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The Great Bible 1539



37:1Iacob dwelt in the lande where in his father was a straunger, euen in the lande of Chanaan.
37:2These are the generacyons of Iacob. when Ioseph was .xvij. yere olde, he kepte shepe wyth hys brethren, and the lad was with the sonnes of Bilha and with the sonnes of Zilpha his fathers wyues. And he brought vnto their father an euyll sayinge of them.
37:3But Israel loued Ioseph more than all hys chyldren, because he begat him in hys olde age, and he made hym a coote of many coloures.
37:4And when hys brethren sawe that theyr father loued him more than all his brethren, they hated hym & coulde not speke peaceably vnto hym.
37:5Moreouer whan Ioseph had dreamed a dreame, he tolde it his brethren whych hated hym yet the more.
37:6And he sayde vnto them: heare I praye yowe thys dreame which I haue dreamed:
37:7Beholde we were byndinge sheues in the felde: & lo, my sheffe arose, and stode vp ryght, and youres stode rounde aboute and made obeysaunce to my sheffe.
37:8To whom hys brethren sayde: shalt thou be oure kynge in dede? or shalt thou in dede haue dominyon ouer vs? And they hated hym yet the more, because of hys dreames, and of his wordes.
37:9And he dreamed yet another dreame and tolde it his brethren sayinge: beholde, I haue had one dreame more: me thought the sonne and the moone & .xj. starres made obeysaunce to me.
37:10And when he had tolde it vnto his father and hys brethren, hys father rebuked him & sayde vnto him: what is thys dreame which thou hast dreamed: shall I & thy mother and thy brethren come to fall on the grounde before the?
37:11And hys brethren hated him, but hys father noted the sayinge.
37:12Hys brethren also went to kepe their fathers shepe in Sichem,
37:13and Israel sayde vnto Ioseph: do not thy brethren kepe in Sichem? come, and I wyll sende the to them. He answered here am I.
37:14And he sayde vnto him: goo and see whether it be well with thy brethren and the shepe, and brynge me worde agayne. And so he sent him out of the vale of Hebron and he went to Sichem.
37:15And a certayne man founde hym, and beholde he was wandrynge out of hys waye in the felde, and the man asked him: what sekest thou?
37:16He answered: I seke my brethren, tell me I praye the where they kepe shepe.
37:17And the man sayde, they are departed hence, for I herde them saye: let vs goo vnto Dothan. Thus went Ioseph after his brethren, and founde them in Dothan.
37:18And when they sawe him a farre of before he came at them, they toke councell agaynst him, for to sley hym.
37:19For one sayde to another: Beholde this dreamer commeth:
37:20come nowe therfore and let vs sley hym and cast hym in to some pytt, and we wyll saye a wycked beast hath deuoured hym, and we shall se what wyll come of hys dreames.
37:21When Ruben hearde that, he ryd him out of their handes and sayde, we wyll not kyll hym.
37:22And Ruben sayde moreouer vnto them, shede not his bloude, but cast him into thys pytt that is in the wyldernes, and laye no hande vpon him: Namely, that he myght rydd him out of their handes & delyuer him to hys father agayne.
37:23And it happened that whan Ioseph was come vnto hys brethren, they strypte him out of his coot, hys party coloured coote that was vpon hym,
37:24and they toke hym and cast hym into an emptye pytt: Wherin was no water.
37:25And they satt them downe to eate brede. And as they lyft vp their eyes and loked aboute, there came a companye of Ismaelytes from Gilead, and their camels laden with spicery, baulme, and myrre, and were goynge downe to cary it into Egypte.
37:26And Iuda sayde vnto his brethren: what auayleth it yf we sley oure brother, and kepe hys bloude secrett?
37:27come on and let vs sell hym to the Ismaelytes, and let not oure hande be vpon hym: for he is oure brother and oure fleshe. And hys brethren were content.
37:28Than as the Madianites marchaunt men passed by, they drewe and lyft Ioseph out of the pytt and solde him vnto the Ismaelytes for .xx. peces of syluer. And they brought him into Egypte.
37:29And when Ruben came agayne vnto the pytt & founde not Ioseph there, he rent his cloothes
37:30and went agayne vnto his brethren sayinge: the lad is not yonder, and whether shall I goo?
37:31And they toke Iosephs coote and kylled a goote, & dypped the coote in the bloude.
37:32And they sent that partye coloured coote, and brought it vnto their father and sayde: Thys haue we founde: se whether it be thy sonnes coote or no.
37:33And he knewe it sayinge, it is my sonnes coote, a wycked beast hath deuoured hym, Ioseph is rent in peces.
37:34And Iacob rent hys cloothes, and put sacke clothe aboute his loynes, and sorowed for his sonne a longe season.
37:35But all his sonnes and all hys doughters rose vp to comforte him. Neuertheles he wolde not be comforted, but sayde: I wyll go downe into the graue vnto my sonne, mourninge. And thus hys father wepte for hym.
37:36And the Madianytes solde hym in Egypte vnto Putiphar a Lord of Pharaos, and his chefe Stewarde.
The Great Bible 1539

The Great Bible 1539

The Great Bible of 1539 was the first authorized edition of the Bible in English, authorized by King Henry VIII of England to be read aloud in the church services of the Church of England. The Great Bible was prepared by Myles Coverdale, working under commission of Thomas, Lord Cromwell, Secretary to Henry VIII and Vicar General. In 1538, Cromwell directed the clergy to provide "one book of the bible of the largest volume in English, and the same set up in some convenient place within the said church that ye have care of, whereas your parishioners may most commodiously resort to the same and read it."