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King James Bible 1611



23:1And Balaam saide vnto Balak, Build me here seuen Altars, and prepare mee here seuen oxen, and seuen rammes.
23:2And Balak did as Balaam had spoken, and Balak & Balaam offered on euery altar a bullocke and a ramme.
23:3And Balaam said vnto Balak, Stand by thy burnt offring, and I wil goe: peraduenture the Lord will come to meete mee; and whatsoeuer he sheweth me, I will tell thee. And he went to an high place.
23:4And God met Balaam, and he said vnto him, I haue prepared seuen altars, and I haue offered vpon euery altar a bullocke and a ramme.
23:5And the Lord put a word in Balaams mouth, and said, Returne vnto Balak, & thus thou shalt speake.
23:6And he returned vnto him, and loe, he stood by his burnt sacrifice, hee, and all the Princes of Moab.
23:7And he tooke vp his parable, and said, Balak the King of Moab hath brought mee from Aram, out of the mountaines of the East, saying, Come, curse me Iacob, and come, defie Israel.
23:8How shall I curse, whom God hath not cursed? or how shall I defie, whom the Lord hath not defied?
23:9For from the top of the rockes I see him, and from the hilles I behold him: loe, the people shall dwell alone, and shall not bee reckoned among the nations.
23:10Who can count the dust of Iacob, and the number of the fourth part of Israel? Let mee die the death of the righteous, & let my last end be like his.
23:11And Balak saide vnto Balaam, What hast thou done vnto me? I tooke thee to curse mine enemies, and behold, thou hast blessed them altogether.
23:12And he answered, and said, Must I not take heede to speake that which the Lord hath put in my mouth?
23:13And Balak said vnto him, Come, I pray thee, with me, vnto another place, from whence thou mayest see them: thou shalt see but the vtmost part of them, and shalt not see them all: and curse me them from thence.
23:14And hee brought him into the fielde of Zophim, to the toppe of Pisgah, and built seuen altars, and offered a bullocke and a ramme on euery altar.
23:15And he said vnto Balak, Stand here by thy burnt offering, while I meete the Lord yonder.
23:16And the Lord met Balaam, and put a word in his mouth, and saide, Goe againe vnto Balak, and say thus.
23:17And when hee came to him, behold, he stood by his burnt offring, and the Princes of Moab with him. And Balak said vnto him, What hath the Lord spoken?
23:18And he tooke vp his parable, and said, Rise vp Balak, & heare; hearken vnto me, thou sonne of Zippor:
23:19God is not a man that he should lie, neither the sonne of man, that hee should repent: hath he said, and shall he not doe it? or, hath hee spoken, and shall he not make it good?
23:20Behold, I haue receiued commandement to blesse: and hee hath blessed, and I cannot reuerse it.
23:21Hee hath not beheld iniquitie in Iacob, neither hath he seene peruersenesse in Israel: the Lord his God is with him, and the shoute of a King is among them.
23:22God brought them out of Egypt; he hath as it were the strength of an Unicorne.
23:23Surely there is no inchantment against Iacob, neither is there any diuination against Israel: according to this time it shalbe said of Iacob, and of Israel, What hath God wrought!
23:24Beholde, the people shall rise vp as a great Lion, and lift vp himselfe as a yong Lion: hee shall not lie downe vntill he eate of the pray, and drinke the blood of the slaine.
23:25And Balak said vnto Balaam, Neither curse them at all, nor blesse them at all.
23:26But Balaam answered, and said vnto Balak, Told not I thee, saying, All that the Lord speaketh, that I must doe?
23:27And Balak saide vnto Balaam, Come, I pray thee, I will bring thee vnto another place, peraduenture it will please God, that thou mayest curse me them from thence.
23:28And Balak brought Balaam vnto the top of Peor, that looketh toward Ieshimon.
23:29And Balaam saide vnto Balak, Build mee here seuen altars, and prepare me here seuen bullocks, and seuen rammes.
23:30And Balak did as Balaam had said, and offred a bullocke and a ramme on euery altar.
King James Bible 1611

King James Bible 1611

The commissioning of the King James Bible took place at a conference at the Hampton Court Palace in London England in 1604. When King James came to the throne he wanted unity and stability in the church and state, but was well aware that the diversity of his constituents had to be considered. There were the Papists who longed for the English church to return to the Roman Catholic fold and the Latin Vulgate. There were Puritans, loyal to the crown but wanting even more distance from Rome. The Puritans used the Geneva Bible which contained footnotes that the king regarded as seditious. The Traditionalists made up of Bishops of the Anglican Church wanted to retain the Bishops Bible.

The king commissioned a new English translation to be made by over fifty scholars representing the Puritans and Traditionalists. They took into consideration: the Tyndale New Testament, the Matthews Bible, the Great Bible and the Geneva Bible. The great revision of the Bible had begun. From 1605 to 1606 the scholars engaged in private research. From 1607 to 1609 the work was assembled. In 1610 the work went to press, and in 1611 the first of the huge (16 inch tall) pulpit folios known today as "The 1611 King James Bible" came off the printing press.