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William Tyndale Bible 1534

New Testament



6:1After these thinges Iesus wet his waye over the see of Galile nye to a cyte called Tiberias.
6:2And a greate multitude folowed him because they had sene his myracles which he dyd on them that were diseased.
6:3And Iesus went vp into a mountayne and there he sate with his disciples.
6:4And ester a feast of ye Iewes was nye.
6:5Then Iesus lifte vp his eyes and sawe a greate copany come vnto him and sayde vnto Philip: whence shall we bye breed yt these might eate.
6:6This he sayde to prove him: for he him sylfe knewe what he wolde do.
6:7Philip answered him two hondred peny worthe of breed are not sufficient for them yt every ma have a litell.
6:8Then sayde vnto him one of his disciples Andrew Simon Peters brother.
6:9There ys a lad here which hath fyve barly loves and two fisshes: but what is that amoge so many?
6:10And Iesus sayde. Make the people sit doune: Ther was moche grasse in the place. And the men sate doune in nombre about five thousande.
6:11And Iesus toke the breed and gave thankes and gave to the disciples and his disciples to them that were set doune. And lykwyse of the fysshes as moche as they wolde.
6:12When they had eate ynough he sayd vnto his disciples: gadder vp the broke meate that remayneth: that nothinge be loost.
6:13And they gadered it to geder and fylled twelve baskettes with the broken meate of the five barly loves which broken meate remayned vnto the that had eaten.
6:14Then the men when they had sene the myracle that Iesus dyd sayde: This is of a trueth the Prophet that shuld come into the worlde.
6:15When Iesus perceaved that they wolde come and take him vp to make him kinge he departed agayne into a mountayne him silfe a lone.
6:16And when eve was come his disciples wet vnto the see
6:17and entred into a shyppe and went over the see vnto Capernaum. And anone it was darcke and Iesus was not come to them.
6:18And ye see arose with a greate winde yt blew.
6:19And when they had rowe aboute a .xxv. or a xxx. furlonges they sawe Iesus walke on ye see and drawe nye vnto the shyp and they were afrayed.
6:20And he sayde vnto them: It is I be not a frayde.
6:21Then wolde they have receaved him into the shyp and the ship was by and by at the londe whyther they went.
6:22The daye folowynge the people which stode on the other syde of the see sawe that ther was none other shyp theare save yt one wher in his disciples were entred and that Iesus went not in with his disciples into the ship: but that his disciples were gone awaye alone.
6:23How be it ther came other shippes from Tiberias nye vnto the place where they ate breed when the Lorde had blessed.
6:24Then whe the people sawe that Iesus was not there nether his disciples they also toke shippinge and came to Caparnaum sekinge for Iesus.
6:25And when they had founde him on ye other syde of ye see they sayd vnto him: Rabbi whe camest thou hidder?
6:26Iesus answered them and sayde: verely verely I saye vnto you: ye seke me not because ye sawe the myracles: but because ye ate of the loves and were filled.
6:27Laboure not for ye meate which perissheth but for ye meate that endureth vnto everlastynge lyfe whiche meate ye sonne of ma shall geve vnto you. For him hath god ye father sealed.
6:28Then sayd they vnto him: what shall we do that we myght worke ye workes of God?
6:29Iesus answered and sayde vnto them. This is ye worke of God that ye beleve on him who he hath sent.
6:30They sayde vnto him: what signe shewest thou then that we maye se and beleve the? What doest thou worke?
6:31Oure fathers dyd eate Manna in the desert as yt is writte: He gave them breed fro heaven to eate.
6:32Iesus sayde vnto the: verely verely I saye vnto you: Moses gave you breed fro heave: but my father geveth you the true breed fro heave.
6:33For the breed of God is he which cometh doune from heave and geveth lyfe vnto the worlde.
6:34Then sayde they vnto him: Lorde ever moore geve vs this breed.
6:35And Iesus sayde vnto them: I am that breed of life. He that cometh to me shall not honger: and he that beleveth on me shall never thurst.
6:36But I sayed vnto you: that ye have sene me aud yet beleve not.
6:37All that the father geveth me shall come to me: and him yt cometh to me I cast not awaye.
6:38For I came doune fro heaven: not to do myne awne will but his will which hath sent me.
6:39And this is the fathers will which hath sent me that of all which he hath geven me I shuld loose no thinge: but shuld rayse it vp agayne at the last daye.
6:40And this is the wyll of him yt sent me: yt every man which seith ye sonne and beleveth on him have everlastinge lyfe. And I will rayse him vp at ye last daye.
6:41The Iewes then murmured at him because he sayde: I am that breed which is come doune from heaven.
6:42And they sayde: Is not this Iesus ye sonne of Ioseph whose father and mother we knowe? How ys yt then that he sayeth I came doune from heave?
6:43Iesus answered and sayde vnto them. Murmur not betwene youre selves.
6:44No man can come to me except the father which hath sent me drawe him. And I will rayse him vp at the last daye.
6:45It is written in the Prophetes yt they shall all be taught of God. Every man therfore that hath hearde and hath learned of the father commeth vnto me.
6:46Not that eny man hath sene ye father save he which is of God: the same hath sene the father.
6:47Verely verely I saye vnto you he that beleveth on me hath everlastinge lyfe.
6:48I am that breed of lyfe.
6:49Youre fathers dyd eate Mana in ye wildernes and are deed.
6:50This is that breed which cometh fro heave yt he which eateth of it shuld also not dye.
6:51I am that lyvinge breed which came doune from heave. Yf eny man eate of this breed he shall live forever. And the breed that I will geve is my flesshe which I will geve for the lyfe of ye worlde
6:52And the Iewes strove amoge them selves sayinge: How can this felowe geve vs his flesshe to eate?
6:53Then Iesus sayde vnto them: Verely verely I saye vnto you except ye eate ye flesshe of ye sonne of man and drinke his bloude ye shall not have lyfe in you
6:54Whosoever eateth my flesshe and drinketh my bloude hath eternall lyfe: and I will rayse him vp at the last daye.
6:55For my flesshe is meate in dede: and my bloude is drynke in dede.
6:56He that eateth my flesshe and drynketh my bloude dwelleth in me and I in him.
6:57As the lyvinge father hath sent me even so lyve I by my father: and he that eateth me shall live by me.
6:58This is the breed which cam from heave: not as youre fathers have eaten Manna and are deed. He that eateth of this breed shall live ever.
6:59These thinges sayd he in the synagoge as he taught in Capernaum.
6:60Many of his disciples when they had herde this sayde: this is an herde sayinge: who can abyde the hearinge of it?
6:61Iesus knew in him selfe that his disciples murmured at it and sayde vnto them: Doth this offende you?
6:62What and yf ye shall se the sonne of man ascede vp where he was before?
6:63It is the sprete that quyckeneth the flesshe proffeteth nothinge. The wordes that I speake vnto you are sprete and lyfe.
6:64But ther are some of you that beleve not. For Iesus knewe from the begynnynge which they were that beleved not and who shuld betraye him.
6:65And he sayde: Therfore sayde I vnto you: that no man can come vnto me except it were geven vnto him of my father.
6:66From that tyme many of his disciples wet backe and walked no moore with him.
6:67Then sayde Iesus to the twelve: will ye alsoo goo awaye?
6:68Then Simon Peter answered: Master to whom shall we goo? Thou haste the wordes of eternall lyfe
6:69and we beleve and knowe yt thou arte Christ the sonne of the lyvinge God.
6:70Iesus answered them: Have not I chosen you twelve and yet one of you is the devyll?
6:71He spake it of Iudas Iscariot the sonne of Simon. For he it was yt shuld betraye him and was one of the twelve.
Tyndale Bible 1534

William Tyndale Bible 1534

William Tyndale was the first man to ever print the New Testament in the English language. Tyndale also went on to be the first to translate much of the Old Testament from the original Hebrew into English, but he was executed in 1536 for the "crime" of printing the scriptures in English before he could personally complete the printing of an entire Bible. His friends Myles Coverdale, and John [Thomas Matthew] Rogers, managed to evade arrest and publish entire Bibles in the English language for the first time, and within one year of Tyndale's death. These Bibles were primarily the work of William Tyndale.