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The Great Bible 1539



6:1And the chyldren of Israell committed wyckednes in the sight of the Lord. And the Lord delyuered them into the handes of Madian seuen yeres.
6:2And the hande of Madian preuayled agaynst Israel, & because of the Madianites, the chyldren of Israel made them dennes in the mountaynes & caues and stronge holdes.
6:3And when Israel had sowen, the Madianites, the Amalechites & they of the east contreye came vp together against them: & pytched their tentes against them,
6:4& destroyed the encrease of the erthe, euen till thou come vnto Azah: & lefte no sustistinaunce for Israell, nether shepe, oxe or asse:
6:5for they went vp, they and their cattell, & came wt their tentes as a multitude of greshopers: so that bothe they & also their camels were wt out nombre. And they entred into the lande to destroye it.
6:6And so was Israel excedingly impouereshed in the sight of the Madianites, & cryed vnto the Lord.
6:7And when the children of Israel cryed vnto the Lord because of the Madianites,
6:8the Lord sent vnto them a prophet, which sayd vnto them: Thus sayth the lord god of Israel: I fette you from Egypt & brought you oute of the house of bondage,
6:9& I rydd you out of the hande of the Egypcians, & out of the hand of all that oppressed you & cast them out before you, & gaue you their land.
6:10And I sayd vnto you: I am the Lorde youre God, feare not the goddes of the Amorytes in whose lande you dwell. But you haue not obeyed my voyce.
6:11And the Angell of the Lorde came, & sate vnder an Oke which was in Ephrah, that pertayned vnto Ioas the father of the Eserites. And his sonne Gedeon pressed out whete out of the eares in a presse, to hyde it from the Madianites:
6:12& the angell of the Lord apeared vnto hym, & sayde: the Lord is wyth the, thou mightie man of warre.
6:13And Gedeon answered him: Oh my Lord, yf the Lord be wyth vs, why is all this come vpon vs? ye & where be all hys myracles which oure fathers tolde vs of, and sayde? Did not the lord bring vs out of Egypte? But now the Lorde hath forsaken vs, & delyuered vs into the handes of the Madianites.
6:14And the Lord loked vpon him, & sayd: Go hence in this thy might, and thou shalt delyuer Israel out of the handes of the Madianites: Haue not I sent the?
6:15And he answered him: Oh lord, wherwith shall I saue Israel? Beholde, my kinred is poore in Manasses, and I am lytle in my fathers house.
6:16The Lord sayde vnto him: I will be with the: and thou shalt smyte the Madianites, as they were but one man.
6:17And he answered him: Oh: yf I haue founde grace in thy syght, then shewe me a sygne, that it is thou that talkest wt me.
6:18Departe not hence, vntill I come agayne vnto the, and till I bring myne offryng, & haue sett it before the. And he sayde: I wyll tarye vntyll thou come agayne.
6:19And Gedeon went in, & made redye a kydd, and swete kakes of an Epha of flowre, & put it wt the fleshe in a basket, & put the broth in a potte, & brought it out vnto hym vnder the Oke, & presented it.
6:20And the angell of God sayd vnto him: take the flesh & the swete kakes, & laye them vpon this rocke, & powre out the broth. And he dyd so.
6:21Then the angell of the Lord put forth the ende of the staffe that he helde in his hande, & touched the fleshe and the swete kakes. And there arose vp fyre out of the rocke, & consumed the flesh & the swete kakes. But the angell of the Lord vanished out of his syght.
6:22And when Gedeon perceaued that it was an angell of the Lord, he sayd: Alas, O Lord God, haue I therfore sene an angell of the lord face to face, that I shulde dye?
6:23And the Lord sayde vnto him: peace be vnto the, feare not, thou shalt not dye.
6:24Then Gedeon made an aultare there vnto the Lord, & called it: The Lorde of peace. And vnto thys daye it is yet in Ephrath, that pertayneth vnto the father of the Eserites.
6:25And it fortuned that the same nyght the Lord sayde vnto him: take a yong bullock out of thy fathers droue, & another of .vii. yeres olde, & destroye the aultare of Baal that thy father hath, & cutte downe the groue that is by it,
6:26& make an aultare vnto the Lord thy God vpon the toppe of this rocke in a conuenient place. And take the seconde bullock, & offer burnt sacrifice vpon the wodd of the groue, which thou shalt cut downe.
6:27Then Gedeon toke ten men of his seruauntes, & dyd as the Lord bad him. But because he durst not do it by daye for feare of his fathers houshold & of the men of the cytie, he dyd it by nyght.
6:28And when the men of the cytie were vp erlye in the morning: Beholde, the aultare of Baal was broken, & the groue cut downe that was by it, & the seconde bullock offered vpon the aulter that was made.
6:29And they sayde one to another: who hath done this thing & whan they enquered & asked, they sayde: Gedeon the sonne of Ioas hath done this thing.
6:30Then the men of the cytie sayde vnto Ioas: bringe out thy sonne, that he maye dye? because he hath destroyed the aulter of Baal, & cut downe the groue that was by it.
6:31And Ioas sayde vnto all that stode by him: will ye leade Baals cause? or will ye be his defenders? he that hath medled agaynst him, let him dye or the mornynge. If he be a God, let him be auenged of him, that cast downe hys aulter.
6:32And from that daye was Gedeon called: Ierobaal, because his father had sayde: Let Baal be auenged of hym, that hath broken downe his aulter.
6:33All the Madianites therfore, & the Amalekites & they of the east, were geathered togeather, & went, & pitched in the valeye of Iesrael:
6:34but the sprete of the Lord came vpon Gedeon. And he blewe a trompette, & called Abiezer to folow him,
6:35& sent messengers thorow out all Manasses, & called them, which also dyd folowe him. And he sent messengers vnto Aser, Zabulon and Nephthalim, and they came to mete hym.
6:36And Gedeon sayd vnto God: wilt thou saue Israel in my hande, as thou hast sayde:
6:37Beholde, I wyll put a flece of wolle in the threasshyng place. And yf the dewe come on the flece onlye, & it be drye vpon all the erth besyde, then shall I be sure, that thou wilt saue Israel by my hande, as thou saydest.
6:38And it came so to passe. For he rose vp erlye on the morowe, and thrust the flece togeather, and wronge the dewe therout, & fylled a bowle of water:
6:39& Gedeon sayd agayne vnto God: be not angrye wt me, that I speake once moare. For I wyll proue once agayne by the flece. Let it be drye onlye vpon the flece, and dewe vpon all the grounde.
6:40And God did so that same nyght: For it was drye vpon the flece onely, & there was dew on all the grounde.
The Great Bible 1539

The Great Bible 1539

The Great Bible of 1539 was the first authorized edition of the Bible in English, authorized by King Henry VIII of England to be read aloud in the church services of the Church of England. The Great Bible was prepared by Myles Coverdale, working under commission of Thomas, Lord Cromwell, Secretary to Henry VIII and Vicar General. In 1538, Cromwell directed the clergy to provide "one book of the bible of the largest volume in English, and the same set up in some convenient place within the said church that ye have care of, whereas your parishioners may most commodiously resort to the same and read it."