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The Great Bible 1539



7:1When he had ended all hys saienges in the audience of the people, he entred into Capernaum.
7:2And a certen Centurions seruaunt which was deare vnto hym laye syck, and was in parell of death.
7:3And whan he heard of Iesu, he sent vnto him the elders of the Iewes, besechinge him that he wold come, & heale his seruaunte.
7:4And whan they came to Iesus, they besought him instantly, saying: He is worthy that thou shuldest do this for hym.
7:5For he loueth oure nacion, and hath buylt vs a synagoge.
7:6And Iesus went with them. And whan he was now, not farre from the house, the Centurion sent frendes to hym, sayinge vnto hym: Lorde, trouble not thy self: for I am not worthy: that thou shuldest enter vnder my roffe.
7:7Wherfore I thought not my self worthy to come vnto the: but saye thou the word, & my seruaunt shalbe whole.
7:8For I also am a man set vnder power, and haue vnder me soudiers, and I saye vnto one go, and he goeth, & to another, come, & he cometh: and to my seruaunt, do this, & he doth it.
7:9When Iesus heard thys, he meruayled at him, and turned hym about, and sayde to the people that folowed him: I saye vnto you, I haue not founde so great faith, no, not in Israel.
7:10And they that were sent, turned backe home agayne and founde the seruaunt whole that had bene sycke.
7:11And it fortuned after this, that he went into a cytie which is called Naim, & many of his disciples went with him, and moch people.
7:12When he came nye to the gate of the cytie: behold, ther was a deed man caryed out, which was the onely sonne of his mother, & she was a wedowe, & moch people of the cytie was with her.
7:13And when the Lord sawe her, he had compassion on her, and sayde vnto her: wepe not.
7:14And he came nye, & touched the coffyn: and they that bare him stode styl. And he sayde: Yonge man, I saye vnto the, aryse.
7:15And he that was deed, sat vp, & began to speake. And he delyuered him to his mother.
7:16And ther came a feare on them al. And they gaue the glory vnto God, sayinge: A great prophete is rysen vp among vs, & God hath visited his people.
7:17And thys rumor of him went forth throughout al Iury, and thorow out all the regions which lye rounde about.
7:18And the disciples of Iohn shewed him of all these thinges.
7:19And Iohn called vnto him two of his disciples, & sent them to Iesus, saying: Art thou he that shuld come: or shall we looke for another?
7:20When the men were come vnto him, they sayde: Iohn baptiste sent vs vnto the, saying: Art thou he that shulde come? or shall we wayte for another?
7:21And in that same houre he cured many of their infyrmites and plages, and of euyll spretes, and vnto many that were blynd he gaue sight.
7:22And he answered, & sayd vnto them: Go your waye and bring worde agayne to Iohn, what thinges ye haue sene & heard, how that the blynde se, the halt go, the lepers are clensed, the deaff heare, the dead ryse agayne: to the poore is the glad tydinges preached,
7:23and happy is he that is not offended at me.
7:24And when the messengers of Iohn were departed, he began to speake vnto the people concerninge Iohn. What went ye out into the wildernes for to se? a rede shaken wt the wind?
7:25But what went ye out for to se? A man clothed in soft rayment? Behold, they which are gorgeously apparelled, and lyue delicatly, are in kynges courtes.
7:26But what wente ye forth to se? A prophete? Yee, I saye to you, & more then a prophet.
7:27This is he, of whom it is writen: Beholde, I sende myne angell before thy face which shall prepare thy waye before the.
7:28For I saye vnto you, amonge wemens children, is ther not a greater prophete then Iohn baptiste. Neuerthelesse, he tha is lesse, in the kingdom of God is greater then he.
7:29And all the people, and the publicans that heard him, iustified God, and were baptised with the baptyme of Iohn.
7:30But the pharises and lawers despised the councell of God agaynst them selues, and were not baptised of hym.
7:31And the Lorde sayd: wherunto shall I lyken the men of this generacion: and what thing are they like?
7:32They are like vnto children sytting in the market place, & cryeng one to another, and saying: We haue pyped vnto you, & ye haue not daunsed: we haue mourned to you, and ye haue not wepte.
7:33For Iohn baptist came, nether eatyng bread, ner drinkynge wyne, and ye saye: he hath the deuyll.
7:34The sonne of man is come, and eateth & drincketh, & ye saye: behold a gloutonous man, and an vnmeasurable dryncker of wyne, a frend of publicans and synners.
7:35And wysdom is iustifyed of all her children.
7:36And one of the pharises desired hym that he wolde eate with hym. And he went into the pharises house, and sat downe to meate.
7:37And behold a woman in that cytie (which was a synner) as sone as she knewe that Iesus sat at meat in the pharises house, she brought an alablaster boxe of oyntment,
7:38& stode at his fete behinde him wepyng, & beganne to wasshe hys fete wt teares, and dyd wype them with the heares of her head, & kyssed his fete, & anoynted them with the oyntment.
7:39When the pharise (which had bidden him) sawe, he spake within hym selfe, sayinge: If thys man were a prophete, he wolde surely knowe who, and what maner of woman thys is that touched hym, for she is a synner.
7:40And Iesus answered, and sayd vnto him: Simon, I haue some what to saye vnto the. And he sayd: master, saye on.
7:41There was a certayne lender which had two detters, the one ought fyue hundred pence, and the other fyfty.
7:42When they had nothynge to paye, he forgaue them both. Tell me therfore, which of them wyll loue hym most?
7:43Simon answered and sayd: I suppose that he to whom he forgaue most. And he sayde vnto hym: Thou hast truly iudged.
7:44And he turned to the woman, & sayd vnto Simon: Seest thou this woman. I entred into thy house, thou gauest me no water for my fete: but she hath wesshed my fete with teares, and wyped them with the heares of her head.
7:45Thou gauest me no kysse: but she, sence the tyme I came in, hath not ceased to kysse my fete.
7:46Myne head wt oyle thou didest not anoynte: but she hath anoynted my fete with oyntment.
7:47Wherfore, I saye vnto the: many synnes are forgeuen her, for she loued moch. To whom lesse is forgeuen, the same doeth lesse loue.
7:48And he sayde vnto her: thy synnes are forgeuen the.
7:49And they that sate at meat wt him, beganne to saye within them selues. Who is this which forgeueth synnes also?
7:50And he sayd to the woman: Thy faith hath saued the. Go in peace.
The Great Bible 1539

The Great Bible 1539

The Great Bible of 1539 was the first authorized edition of the Bible in English, authorized by King Henry VIII of England to be read aloud in the church services of the Church of England. The Great Bible was prepared by Myles Coverdale, working under commission of Thomas, Lord Cromwell, Secretary to Henry VIII and Vicar General. In 1538, Cromwell directed the clergy to provide "one book of the bible of the largest volume in English, and the same set up in some convenient place within the said church that ye have care of, whereas your parishioners may most commodiously resort to the same and read it."