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The Great Bible 1539



19:1Then Pylate toke Iesus therfore, & scourged hym.
19:2And the soudiers wounde a croune of thornes, and put it on hys heed. And they dyd on him a purple garment,
19:3and sayde: hayll kynge of the Iewes: and they smote hym on the face.
19:4Pylate went forth agayne, and sayde vnto them: beholde, I brynge hym forth to you, that ye maye know, that I fynde no faute in hym.
19:5Then came Iesus forth, wearynge a croune of thorne, and a robe of purple. And he sayeth vnto them: beholde the man.
19:6When the hye Prestes therfore and ministers sawe hym, they cryed sayinge: crucify him, crucify hym. Pylate sayeth vnto them: Take ye him, and crucify him: for I fynde no cause in him.
19:7The Iewes answered him: We haue a lawe, and by oure lawe he ought to dye: because he made him selfe the sonne of God.
19:8When Pylate hearde the sayinge, he was the moare afrayde,
19:9and went agayne into the iudgement hall, and sayeth vnto Iesus: whence arte thou? But Iesus gaue him none answere.
19:10Then sayde Pylate vnto him: Speakest thou not vnto me? Knowest thou not, that I haue power to crucify the, and haue power to loose the?
19:11Iesus answered: Thou couldest haue no power at all agaynst me, except it were geuen the from aboue. Therfore he that delyuered me vnto the, hath the more synne.
19:12And from thence forth sought Pylate meanes to loose hym: but the Iewes cryed sayinge: yf thou let him go, thou art not Cesars frende. For whosoeuer maketh hym selfe a kynge, is agaynst Cesar.
19:13When Pylate hearde that sayinge, he brought Iesus forth, and sate downe to geue sentence, in a place that is called the pauement: but in the Hebrue tonge, Gabbatha.
19:14It was the preparyng daye of the easter, aboute the syxte houre. And he sayeth vnto the Iewes: beholde youre king?
19:15They cryed, awaye wt him, awaye wt him, crucifye him. Pylate saieth vnto them: shall I crucifye your kyng? The hye prestes answered: we haue no kyng but Cesar.
19:16Then delyuered he hym vnto them, to be crucified. And they toke Iesus, and led hym away.
19:17And he bare hys crosse, and went forth into a place, which is called the place of deed mens sculles. But in Hebrue, Golgotha:
19:18where they crucified hym, and two other with hym; on ether syde one, and Iesus in the myddes.
19:19And Pylate wrote a tytle, & put it on the crosse. The wrytynge was. Iesus of Nazareth kynge of the Iewes.
19:20Thys tytle redd many of the Iewes. For the place where Iesus was crucyfyed, was nye to the cytye. And it was wrytten in Hebrue, and Greke and Latyn.
19:21Then sayde the hye prestes of the Iewes to Pylate: wrytte not kynge of the Iewes, but that he sayde, I am kynge of the Iewes:
19:22Pylate answered: what I haue wrytten, that haue I wrytten.
19:23Then the soudiers, when they had crucifyed Iesus, they toke his garmentes & made foure partes, to euery soudier a parte, & also hys coate. The coate was without seme, wrought vpon thorowe out.
19:24They sayd therfore amonge them selues: Lett vs not deuyde it, but cast lotes for it, who shall haue it. That the scrypture myght be fulfylled, sayinge: They parted my rayment amonge them, and for my coate dyd they cast lotes. And the soudiers dyd soch thynges in dede.
19:25There stode by the crosse of Iesus hys mother, and his mothers syster, Mary the wyfe of Cleophas, & Mary Magdalene.
19:26When Iesus therfore sawe his mother, & the disciple stondinge whom he loued, he sayeth vnto his mother: woman: beholde thy sonne.
19:27Then sayde he to the disciple: beholde thy mother. And from that houre the disciple toke her for hys awne.
19:28After these thinges, Iesus knowinge that all thinges were now performed: that the scripture myght be fulfylled: he sayeth: I thyrst
19:29So ther stode a vessel by, full of veneger. Therfore they fylled a sponge with veneger and wounde it about with ysope, and put it to his mouth.
19:30Assone as Iesus then receaued of the veneger, he sayde. It is fynisshed, & bowed his heed, and gaue vp the goost.
19:31The Iewes therfore because it was the preparing of the Sabboth, that the bodyes shuld not remayne vpon the crosse on the sabboth daye (for that sabboth daye was an hye daye) besought Pilate, that their legges might be broken and that they might be taken downe.
19:32Then came the soudiers, and brake the legges of the fyrst, and of the other which was crucyfied with him.
19:33But when they came to Iesus: and sawe that he was deed already, they brake not his legges:
19:34but one of the soudiers wt a speare, thrust him into the syde, and forth with came ther out bloude and water.
19:35And he that sawe it, bare recorde, & hys record is true. And he knoweth that he sayth true, that ye might beleue also.
19:36For these thinges were done, that the scripture shulde be fulfylled. Ye shall not breake a bone of him.
19:37And agayne another scripture sayeth: they shal loke on him, whom they pearsed.
19:38After this, Ioseph of Aramathia (which was a disciple of Iesus: but secretly for feare of the Iewes) besought Pilate, that he might take downe the body of Iesus. And Pilate gaue him licence.
19:39And ther cam also Nicodemus (which at the begynnynge came to Iesus by night) & brought of myrre and aloes mingled together, aboute an hundred pounde wayght.
19:40Then toke they the body of Iesu, & wounde it in lynnen clothes wt the odoures, as the maner of the Iewes is to bury.
19:41And in the place where he was crucified, there was a garden, and in the garden a newe sepulchre, wherin was neuer man layd.
19:42There layde they Iesus therfore, because of the preparinge of the Sabboth of the Iewes for the sepulchre was nye at hande.
The Great Bible 1539

The Great Bible 1539

The Great Bible of 1539 was the first authorized edition of the Bible in English, authorized by King Henry VIII of England to be read aloud in the church services of the Church of England. The Great Bible was prepared by Myles Coverdale, working under commission of Thomas, Lord Cromwell, Secretary to Henry VIII and Vicar General. In 1538, Cromwell directed the clergy to provide "one book of the bible of the largest volume in English, and the same set up in some convenient place within the said church that ye have care of, whereas your parishioners may most commodiously resort to the same and read it."