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Matthew's Bible 1537



1:1After the death of Iosua the children of Israel asked the Lord saying Who shal go vp first vnto the Cananites to fyghte agaynst them?
1:2And the Lorde sayde: Iuda shall go vp: beholde I haue delyuered the land into hys handes.
1:3Then Iuda sayde vnto Simeon hys brother: come wyth me into my lotte, and let vs fyghte agaynste the Cananites: And I lykewyse wil go with the into thy lotte. And so Simeon wente wyth hym.
1:4And Iuda went vp, and the Lord deliuered the Cananites and Pheresites into theyr handes. And they slewe of them in Bezek .x. thousand men.
1:5And they found Adonibezek in Bezek. And they fought against him, & slewe the Cananites & Pheresites.
1:6But Adonibezek fled, and they folowed after him, & caught him, and cut of hys thombes and hys greate toes.
1:7Then Adonibezek sayd: thre score & .x. kynges hauynge theyr thombes & greate toes cut of, gathered theyr meate vnder my table: wherfore as I haue done so, God hath done to me agayne. And they brought him to Ierusalem and there he dyed.
1:8The children of Iuda fought agaynst Ierusalem, and toke it, & smote it wyth the edge of the swerde, and set the cyty on fyre.
1:9And after that the chyldren of Iuda went euen to fyght agaynst the Cananites that dwelt in the mountayne, in the southe, & in the lowe countreye.
1:10And Iuda went vnto the Cananites that dwelt in Hebron, whiche before tyme was called Karyath Arbe. And slewe Sesai, Ahiman and Thalmai.
1:11And from thence they went to the inhabyters of Dabir, whose name in olde tyme was called Kariathsepher.
1:12And Caleb sayde: he that smyteth Kariathsepher, & taketh it, to him wyll I geue Acsah my doughter to wyfe.
1:13And Othonyel the sonne of Kenez Calebs younger brother toke it: to whome he gaue Acsah hys doughter to wyfe
1:14and as they wente she counceled hym to aske of her father a felde. And then she lyghted of her asse: and Caleb sayde vnto her: What ayleth the?
1:15She sayde vnto hym: geue me a blessynge: for thou hast geuen me a Southwarde & drye land, geue me also sprynges of water. And Caleb gaue her sprynge bothe aboue & beneth.
1:16And the chyldren of the Kenyte Moses father in lawe went vp out of the cytye of paulme trees, with the chyldren of Iuda into the wyldernesse of Iuda that lyeth in the Southe of Arad, and dwelte among the people.
1:17And Iuda went & Simeon with him, & they slewe the Cananytes that enhabyted Zephah, and vtterly destroyed it, and called the name of the cytye Hormah.
1:18And Iuda toke Azah with the coastes thereof, and Askalon wyth the coastes therof, and Akaron with the coastes thereof.
1:19And the Lorde was wyth Iuda that he conquered the mountaynes, but they coulde not dryue oute the enhabyters of the valeys, because they had charettes of yron.
1:20And they gaue Hebron vnto Caleb as Moyses sayde. And he expelled thence the thre sonnes of Enack.
1:21And the chyldren of Ben Iamin dyd not caste oute the Iebusites that enhabyted Ierusalem, but the Iebusites dwell wyth the chyldren of Ben Iamin in Ierusalem, vnto thys daye.
1:22And in lyke maner the house of Ioseph went vp to Bethell and the Lorde wyth them
1:23and the house of Ioseph serched out Bethell which before tyme was called Lus.
1:24And the spyes sawe a man come out of the cytye and they sayde vnto hym: shew vs the waye into the cytye. And we wyl shewe the mercy.
1:25And he shewed them the waye into the cytye, and they smote it with the edge of the swerde, but let the man and all hys houshold go free,
1:26And the man wente into the lande of the Hethites, and buylt a cytye and called the name thereof Lus whiche is the name thereof vnto thys daye.
1:27Neyther dyd Manasses expelle Bethsean wyth her tounes, nether Tanaach wyth her tounes, neyther the enhabytoures of Dor wt her tounes, neyther the enhabytours of Ieblaam with her tounes, neyther the enhabitours of Magedo wyth her tounes, and so the Cananites went to and dwelt in the sayde lande.
1:28But as sone as Israell was waxed myghtye they put the Cananites to trybute: But expelled them not.
1:29In lyke maner Ephraim expelled not the Cananites that dwelt in Gazer, but the Cananites dwelt stylle in Gazer among them.
1:30Neyther dyd Zabulon expell the enhabytoures of Ketron, neyther the enhabytours of Naholol: But the Cananites dwelt amonge them, and be came trybutaryes.
1:31Neyther dyd Aser cast out the enhabitours of Acho, neyther the enhabitours of Zidon, of Ahalab, Aczib, Halbah, Aphek, nor of Rohob,
1:32but the Aserytes dwelte amonge the Cananites the enhabytours of the lande, & draue them not out.
1:33Neyther dyd Nephtalim dryue oute the enhabytoures of Bethsames, nor the enhabytoures of Bethanath, but dwelle amongest the Cananytes the enhabytours of the lande. Neuerthelesse the enhabytours of Bethsames & of Bethanath be came trybutaryes vnto them.
1:34And the Amorites kept the chyldren of Dan in the mountaynes, and suffered them not to come doune to the valeys.
1:35And so the Amorites went to and dwelled in mount Heres in Haylon and in Galabim. Neuerthelater the hand of Ioseph waxed heuye vpon them, so that they became trybutaryes.
1:36And the coastes of the Amorytes was from the goyng vp to Acrabim, and from the rocke vpwarde.
Matthew's Bible 1537

Matthew's Bible 1537

The Matthew Bible, also known as Matthew's Version, was first published in 1537 by John Rogers, under the pseudonym "Thomas Matthew". It combined the New Testament of William Tyndale, and as much of the Old Testament as he had been able to translate before being captured and put to death, with the translations of Myles Coverdale as to the balance of the Old Testament and the Apocrypha, except the Apocryphal Prayer of Manasses. It is thus a vital link in the main sequence of English Bible translations.