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John Wycliffe Bible 1382



3:1In the fiftenthe yeer of the empire of Tiberie, the emperoure, whanne Pilat of Pounce gouernede Judee, and Eroude was prince of Galilee, and Filip, his brothir, was prince of Iturye, and of the cuntre of Tracon, and Lisanye was prince of Abilyn,
3:2vndir the princis of prestis Annas and Caifas, the word of the Lord was maad on Joon, the sone of Zacarie, in desert.
3:3And he cam in to al the cuntre of Jordan, and prechide baptym of penaunce in to remyssioun of synnes.
3:4As it is wrytun in the book of the wordis of Isaye, the prophete, The voice of a crier in desert, Make ye redi the weie of the Lord, make ye hise pathis riyt.
3:5Ech valey schal be fulfillid, and euery hil and litil hil schal be maad lowe; and schrewid thingis schulen ben in to dressid thingis, and scharp thingis in to pleyn weies;
3:6and euery fleisch schal se the heelthe of God.
3:7Therfor he seid to the puple, which wente out to be baptisid of hym, Kyndlyngis of eddris, who schewide to you to fle fro the wraththe to comynge?
3:8Therfor do ye worthi fruytis of penaunce, and bigynne ye not to seie, We han a fadir Abraham; for Y seie to you, that God is myyti to reise of these stoonys the sones of Abraham.
3:9And now an axe is sett to the roote of the tree; and therfor euery tre that makith no good fruyt, schal be kit doun, and schal be cast in to the fier.
3:10And the puple axide hym, and seiden, What thanne schulen we do?
3:11He answeride, and seide to hem, He that hath twei cootis, yyue to hym that hath noon; and he that hath metis, do in lijk maner.
3:12And pupplicans camen to be baptisid; and thei seiden to hym, Maister, what schulen we do?
3:13And he seide to hem, Do ye no thing more, than that that is ordeyned to you.
3:14And knyytis axiden hym, and seiden, What schulen also we do? And he seide to hem, Smyte ye wrongfuli no man, nethir make ye fals chalenge, and be ye apayed with youre sowdis.
3:15Whanne al the puple gesside, and alle men thouyten in her hertis of Joon, lest perauenture he were Crist,
3:16Joon answeride, and seide to alle men, Y baptize you in watir; but a stronger than Y schal come aftir me, of whom Y am not worthi to vnbynde the lace of his schoon; he schal baptize you in the Hooli Goost and fier.
3:17Whos `wynewyng tool in his hond, and he schal purge his floor of corn, and schal gadere the whete in to his berne; but the chaffis he schal brenne with fier vnquenchable.
3:18And many othere thingis also he spak, and prechide to the puple. But Eroude tetrark, whanne he was blamed of Joon for Erodias,
3:19the wijf of his brother, and for alle the yuelis that Eroude dide,
3:20encreside this ouer alle, and schitte Joon in prisoun.
3:21And it was don, whanne al the puple was baptised, and whanne Jhesu was baptised, and preiede, heuene was openyd.
3:22And the Hooli Goost cam doun in bodili licnesse, as a dowue on hym; and a vois was maad fro heuene, Thou art my derworth sone, in thee it hath plesid to me.
3:23And Jhesu hym silf was bigynninge as of thritti yeer, that he was gessid the sone of Joseph, which was of Heli,
3:24which was of Mathath, which was of Leuy, which was of Melchi, that was of Jamne,
3:25that was of Joseph, that was of Matatie, that was of Amos, that was of Naum, that was of Hely, that was of Nagge,
3:26that was of Mathath, that was of Matatie, that was of Semei, that was of Joseph, that was of Juda, that was of Johanna,
3:27that was of Resa, that was of Zorobabel, that was of Salatiel,
3:28that was of Neri, that was of Melchi, that was of Addi, that was of Cosan, that was of Elmadan, that was of Her,
3:29that was of Jhesu, that was of Eleasar, that was of Jorum, that was of Matath,
3:30that was of Leuy, that was of Symeon, that was of Juda, that was of Joseph, that was of Jona, that was of Eliachym,
3:31that was of Melca, that was of Menna, that of Mathatha, that was of Nathan,
3:32that was of Dauid, that was of Jesse, that was of Obeth, that was of Boz, that was of Salmon, that was of Nason,
3:33that was of Amynadab, that was of Aram, that was of Esrom, that was of Fares,
3:34that was of Judas, that was of Jacob, that was of Isaac, that was of Abraham, that was of Tare, that was of Nachor,
3:35that was of Seruth, that was of Ragau, that was of Faleth, that was of Heber,
3:36that was of Sale, that was of Chaynan, that was of Arfaxath, that was of Sem, that was of Noe, that was of Lameth,
3:37that was of Matussale, that was of Enok, that was of Jareth, that was of Malaliel, that was of Cainan, that was of Enos,
3:38that was of Seth, that was of Adam, that was of God.
John Wycliffe Bible 1382

John Wycliffe Bible 1382

The Wycliffe Bible is the only Bible here that was not translated from the Textus Receptus. Its inclusion here is for the Bible's historic value and for comparison in the English language.

John Wycliffe, an Oxford professor produced the first hand-written English language Bible manuscripts in the 1380's. While it is doubtful Wycliffe himself translated the versions that bear his name, he certainly can be considered the driving force behind the project. He strongly believed in having the scriptures available to the people.

Wycliffe, was well-known throughout Europe for his opposition to the teaching of the organized Church, which he believed to be contrary to the Bible. With the help of his followers (called Lollards), Wycliffe produced dozens of English language manuscript copies of the scriptures. They were translated out of the Latin Vulgate, which was the only source text available to Wycliffe. The Pope was so infuriated by his teachings and his translation of the Bible into English, that 44 years after Wycliffe died, he ordered the bones to be dug-up, crushed, and scattered in the river.