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The Great Bible 1539



18:1And the Lorde sayde vnto Aaron Thou and thy sonnes and thy fathers house with the shall beare the faute of that which is done amysse in the holy place. And thou and thy sonnes wt the shall beare the faute of that which is done amysse in your presthode.
18:2And thy brethren of the trybe of Leui and of thy fathers housholde thou shalt take vnto the, that they maye be ioyned vnto the and minystre vnto the: euen vnto the and thy sonnes with the before the tabernacle of witnes.
18:3They shall wayte vpon the and vpon all the tabernacle: onely let them not come nye the vesselles of the sanctuary and the alter, that they and ye also dye not.
18:4And they shalbe by the, and wayte on the tabernacle of witnes for all the seruyce of the tabernacle, and let no straunger come nye vnto you.
18:5Therfore shall ye kepe the holy place and the aulter, that ther fall no more wrath vpon the chyldren of Israel:
18:6beholde, I haue taken your brethren the Leuites from amonge the the childreen of Israel, which as a gyft of yours are geuen vnto the Lorde, to do the seruyce of the tabernacle of witnes.
18:7Therfore shalt thou and thy sonnes with the take hede vnto your preastes offyce for all thynges that perteyne vnto the aulter, and for all that are within the vayle. And se that ye serue: for I haue geuen your prestes office vnto you as a gyft: and therfore the straunger that commeth nye, must be slayne.
18:8And the Lorde spake vnto Aaron: behold, I haue geuen the the kepynge of myne heue offerynges of all the halowed thynges of the chyldren of Israel. Euen vnto the, I haue geuen them for the anoyntinge, and to thy sonnes, for a dutye for euer.
18:9Thys shall be thyne of most holy from the fyre of the altare. All theyr sacrifyces for all theyr meateofferynges, synne offerynges or trespace offerynges, which they brynge vnto me, are most holy. It is thyne and thy sonnes.
18:10In the most holy place shalt thou eat it: and all that are males shall eat of it: let it be holy vnto the.
18:11And this also is thyne the heueofferynges of theyr gyftes, thorowe out all the waueofferynges of the chyldren of Israel: I haue geuen them vnto the and thy sonnes, and thy daughters with the, to be a dutye for euer and all that are cleane in thy house, shall eate of it,
18:12all the fatt of the oyle, and all the fatt of the wyne and of the corne, whyche they shall offre vnto the Lord for fyrst frutes, the same haue I geuen vnto the.
18:13And whatsoeuer is fyrst rype in theyr lande whych they brynge vnto the Lord, shalbe thyne: and all that are cleane in thyne house, shall eate of it.
18:14All dedicate thinges in Israel, shalbe thyne.
18:15All that breaketh the matrice in all fleshe that men brynge vnto the Lorde, whether it be of men or beastes, shalbe thyne. Neuerthelater the fyrstborne of man shalt thou redeme, and the fyrstborne of vncleane beastes shalt thou redeme lykewyse. Those that are to be redemed,
18:16shalt thou redeme from the age of a moneth, for the value of the money, namely for fyue sycles after the sycle of the sanctuari. A sycle maketh twentye halfpens.
18:17But the fyrstborne of oxen, shepe and goates shalt thou not redeme. For they are holy, therfore thou shalt sprynkle theyr bloude vpon the alter, and shalt burne theyr fatt vpon the sacrifyce for a swete sauoure vnto the Lorde.
18:18And the flesh of them is thyne as the wauebrest and the ryght shoulder. These are thyne.
18:19All the holy heueofferynges whych the chyldren of Israel offre vnto the Lorde, haue I geuen the and thy sonnes and thy daughters wyth the, to be a dutye foreuer: let it be a salted couenaunte for euer, before the Lorde, both vnto the & to thy seed with the.
18:20And the Lorde spake vnto Aaron thou shalt haue none enheritaunce in their lande, nether shalt thou haue any parte amonge them. I am thy parte and thy enherytaunce amonge the chyldren of Israel.
18:21Beholde, I haue geuen the chyldren of Leui all the tenth in Israel to enheryte, for the seruyce whiche they serue in the tabernacle of witnesse.
18:22Neither must the chyldren of Israel henceforth come nye the tabernacle of witnesse, lest they beare synne and dye.
18:23But the Leuites shall do the seruice in the tabernacle of witnesse & beare theyr synne, It shalbe a lawe foreuer in youre generacyons, that amonge the chyldren of Israel they possesse none enheritaunce.
18:24But the tythes of the chyldren of Israel whyche they paye as an heue offerynge vnto the Lorde, I haue geuen the Leuites to enheret. And therfore I haue sayed vnto them. Amonge the chyldren of Israel ye shall possesse none enheritaunce.
18:25And the Lorde spake vnto Moses saying:
18:26speake vnto the Leuites and saye vnto them when ye take of the chyldren of Israel the tythes which I haue geuen you of them for youre enheritaunce, ye shall take an heueofferynge of that same for the Lorde: euen the tenth parte of that tythe.
18:27And thys youre heueoffering shalbe rekened vnto you, euen as though it were of the corne of the barne, or out of the fulnesse of the wyne presse.
18:28Of thys maner ye shall therfore separate an heueofferynge vnto the Lorde, of all youre tythes which ye receaue of the chyldren of Israel, and ye shall geue ther of vnto the Lord an heueofferynge, whyche shall belonge to Aaron the preaste.
18:29Of all youre gyftes, ye shal take out all the Lordes heueofferynges euen the fatt of theyr halowed thynges.
18:30Therfore thou shalt saye vnto them: when ye haue taken awaye the fatt of it from it, it shalbe counted vnto the Leuites, as yf it were the encrease of the corne floore, or the increase of the wyne presse.
18:31And ye shall eate it in all places, both ye and youre housholdes, for it is youre rewarde for youre seruyce in the tabernacle of witnesse.
18:32And ye shall beare no synne by the reason of it, when ye haue taken from it the fatt of it: nether shall ye vnhalowe the holy thynges of the children of Israel lest ye dye.
The Great Bible 1539

The Great Bible 1539

The Great Bible of 1539 was the first authorized edition of the Bible in English, authorized by King Henry VIII of England to be read aloud in the church services of the Church of England. The Great Bible was prepared by Myles Coverdale, working under commission of Thomas, Lord Cromwell, Secretary to Henry VIII and Vicar General. In 1538, Cromwell directed the clergy to provide "one book of the bible of the largest volume in English, and the same set up in some convenient place within the said church that ye have care of, whereas your parishioners may most commodiously resort to the same and read it."