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Jay P. Green's Literal Translation 1993



23:1The burden of Tyre: Howl, ships of Tarshish! For it is ruined, without house, without entrance. It is revealed to them from the land of Kittim.
23:2Be still, inhabitants of the coast, trader of Sidon crossing the sea; they have filled you.
23:3And by great waters, the seed of Sihor and the harvest of the river Nile was her revenue; and she a mart of nations.
23:4Be ashamed, Sidon, for the sea has spoken, the strength of the sea, saying, I have not travailed, nor brought forth, I have not nourished young men nor raised up virgins.
23:5As the report comes to Egypt, so they shall be grieved at the report of Tyre.
23:6Pass over Tarshish; howl, people of the coast!
23:7Is this your exulting city from days of her old age? Her own feet carry it far away to stay.
23:8Who has purposed this against Tyre, the crowning city, whose merchants are rulers, whose traders are the weighty of the earth?
23:9Jehovah of Hosts has purposed it, to stain the pride of all glory, to bring all the honored of the earth into contempt.
23:10Pass through your land as the Nile, O daughter of Tarshish; there is no more strength.
23:11He stretched His hand over the sea; He shook kingdoms. Jehovah has made a decree against the merchant city , to destroy its forts.
23:12And He said, You shall rejoice no more, oppressed one, virgin daughter of Sidon. Arise, cross over to Cyprus, even there is no rest to you.
23:13Behold, the land of the Chaldeans! This people did not exist! Assyria founded it for those who live in the desert. They set up their siege towers; they stripped its palaces. They made it a ruin.
23:14Howl, ships of Tarshish! For your fortress is ruined.
23:15And it shall be in that day that Tyre shall be forgotten seventy years, according to the days of one king. At the end of seventy years, it will be as the song of a harlot to Tyre.
23:16Take a harp; go about the city, O forgotten harlot. Do well to play; make many songs, that you may be remembered.
23:17And it will be, after the end of seventy years, Jehovah will visit Tyre; and she shall return to her hire, and will fornicate with all the kingdoms of the earth, on the face of the earth.
23:18And her goods and her wages shall be holiness to Jehovah; it shall not be hoarded nor stored; for her goods shall be for those who dwell before Jehovah, to eat enough, and for a choice covering.
Green's Literal Translation 1993

Green's Literal Translation 1993

Green's Literal Translation (Literal Translation of the Holy Bible - LITV), is a translation of the Bible by Jay P. Green, Sr., first published in 1985. The LITV takes a literal, formal equivalence approach to translation. The Masoretic Text is used as the Hebrew basis for the Old Testament, and the Textus Receptus is used as the Greek basis for the New Testament.

Green's Literal Translation (LITV). Copyright 1993
by Jay P. Green Sr.
All rights reserved. Jay P. Green Sr.,
Lafayette, IN. U.S.A. 47903.