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The Great Bible 1539



35:1And the Lorde spake vnto Moses in the feldes of Moab by Iordan, oueragaynst Iericho, sayinge:
35:2commaunde the chyldren of Israel, that they geue vnto the Leuites of the enheritaunce of theyr possession, cyties to dwell in. And ye shall geue also vnto the cyties of the Leuites, suburbes hard by theyr cityes rounde about them.
35:3The cyties shall they haue to dwell in, and the suburbes for theyr catell, and for theyr possession and all maner of beastes of theyrs.
35:4And the suburbes of the cyties which ye shall geue vnto the Leuites, shall reache from the wall of the cytie outwarde, a thousande cubytes rounde about.
35:5And ye shall measure without the cytie of the eastsyde, two thousande cubytes. And of the southsyde, two thousande cubytes. And of the westsyde, two thousande cubytes. And of the northsyde, two thousaude cubites also: and the cytie shalbe in the myddes. And these shalbe the suburbes of theyr cyties.
35:6And from amonge the cyties whyche ye shall geue vnto the Leuytes, there shall be syxe cyties for refuge, which ye shall appointe to that intent, that he which kylleth, maye flye thyther. And to them ye shal adde .xlii. cyties mo:
35:7so that all the cyties whyche ye shall geue the Leuites, maye be .xlviii. with theyr suburbes.
35:8And these cities which ye shall geue, shall be out of the possession of the chyldren of Israel. They that haue many, shall geue many. But of them that haue fewe, ye shall take fewe. Euery one shall geue of hys cities vnto the Leuites, accordynge to the enheritaunce which he enheriteth.
35:9And the Lorde spake vnto Moses, sayenge:
35:10speake vnto the chyldren of Israel and saye vnto them: whan ye be come ouer Iordane into the lande of Canaan,
35:11ye shall appoynte you cyties to be cyties of refuge for you: that he whych sleeth a soule vnwares, maye flye thyther.
35:12And the cytie shalbe to flye from the auenger of bloude, that he whyche kylleth dye not, vntyll he stande before the congregacion in iudgement.
35:13And of these syxe fre cyties whyche ye shall geue
35:14ye shall gyue thre on thys syde Iordan, and thre in the lande of Canaan.
35:15And these syxe fre cyties shalbe a refuge both for the chyldren of Israel, and for the straunger, and for hym that dwelleth amonge you: that all they which kill any persone vnwares, maye flye thyther.
35:16And yf any man smyte another with an instrument of yron that he dye, then is he a murtherer, and shall dye for it.
35:17If he smyte hym wyth a throwynge stone that a man maye dye with, and yf he dye, he that smote hym is a murtherer, let the same murtherer be slayne therfore.
35:18Or yf he smyte him with a handweapon of wodde that a man maye dye with, then yf he dye, he is a murtherer: let the murtherer be slayne therfore.
35:19The iustice of bloude shall slaye the murtherer: whan he meteth hym, he maye slaye hym.
35:20But yf the thrust at hym of hate, or hourle at him with layinge of wayte, that he dye, or smyte hym with hys hande of enuye that he dye,
35:21he that smote him shall dye, for he is a murtherer. The iustice of bloude shall slaye the murthurer, as soone as he findeth him.
35:22But and yf he pusshed hym by chaunce and not of hate, or cast at him with any maner of thynge and not of layinge of wayte:
35:23or cast any maner of stone at him (that a man maye dye with) and sawe hym not. And he cast it vpon hym and he dye, and was not hys enemye, nether sought him any harme.
35:24Then the congregacyon shall iudge betwene the slayer and the executer of bloude in soche cases.
35:25And the congregacyon shall delyuer the slayer out of the hande of the auenger of bloude, and the congregacyon shall restore hym agayne vnto the cytie of hys refuge, whether he was fledd. And he shall byde there vnto the deathe of the hye preaste, which was anoynted with holy oyle.
35:26But & yf the slayer come without the borders of his preuileged cytie whether he was fledd,
35:27yf the auenger of bloud fynde him withoute the borders of hys fre towne, and slaye the murtherer, he shal be gyltlesse,
35:28because he shulde haue bydden in hys fre towne vntyll the deeth of the hye preaste, and after the deeth of the hye preaste to retourne agayne vnto the lande of his possession.
35:29These commaundementes shalbe a lawe vnto you, for youre generacions in all youre dwellynges.
35:30Whosoeuer kylleth a soule, the same the manslayer must be slayne him selfe thorowe witnesses. Nether shall one witnesse answere to put a man to death.
35:31Moreouer, ye shall take none amendes for the lyfe of the murtherer which is worthy to dye: But he shall be put to death.
35:32Also ye shall take no money of hym that is fled to a fre cytie, that he shulde come agayne, and dwell in the lande, before the death of the hye preaste.
35:33And se that ye polute not the lande which ye shall dwell in: for bloud defyleth the lande. And the land can none other wyse be clensed of the bloude that is shed therin, but by the bloude of hym that shed bloude.
35:34Defyle not therfore the lande which ye shall inhabyte, for I am in the myddes therof: euen I the Lord dwell among the chyldren of Israel.
The Great Bible 1539

The Great Bible 1539

The Great Bible of 1539 was the first authorized edition of the Bible in English, authorized by King Henry VIII of England to be read aloud in the church services of the Church of England. The Great Bible was prepared by Myles Coverdale, working under commission of Thomas, Lord Cromwell, Secretary to Henry VIII and Vicar General. In 1538, Cromwell directed the clergy to provide "one book of the bible of the largest volume in English, and the same set up in some convenient place within the said church that ye have care of, whereas your parishioners may most commodiously resort to the same and read it."