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The Great Bible 1539



3:1These are the nacyons which the lord left, that he myght proue Israel by them: euen as manye of Israell as had not knowen all the warres of Canaam:
3:2Onlye for the lernyng of the generacyon of the children of Israel: that he also myght teach them warre, in asmuch as they that were before them, knew nothing therof,
3:3Of those whom he left, there were fyue lordes of the Philistines, & all the Cananites, & the Sodonites, and the Heuites that dwelt in mount Libanon: euen from mount Baal Hermon vnto Hemath.
3:4Those remayned to proue Israel by, and to wete, whether they wold herken vnto the commaundementes of the lorde, which he commaunded their fathers by the hand of Moses.
3:5And the children of Israel dwelt amonge the Cananites, Hethites, Amorites, Pheresites, Heuites, and Iubusytes,
3:6& toke the daughters of them to be their wyues, & gaue their owne daughters to their sonnes, & serued their Goddes,
3:7And the children of Israell did wickedlye in the syght of the lord, and forgate the lord their God, and serued Baalim & Aseroth.
3:8Therfore the lord was angrye with Israel, & delyuered them into the handes of Chusan Risathaim kyng of Mesopotamia, and the children of Israell serued Chusam Risathaim .viii. yeres.
3:9And when the children of Israel cryed vnto the lorde, the lorde stered vp a sauer, to the children of Israel, & saued them: one Othoniel the sonne of kenes. Calebs younger brother.
3:10And the sprete of the lorde came vpon him. And he iudged Israel, and went out to warre. And the lorde delyuered Chusan Risathaim kyng of Mesopotamia into his hande, & his hande preuayled agaynst Chusan Risathaim.
3:11And the lande had rest fourtye yeres, and Othoniel the sonne of kenes died.
3:12And the children of Israel went to agayne, & committed wickednesse in the sight of the lord. And the Lord strengthed Eglon the kyng of the Moabites, agaynst the children of Israel, because they had committed wickednesse before the lord.
3:13And this (Eglon) geathered vnto hym the children of Ammon, and the Amalekites, and went and smote Israel, & conquered the citye of Paulme trees.
3:14And so the children of Israel serued Eglon the king of Moab .xviii. yeres.
3:15But when they cryed vnto the lorde, the lorde stered them vp a sauer, Ahud the sonne of Gera the sonne of Iemini a man that coulde do nothing handsomlye with his ryght hande. And by him the chyldren of Israel sent a present vnto Eglon the king of Moab:
3:16but Ahud made him a dagger with two edges, of a cubyte length, & he dyd gyrde yt vnto his rayment vpon his right thygh,
3:17and caryed the present vnto Eglon the kynge of Moab: And Eglon was a very fatte man.
3:18And it fortuned that when he had presented the present, he sent the people that bare it awaye,
3:19but he him selfe turned agayne (from the place of grauen ymages, that was by Gilgal) and sayde: I haue a secret errand vnto the, O kyng. Which sayde: kepe sylence. And all that stode before hym, went out from hym.
3:20And Ahud came vnto hym, and in a somer parler, which he had, sat he him selfe alone, and Ahud sayde I haue a message vnto the from God. And he arose out of hys seate.
3:21And Ahud put forth hys lefte hande, & toke the dagger from his ryght thyghe, & thrust it into hys belye,
3:22and the haft went in after the blade. And the fatte, closed the haft, so that he myght not drawe the dagger out of hys belye, but the dyrt came out.
3:23Ahud gat him out at a posterne dore, and shut the dores of the parler about him, and locked them.
3:24When he was gone out, hys seruauntes came, and whan they sawe that the dores of the parler were locked, they sayde: peraduenture he couereth hys fete in hys somer chamber.
3:25And they taried tyll they were ashamed, and beholde: seyng he opened not the dores of the parler: they toke a keye, and opened them. And beholde, their Lord was fallen downe dead on the erthe.
3:26And Ahud eskaped (whyle they taryed) and was gone beyonde, to the place of the grauen ymages, and eskaped into Seirath.
3:27And when he was come he blewe a trompette in mount Ephraim. And the chyldren of Israel went downe wyth hym from the hyll and he went before them.
3:28And he sayde vnto them, folowe me: for the Lord hath delyuered youre enemyes, the Moabytes into youre hande. And they descended after him, and toke the passages of Iordan, towarde Moab, and soffered not a man to passe ouer.
3:29And they slew of the Moabites the same tyme vpon a ten thousande men, which were all fatte & men of warre, & there skaped not a man,
3:30so Moab was subdued that daye, vnder the hande of Israel: and the land had rest .lxxx. yeres.
3:31After hym was Samgar the sonne of Anath, whych slewe of the Philistines .vi. hundred men with an oxe goade, and delyuered Israel also.
The Great Bible 1539

The Great Bible 1539

The Great Bible of 1539 was the first authorized edition of the Bible in English, authorized by King Henry VIII of England to be read aloud in the church services of the Church of England. The Great Bible was prepared by Myles Coverdale, working under commission of Thomas, Lord Cromwell, Secretary to Henry VIII and Vicar General. In 1538, Cromwell directed the clergy to provide "one book of the bible of the largest volume in English, and the same set up in some convenient place within the said church that ye have care of, whereas your parishioners may most commodiously resort to the same and read it."