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The Great Bible 1539



28:1And the Lord spake vnto Moses saying:
28:2Commaunde the children of Israel, and saye vnto them: My offring and my bred for my sacrifyces which are made for a swete sauoure, shall ye obserue in theyr due season.
28:3And thou shalt saye vnto them: This is the offering which ye shall offer vnto the Lord .ij. lambes of a yere olde without spot daye by daye, for a continuall burntoffering.
28:4One lambe shalt thou offer in the morning, and the other at euen.
28:5And therto the tenth part of an epha of floure for a meatofferyng myngled with beaten oyle conteyninge the fourth part of an hin.
28:6It is a dayly burntoffering, such as was ordeyned in the mounte Sinai for a swete sauoure a sacrifyce vnto the Lorde.
28:7And let the drinckofferyng of the same be the fourth part of an hin for one lambe, and in the holy place shalt thou commaunde the wyne to be powred vnto the Lorde.
28:8And the other lambe thou shalt offer at euen after the maner of the meatofferyng and the drinckoffering of the morning: a sacrifice shalt thou offre for a swete sauoure vnto the Lorde.
28:9And on the Sabboth daye two lambes of a yere olde a pece, and without spot, and two tenth deales of flour for a meatoffering myngled wt oyle, and the drinck offerynge therto.
28:10The burntoffering of the Sabboth must be done in the selfe Sabboth, besyde the dayly burntoffering and his drinckoffering.
28:11And in the beginnynge of youre monethes, ye shall offer a burntofferinge vnto the Lord: two yonge bullockes, and a ram, and vij, lambes of a yere olde without spot:
28:12and .iij. tenth deales of floure for a meatoffering myngled with oyle for one bullocke, and .ij. tenth deales of floure for a meatoffering mingled with oyle for one ram.
28:13And a tenth deale of floure myngled with oyle for a meateoffering vnto one lambe, for a burntoffring and a swete sauoure and sacrifice vnto the Lorde.
28:14And theyr drinckofferynges shalbe halfe an hin of wyne vnto one bullocke, and the third part of an hin of wyne vnto a ram, and the fourth part of an hin vnto a lambe. Thys is the burntofferynge of the moneth in hys moneth, thorowout the monethes of the yere:
28:15and one he goate for a synoffering vnto the Lord shalbe offred, after the dayly burntofferyng and hys drinckoffring.
28:16And the fourtenth daye of the fyrst moneth, is the passeouer of the Lorde.
28:17And in the fyftenth daye of the same moneth is the feast: and seuen dayes longe shall vnleuened bred be eaten.
28:18In the fyrst daye shalbe an holy conuocacyon, ye shall do no maner of seruile worke therin.
28:19But ye shall offer a sacrifyce for a burntofferynge vnto the Lorde .ij. yong bullockes, one ram, and seuen lambes of a yere olde, which are to you wtout spot,
28:20and let theyr meatoffering be of floure mingled with oyle: thre tenth deales also shall ye offre for a bullock, and two tenth deales for a ram:
28:21one tenth deale shalt thou offre for euery lambe of the seuen lambes:
28:22and a hegoate for synne to make atonement for you.
28:23Ye shall offer these, besyde the burntofferyng in the morning, which is a contynuall burntsacrifyce.
28:24After this maner ye shall offre thorowout the .vij. dayes: the fode of the sacrifyce for a swete sauoure vnto the Lord. And it shalbe done besyde the dayly burntoffering and his drinckofferyng.
28:25And in the seuenth daye ye shall haue an holy conuocacion, and ye shall do no seruyle worke.
28:26Therfore in the daye of your first frutes, when ye bryng a newe meatoffering vnto the Lorde (accordyng to your wekes) ye shall haue an holy conuocacion,
28:27& ye shall do no seruile worke in it: but offer a burntofferynge for a swete sauoure vnto the Lorde two yonge bullockes, a ram, and .vij. lambes of a yere olde a pece,
28:28with their meate offerynges of floure myngled with oyle, thre tenth deales vnto a bullock, two tenth deales to a ram,
28:29and one tenth deale vnto a lambe thorowout the seuen lambes,
28:30and an hegoate to make an atonement for you.
28:31This ye shall do besydes the contynuall burntofferynge, and hys meatofferyng: & they shalbe vnto you without spot, with their drynckofferynges.
The Great Bible 1539

The Great Bible 1539

The Great Bible of 1539 was the first authorized edition of the Bible in English, authorized by King Henry VIII of England to be read aloud in the church services of the Church of England. The Great Bible was prepared by Myles Coverdale, working under commission of Thomas, Lord Cromwell, Secretary to Henry VIII and Vicar General. In 1538, Cromwell directed the clergy to provide "one book of the bible of the largest volume in English, and the same set up in some convenient place within the said church that ye have care of, whereas your parishioners may most commodiously resort to the same and read it."