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The Great Bible 1539



13:1Iosua was olde, and strycken in yeares, and the Lorde sayde vnto hym: thou art olde and strycken in yeres,
13:2and there remayneth yet excedynge moche lande to be possessed: This is the lande that yet remayneth: all the regyons of the Philistines: & all Gesuri:
13:3from Nilus which is on the outwarde parte of Egipt, vnto the borders of Aeckron northward, which lande is counted vnto Cananye, euen fyue Lordshippes of the Philistines, the Asathites, Asdodith, Ascalonites, Gethites, Akaronites, & the Euites.
13:4And from the south, all the lande of the Cananites, and the caue, that is besyde the Sidonians, euen vnto Aphek, and to the border of the Amorites.
13:5And the land of the Giblites, and all Libanon toward the sonne risynge, from the playne of Gad vnder mount Hermon, vntyl a man come to Hemath:
13:6all the enhabitoures of the hyll country, from Libanon vnto the whotte waters, and all the Sidonians, wyll I cast out from before the children of Israel: onely se that thou in any wyse deuyde it by lotte vnto the Israelites, to enheret, as I haue commaunded the.
13:7Now therfore deuide thys land to enheret, vnto the nyne trybes & the halfe trybe of Manasses.
13:8For with the other halfe the Rubenites and the Gaddites haue receaued theyr enheritaunce, whych Moses gaue them beyonde Iordan eastwarde: euen as Moses the seruaunt of the Lord gaue them:
13:9from Aroer that lyeth on the brym of the ryuer Arnon, and from the citie that is in the myddes of the ryuer. And all the playn of Medeba vnto Dibon,
13:10& all the cyties of Sehon kynge of the Amorites, which raygned in Hesbon, euen vnto the border of the chyldren of Ammon:
13:11and Gilead, & the border of Gesuri and Machati, and all mount Hermon, with all Basan vnto Salecah:
13:12euen all the kyngdom of Og in Basan, whyche raygned in Astharoth and Edrai, which same remayned yett of the rest of the Giauntes. These dyd Moses smyte, & cast them out
13:13Neuerthelesse the chyldren of Israel expelled not the Gesurites & the Machathites: But the Gesurites and the Machathites dwell amonge the Israelites euen vnto this daye,
13:14Only vnto the trybe of Leui, he gaue none enheritaunce: But the offrynge of the Lorde God of Israel is theyr enheritaunce, as he sayde vnto them.
13:15Moses gaue vnto the trybe of the chyldren of Ruben enheritaunce accordyng to theyr kynredes.
13:16And theyr coast was from Aroer that lyeth on the bancke of the ryuer Arnon, & from the citie that is in the myddes of the ryuer, and all the playne which is by Medeba,
13:17Hesbon, wyth all their townes that that lye in the playne: Dibon and the hyll places of Baal, and the house Baalmeon:
13:18and Iahazah, and kedemoth and Mephaah
13:19Kiriathaim, Sabamah and Zarath Zahar in the mounte of the valley,
13:20the house of Peor, and the sprynges of the hylles: and Bethiesimoth:
13:21and all the cyties of the playne. And all the kyngdome of Sehon kynge of the Amorites, whych raygned in Hesbon, which Moses smote with the lordes of Madian, Eui, Rekem, Zur, and Hur and Reba, the which were dukes of Sehon dwellyng in the contrey.
13:22And Balaam also the sonne of Beor the sothesayer, dyd the children of Israel slaye with the swerde, among other of them that were slayne.
13:23And the border of the chyldren of Ruben was Iordan with the contrey that lyeth theron. This was the enheritaunce of the chyldren of Ruben after their kynredes, cyties & villages pertaynynge therto.
13:24And Moses gaue enheritaunce vnto the trybe of Gad, euen vnto the chyldren of Gad he gaue by theyr kynredes.
13:25And theyr costes were Iazer, & all the cyties of Gilead, and halfe the lande of the chyldren of Ammon, vnto Aroer that lyeth before Rabba.
13:26And from Hesbon vnto Ramoth, Mazphah, & Betonim: and from Mahanaim vnto the borders of Lidbir.
13:27And in the valeye they had Betharan Bethnimra, Socoth, and Zaphon, the rest of the kyngdome of Sehon kyng of Hesbon, vnto Iordan and the costes that lye theron, euen vnto the edge of the see of Ceneroth, on the other syde Iordan eastward.
13:28This is the enheritaunce of the children of Gad after their kynredes, their cyties and villages.
13:29And Moses gaue enheritaunce vnto the halfe trybe of Manasses. And this was the possession of the halfe trybe of Manasses by theyr kynredes.
13:30Theyr coste was from Mahanaim, euen all Basan, & all the kyngdom of Og kynge of Basan, and all the townes of Iair which lye in Basan, euen thre skore cyties,
13:31& halfe Gilead, Astaroth, & Edrai, cyties of the kyngdome of Og in Basan whiche pertayne vnto the chyldren of Machir the sonne of Manasses, euen the halfe porcion of the chyldren of Machir by theyr kynredes.
13:32These are the thinges which Moses did distribute in the feldes of Moab, on the other syde Iordan ouer against Iericho eastward.
13:33But vnto the trybe of Leui, Moses gaue none enheritaunce, for the Lorde God of Israell is their enheritaunce, as he sayd vnto them.
The Great Bible 1539

The Great Bible 1539

The Great Bible of 1539 was the first authorized edition of the Bible in English, authorized by King Henry VIII of England to be read aloud in the church services of the Church of England. The Great Bible was prepared by Myles Coverdale, working under commission of Thomas, Lord Cromwell, Secretary to Henry VIII and Vicar General. In 1538, Cromwell directed the clergy to provide "one book of the bible of the largest volume in English, and the same set up in some convenient place within the said church that ye have care of, whereas your parishioners may most commodiously resort to the same and read it."