and bury my father.
9:60Iesus sayde vnto him: Let the deed bury their deed: but go thou, and preach the kyngdome of God.
9:61And an other sayde: Lorde, I wyll folowe the: but let me first go byd them fare well, which are at home at my house.
9:62Iesus sayde vnto hym: No man that putteth hys handes to the plowe, and loketh backe, is apte to the kyngdome of God.
The Great Bible 1539

The Great Bible 1539

The Great Bible of 1539 was the first authorized edition of the Bible in English, authorized by King Henry VIII of England to be read aloud in the church services of the Church of England. The Great Bible was prepared by Myles Coverdale, working under commission of Thomas, Lord Cromwell, Secretary to Henry VIII and Vicar General. In 1538, Cromwell directed the clergy to provide "one book of the bible of the largest volume in English, and the same set up in some convenient place within the said church that ye have care of, whereas your parishioners may most commodiously resort to the same and read it."