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Matthew's Bible 1537



7:1Then Ierobaal otherwyse called Gedeon rose erlye & all the people that were with hym, & pytched besyde the well of Harad, so that the hoste of the Madianites were in a valeye on the northsyde of the hyll Hamoreh.
7:2And the Lorde sayde vnto Gedeon: the people that are wyth the, are to many for me to geue the Madianites into theyr handes, lest Israel make theyr vawnte to my dishonoure & saye, our owne hande hath saued vs.
7:3Now therfor make a proclamacyon in the eares of the people & saye: yf any man dreade or be afrayde, let hym returne and get hym sone from mounte Galaad. And there departed and returned of the people .xxij. thousand, and there abode ten thousande.
7:4And the Lorde sayd vnto Gedeon, the people are yet to many, brynge them doune vnto the water, and I wyll trye them vnto the there. And of whom I saye vnto the, thys shall go with the, the same shal go with the. And whosoeuer I saye vnto the, thys shall not go wyth the, the same shall not go.
7:5And when he had brought doune the people vnto the water, The Lorde sayde vnto Gedeon: as many as lappe the water with theyr tounges, as dogges do them put by them selues, and so do them that knele doune vpon theyr knees to dryncke.
7:6And the nombre of them that put theyr handes to theyr mouthes and lapped, were .iij. hundred men. And all the remnaunt of the people kneled doune vpon theyr knees to drynke water.
7:7And the Lorde sayde vnto Gedeon: wyth the thre hundred men that lapped wyll I saue you, and delyuer the Madianites into thyne hande. And all the other people shall go euery man vnto hys owne whome.
7:8And they toke vytayles wyth them for the folke, & theyr trompettes. And he sente all the reste of Israel, euery man vnto hys tente, and kepte the thre hundred wyth hym. And the hoste of Madian was beneth hym in a valeye.
7:9And the same nyght the Lorde sayde vnto him, vp & go doune vnto the hoste, for I haue delyuered it into thyne hande.
7:10But and yf thou feare to go doune, then go thou doune vnto the host & Pharah thy ladde,
7:11& herken what they say, and so shal thyne handes be strong, and then thou shalt go doune vnto the hoste. Then he went doune wt Pharah his ladde euen harde vnto the men of armes that were in the hoste.
7:12And the Madianites, the Amalekites, and all they of the east, laye a long in the valeye, lyke vnto greshopers in multitude & theyr camelles were wythout nombre, euen as the sande by the sea syde in multitude.
7:13And when Gedeon was come: Behold, there was a man that tolde a dreame vnto hys felowe & sayde: Beholde I dreamed a dreame, and me thoughte that a broyled looffe of barley bread tombled into the hoste of Madian, and came vnto a tente & smote it that it fell, and ouerturned it, that the tente laye a longe.
7:14And his felowe aunswered, & sayde, thys is nothynge elles saue the swerde of Gedeon the sonne of Ioas a man of Israel, into whose hande the Lord hath delyuered Madian & all the hoste.
7:15When Gedeon hearde the tellynge of the dreame & the interpretacyon of the same, he bowed hym selfe to the earth & returned vnto the hoste of Israel, and sayde: vp for the Lord hath delyuered into youre handes the hoste of the Madianites.
7:16And he deuyded the thre hundred men into thre companyes, & gaue euerye man a trompet in hys hand, wyth an emptye pitcher & lampes therin,
7:17and sayd vnto them: loke on me & do lykewyse: & beholde, when I come to the syde of the hoste, euen as I do, so do you.
7:18And when I blow wyth a trompet and all that are wyth me, blowe ye with trompettes also on euerye syde the hoste and saye: here be the Lorde and Gedeon.
7:19And so Gedeon & the thre hundred men that were wyth hym, came vnto the syde of the host in the begynnynge of the myddell watche, & reysed vp the watche men. And they blewe wt their trompettes & brake the pytchers that were in theyr handes.
7:20And all thre companyes blew wt trompettes & brake the pitchers, & held the lampes in theyr left handes, & the trompettes in their right, to blowe wyth all. And they cryed the swerd of the Lord & of Gedeon.
7:21And they stode stille, euery man in hys place rounde aboute the host. And al the host ranne & cryed & fleed.
7:22And as the thre hundreth blew wyth trompettes, the Lorde set euerye mannes swerde vpon hys neyghboure, thorow out all the hoste. And the hoste fleed vntyll they came to Bethsitah, to Zererath, & to the edge of Abelmeholah besyde Tabath.
7:23And the men of Israel gathered together of the trybe of Nephtalim, of Aser, & of all Manasses, & folowed after the Madianites.
7:24For Gedeon had sent messengers thorow out al mount Ephraim sayinge: come doune agaynst the Madianites & take from them the waters both of Bethbarath and also of Iordan Then all the men of Ephraim gathered together, & came doune & toke the waters bothe of Bethbarath & also of Iordan.
7:25And they toke two captaynes of the Madianites, Oreb and Zeb, & slew Ored vpon the rocke Oreb, and Zeb at the presse Zeb, and folowed after Madian. And brought the heades of Oreb & Zeb to Gedeon on the other syde Iordan.
Matthew's Bible 1537

Matthew's Bible 1537

The Matthew Bible, also known as Matthew's Version, was first published in 1537 by John Rogers, under the pseudonym "Thomas Matthew". It combined the New Testament of William Tyndale, and as much of the Old Testament as he had been able to translate before being captured and put to death, with the translations of Myles Coverdale as to the balance of the Old Testament and the Apocrypha, except the Apocryphal Prayer of Manasses. It is thus a vital link in the main sequence of English Bible translations.