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The Great Bible 1539



5:1Then Debora & Barak the sonne of Abinoam sange the same daye, sayeng:
5:2Prayse ye the Lord, for the auengyng of Israel, and for the people that became so wylling.
5:3Heare O ye kynges, herken o ye prynces: I, euen I, will syng vnto the Lord, I wyl prayse the Lorde God of Israel.
5:4Lord, whan thou wentest out of Seir, whan thou departedst out of the felde of Edom, the erth trembled, & the heauens rayned: the cloudes also dropped water.
5:5The mountaynes melted before the lord, euen as dyd Sinai, before the lorde God of Israel.
5:6In the dayes of Samgar the sonne of Anath, in the dayes of Iael the hye wayes were vnoccupied: And the ronners of the pathes walked thorow by wayes.
5:7The inhabiters of the townes were gone, they were gone in Israel, vntyll I Debora came vp, which came vp a mother in Israel.
5:8They chose new goddes, and then had they (the enemye) in the gates, though there were shilde and speare. There was not a child or spere sene amonge fourtye thousande of Israel.
5:9My hart loueth the gouerners of Israel, and them that are willing amonge the people. O prayse ye the Lorde.
5:10Speake ye that ryde on fayre asses, & that sitt vppermost in iudgement, & walke by the wayes
5:11At the cryeng of the archers amonge the drawers of water, there shall they speake of the righteousnes of the Lorde, his righteousnesse in the vnfenced places of Israel: then shall the people of the Lord go downe to the gates.
5:12Up Debora vp, get the vp, and syng a songe: Aryse Barac, and leade the captiuyte captyue, thou sonne of Abinoam.
5:13Then shall they that remayne, haue domynion of the proudest of the people (of Iabin:) The Lorde shall for my sake haue domynion ouer the myghtie.
5:14Out of Ephraim was there a rote of them agaynst Amaleck, and after the, Beniamin amonge thy people. Out of Machir came rulers, & out of zabulon they that gouerne the penne of the wryter.
5:15And of Isachar, there were prynces with Debora, Isachar also and Barac were sent on their fete into the valley, whan in the departing awaye of Ruben there were greate men, and wyse of hert?
5:16Why abodest thou among the shepe foldes, to heare the bleatinges of the flockes, & to separate thy selfe awaye wt greate men and wyse of hert?
5:17Gilead also abode beyonde Iordane: and why doth Dan remayne in shippes? Aser contynued on the see shore, and taried in hys decayed places.
5:18But the people of Zabulon haue ieoperde their lyues euen vnto the dethe, lyke as did Nephthalim in the hye places of the felde.
5:19The kynges came & fought, then fought the kynges of Canaan in Thamnah, by the waters of Negiddo, and wanne no money.
5:20They fought from heauen, euen the starres in their courses fought agaynst Sisera.
5:21The ryuer of Cyson remoued them, that auncient ryuer, the ryuer Cyson: My soule shall treade (hym) downe mightely.
5:22Then were the horse hoffes smytten asunder by the meames of the praunsinges that their mightye men made.
5:23Curse ye the cite of Meros (sayd the angell of the Lord) cursse the inhabitours therof, because they came not to helpe the Lorde, to helpe the Lorde with the myghtie.
5:24Iael the wife of Haber the kenyte shalbe blessed aboue other wemen, blessed shall she be aboue other wemen in the tent.
5:25He asked water, & she gaue him mylck, she brought furth butter in a lordly disshe.
5:26She put hir hande to the nayle, and hir right hande to the smythes hammer: wt the hammer smote she Sisera, and smote hys heade, wounded him, & pearsed his temples.
5:27He bowed hym downe at hir fete, he fell downe & laye still: At hir fete he bowed him downe, & fell. And when he had soncke downe, he laye still desolate.
5:28The mother of Sisera loked out at a wyndowe, & cried thorow the lattesse? Why is his charret so long a commyng? Why tarye the wheles of his cartes?
5:29All the wyse ladyes answered her, ye and her awne wordes answered hir selfe.
5:30Surely they haue founde, they deuyde the spoyles: euery man hath a damsell or two: Sisera hath a praye of diuerse couloured garmentes, euen a praye of rayment dyed wt sondrye coloures, & that are made of nedle worke: rayment of diuerses coloures & of nedle worke which is mete for him that is chefe in distributinge of the spoyles.
5:31So perishe all thine enemyes: O Lord: but they that loue him, let them be as the sonne whan he ryseth in his might. And the lande had rest fourtye yeres.
The Great Bible 1539

The Great Bible 1539

The Great Bible of 1539 was the first authorized edition of the Bible in English, authorized by King Henry VIII of England to be read aloud in the church services of the Church of England. The Great Bible was prepared by Myles Coverdale, working under commission of Thomas, Lord Cromwell, Secretary to Henry VIII and Vicar General. In 1538, Cromwell directed the clergy to provide "one book of the bible of the largest volume in English, and the same set up in some convenient place within the said church that ye have care of, whereas your parishioners may most commodiously resort to the same and read it."